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Chinese hackers attack 745 Vietnam websites in a week: report. Nearly 750 Vietnamese websites were victimized by Chinese hackers during a mass cyber-attack that took advantage of the lengthy national holidays last week, a local Internet security website reported Friday.

Chinese hackers attack 745 Vietnam websites in a week: report

Chinese cybercriminals compromised and defaced 289 websites hosted in Vietnam on August 28 alone, SecurityDaily said on its website. A website is defaced when hackers manipulate the appearance of a site, often posting hostile messages. Vietnam entered a four-day public holiday starting August 30 to celebrate National Day (September 2). On September 2, another 84 Vietnamese websites fell victim to the Chinese hackers. Finally, on Thursday, 373 sites were attacked, most of which are sub-domains of, according to SecurityDaily. Eight out of the 745 attacked websites are operated by Vietnamese government agencies, with domain names, while 40 belong to education organizations, with domains. Vietnam hosts third gay pride parade as attitudes soften. Around 300 activists led a colourful parade through Hanoi on Sunday in the largest ever gay pride event of Vietnam as the population show signs of increasing tolerance of sexual difference.

Vietnam hosts third gay pride parade as attitudes soften

The city streets were awash with rainbow flags, as a mainly young crowd cycled and danced through the capital urging an end to discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

General Vo Nguyen Giap

Vietnam: Des vieilles photos deviennent des fenêtres ouvertes sur le passé. - Le photographe Khánh Hmoong s’interroge sur son pays d’origine et nous propose une série de fenêtres ouvertes sur le passé à l’aide de photos anciennes. Une juxtaposition d’images passé/présent qui ramènent à la réalité des souvenirs parfois douloureux et émouvants. La France doit resserrer ses liens avec le Vietnam. Partenariat France - Vietnam : n'oublions pas les libertés des citoyens vietnamiens. Hanoi Daily Photo. McDonald’s Takes on KFC to Burger King in Vietnam Entry. McDonald’s Corp.

McDonald’s Takes on KFC to Burger King in Vietnam Entry

Vietnam buys six submarines. VietNamNet Bridge – In a recent meeting with voters of Phu Cu district in Hung Yen province, Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh said that to modernize the army, Vietnam has ordered six submarines.

Vietnam buys six submarines

Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh. The security- defense related issues, including modernizing the Vietnam People's Army was mentioned by the Defense Minister in the meeting. The minister reaffirmed that the military and police forces are well coordinated to ensure stability, security and territorial integrity of the country, including the integrity of the waters and islands. Related to the disputes in the East Sea, the head of the Defense Ministry confirmed that the army in particular and Vietnam in general will not use force, but through negotiations to find satisfactory solutions. He said that Vietnam and China are in talks to set up a joint fishing area for fishermen two countries.

Vietnam youth suffering high unemployment rate: ILO. The rate of unemployed Vietnamese aged between 15 and 24 was more than three times higher than that of their more mature counterparts in 2012, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said Wednesday.

Vietnam youth suffering high unemployment rate: ILO

The ILO's Vietnam office said in a press release that nearly half of the unemployed people in Vietnam last year were under the age of 25. It warned that four million or over 53 percent of Vietnamese young people have obtained "vulnerable employment" in which they are self-employed or involved in the family business. ] These types of employment are typically low-productivity jobs offering low income, poor working conditions and lack of social protection, the release said. "It is not easy to be young in the labor market today," said Gyorgy Sziraczki, director of the ILO Vietnam office. "The economic crunch has unfortunately hard hit the most dynamic generation of workers," Sziraczki said. 09AMEMBASSYHANOI909_a - VIETNAM 'UNFRIENDS' FACEBOOK.

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(C) SUMMARY: Following weeks of speculation that the Government of Vietnam was considering blocking the popular social networking site Facebook, Internet users' worst fears began to materialize in mid November. The blockage began at first with only a few Internet service providers in certain regions of Vietnam but then spread to all parts of the country. The motives and forces behind the blockage are widely debated in international media; within Vietnam, commentary on the blockage has been limited to chat rooms and blogs. Despite the somewhat spotty fashion in which the Facebook ban was implemented, the GVN is likely responsible for issuing the order to shut down Facebook and thus provides another example of a general tightening of control over information in the country.

Vietnam refuses to stamp new Chinese passports over map. 26 November 2012Last updated at 07:19 ET Neighbouring countries are protesting against a map on new Chinese passports Vietnamese officials are refusing to stamp new Chinese passports bearing a map that lays claim to disputed areas.

Vietnam refuses to stamp new Chinese passports over map

Border authorities have instead been issuing visas on separate pieces of paper and stamping those issued previously as invalid. Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan have objected to the map because it shows disputed islands in the South China Sea to be a part of China. Armes russes: le Vietnam bientôt parmi les trois premiers importateurs. Mass Security Clampdown in Land Seizure. Banyan: Not as close as lips and teeth. (UPDATE) Vietnam grants amnesty to over 10,000 prisoners - Home.

Vietnamese leadership

South China Sea / South East Asia sea spat. 08HOCHIMINHCITY815_a BLOGGER DIEU CAY CONVICTED FOR TAX EVASION. Show Headers HO CHI MIN 00000815 001.2 OF 002 CLASSIFIED BY: Ken Fairfax, Consul General, EXEC, State.


REASON: 1.4 (b), (d) 1. (C) Blogger "Dieu Cay" (whose real name is Nguyen Van Dai) and his wife were tried today in HCMC on tax evasion charges in a HCMC district court. Cay was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison and fined $48,000, or twice the amount prosecutors claimed he owed in back taxes. His wife received a one year suspended sentence and eighteen months' probation. 09HANOI805_a - HANOI BLOGGER ARRESTED. Show Headers 1.4(B), (D) 1.


China-Vietnam Dispute Grows With Naval Maneuvers. Vietnamese rights lawyer jailed over call for democracy. A dissident lawyer and son of a Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader has been sentenced to seven years in prison and a further three years' house arrest for calling for an end to Vietnam's government and its one-party system.

Vietnamese rights lawyer jailed over call for democracy

Cu Huy Ha Vu was sentenced after a dramatic one-day trial in Hanoi in which one of his defence attorneys was ejected by the judge and his other three lawyers walk out in protest. Vu was left alone to defend himself and had several heated exchanges with the judge. The court convicted him of conducting propaganda against the state for calling for a multiparty government system, demanding the abolition of the Community party's leadership, defaming the state and distorting Vietnam's struggle for independence by calling the country's war against the US a civil war. Political prisoner, now free, comes home from Vietnam. Nguyen Quoc Quan reunites with his wife, Huong Mai Ngo, center, and son Khoa… (Genaro Molina, Los Angeles…) The political prisoner looked ashen and bony — weary from the months of being held in his native Vietnam — as he was pulled into the tight embrace of his family.

Nguyen Quoc Quan, a math professor turned democracy activist, had been detained almost as soon as he arrived in Ho Chi Minh City more than nine months ago, accused of attempting to overthrow the communist government. Vietnam Jails 4 for Arranging Migrant Sea Journeys. Vietnam, Cambodia boost agricultural cooperation - Vietnam, Cambodia boost agricultural cooperation. Party and State leaders pay Tet visits to localities Vietnam praises diplomatic corps’, int’l organisations’ help Vietnam and Cambodia will jointly implement some 20 cooperative projects in agricultural science and technology, quarantine, forestry and seafood with a total investment of nearly VND365 billion (over US$17 million) from 2011-2020. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said it will work with the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Seafood on the signing of a government-level agreement on growing 300,000 ha of rubber and industrial trees in Cambodia.

The two sides will strengthen cooperation in plant protection and veterinary as well as discuss measures to prevent the spreading of epidemics through borders. They plan to sign cooperative agreements on the exchange of information and data on seafood, aquaculture development and research activities. Mideast-inspired dissident held in Vietnam. HANOI, Monday 28 February 2011 (AFP) - A veteran Vietnamese dissident has been arrested, official media said Monday, after he called for a Middle East-style uprising in the one-party state. Nguyen Dan Que is being held for further investigation after allegedly calling for the communist government's overthrow, the Vietnam News reported. Que, who was born in 1942, was arrested at his Ho Chi Minh City home on Saturday, the Vietnam News said.

During a raid on his house, police allegedly seized many documents related to anti-government activities, including an "appeal to all people" which called on the public to rise up against the government, the report said. "Let's take to streets to dismantle the Politburo! " Que said in one of his recent communiques, obtained by AFP. Vietnam breaks Mekong dam silence. Until now, there has been very little indication of the Vietnamese Government's view of plans to build dams on the mainstream of the Mekong River in Laos and Cambodia. As reported in my November 2009 Lowy Paper, 'The Mekong: River Under Threat', officials I interviewed in Hanoi were reluctant to criticise their ASEAN partners regarding possible dam construction.

This reluctance continued through 2010, but while there was sparse official commentary, there was increasing journalistic comment, particularly from 'Thanh Nhien', the journal of the Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth League. State plans to divest 281 firms, sell stake in others. VietNamNet Bridge - The State Capital Investment Corp (SCIC) is looking to divest 281 enterprises and to sell the entire State stake in 170 local enterprises, General Director Lai Van Dao told a recent meeting. Mr. Dao said the corporation, the representative of State capital in State-owned enterprises, would diversify financial and project investments, making those in major sectors a priority.

The corporation has 538 enterprises in its portfolio. Ben Bland (benjaminbland) US and Vietnam stage joint naval activities. 10 August 2010Last updated at 12:34 The training marks 15 years of normalised relations between the US and Vietnam The US and Vietnam are conducting joint naval exercises in the South China Sea, a sign of increasing military ties between the two former enemies. The week-long activities focus mainly on non-combatant exercises and are part of the 15th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Washington and Hanoi.

Vietnam Kampuchea 1978-1979. Chine et Vietnam mettent fin à un différend frontalier historiqu. La Chine et le Vietnam ont mis fin à un différend frontalier qui avait provoqué une guerre brève mais sanglante entre les deux voisins communistes il y a près de trente ans, selon un communiqué conjoint diffusé mercredi 31 décembre à Hanoï. Les deux pays, représentés par le vice-ministre chinois des affaires étrangères et son homologue vietnamien, ont salué un "événement d'une grande importance historique". Un accord, signé il y a neuf ans, fixait à 2008 la date butoir d'achèvement des travaux pour installer des bornes de démarcation le long de leur frontière, longue de 1 400 km. U.S.-Vietnam Cooperation on Civil Nuclear Power and Nuclear Secu. The United States and Vietnam have reaffirmed a common commitment to the responsible expansion of civil nuclear power and reiterated that this expansion must proceed in a manner that maximizes nuclear safety and security and minimizes proliferation risk.

On March 30, 2010, U.S. US government 'should spearhead $300 million plan to tackle Agen. The ten-year plan aims to clean up 28 "hot spots" that were sprayed with Agent Orange during the conflict and remain contaminated by dioxin-tainted herbicides, widely believed to cause large-scale birth defects, cancer and other illnesses.

According to the Vietnam Red Cross, three million Vietnamese people have suffered health problems because of Agent Orange, including 150,000 children born with birth defects. A survey last year by Canadian group Hatfield Consultants found dioxin levels in blood and breast milk samples taken in the affected areas to be 100 times above safe levels.

Nuclear energy in Viêtnam

L’Assemblée nationale vietnamienne rejette le projet de train à. Fait rarissime au Vietnam, les députés ont repoussé le 19 juin un projet gouvernemental : ils ont refusé leur feu vert au projet de train à grande vitesse qui doit relier la capitale Hanoï à Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville, 1 500 km plus au sud. Un TGV réduirait le temps de transport entre les deux villes mais ce projet qui coûterait 56 milliards de dollars, soit près de 60% du PIB du pays l'an dernier, suscite un vif débat. Avec notre correspondante à Hanoï, Lucie Moulin D’un côté, la presse directement liée à l’Etat vietnamien. Ici la ligne à grande vitesse n’a que des partisans.

Elle désengorgera les routes, accélérera le développement du pays, tout en diminuant la pollution. De l’autre côté, quelques médias un peu plus émancipés qui font place aux réserves de beaucoup d’experts et de députés face à un projet très coûteux et qui ne serait utilisable que par les plus riches. En demandant une étude plus approfondie, ils ont montré qu’ils n’étaient plus tout à fait des marionnettes.