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La culture MineCraft, du viral geek au marketing viral. What Indie Developers Can Learn from Minecraft news - Frozen Synapse Game. We take a look at this phenomenon and ask what it means for our business, as well as that of other indie developers...

What Indie Developers Can Learn from Minecraft news - Frozen Synapse Game

Like most indie devs, I'm a bit tired of hearing about Minecraft at the moment! I thought I would collate my thoughts on it in order to put the issue to bed. I'll be viewing everything through a commercial lens rather than focussing on the design, although in this case I think the two are almost symbiotic. We've all seen the outrageous sales stats and conversion rate which dwarf almost anything out there. You'd need to look to big MMO's like Runescape to find a comparable performance; here are some interesting benchmarks. This game is destroying commercial games with much bigger development budgets and much bigger marketing spends - why?

1. Here we go with the breakdown... 1. Building systemMultiplayer buildingSurvival mode: enemies, dynamic terrain, day/night cycle...Crafting system That's practically the whole thing! So, what can we learn from its design? 2. 1. 4. 3. 4. 5. Texture Pack Central/ Mods-Tools-Maps List - Minecraft Forums.

‡Beta Mods‡ •Water Shader by Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan, and 303 - Realistic looking water with reflections and ripples[Download Mod] •OptiFine by sp614x - Improves game performance and boosts FPS (a MUST HAVE if you have a weak computer) - Fixes all the HD Texture bugs (does everything McPatcher does) - New video options such as mipmapping, clear water, better grass, better fog, etc. [Download Mod] •HD Texture Fix by xau/ Kahr - Allows the easy usage of ANY HD texture pack from the Texture Pack Menu - Fixes the gold, brick, netherrack, and pumpkin bugs for 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, and 256x256 texture packs - Allows for making of custom animating water, lava, fire, and the portal textures for all packs - Makes the compass and watch work - Allows for making of HD Text - Gives an option of using Better Grass - Fixes other bugs caused by higher resolution textures[Download Mod] •The Aether by Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah, Flan, and 303 •LoafCat and FISHY by LostKingpin •Zeppelin by blakmajik.

1001 things to add to your house - Minecraft Forums. The Word of Notch. The Word of Notch. Let’s say you’re Neo, and you were the first person ever to come up with the idea of a novel.

The Word of Notch

It’s like a short story, but longer, and you’re really proud of it. Trinity then runs up to you and takes one of the few printed copies of your novel. You don’t want her to do that, as you paid good money to have it printed, and was hoping to get that money back, so you taze her. Trinity tried to commit theft. She sulks for a bit, then asks if she can borrow one copy to read it. She sobs for a bit more, then starts writing her own novel. I am fine with the concept of “owning stuff”, so I’m against theft. I am mostly fine with the concept of “selling stuff you made”, so I’m also against copyright infringement. But there is no way in hell you can convince me that it’s beneficial for society to not share ideas. A common argument for patents is that inventors won’t invent unless they can protect their ideas. If you own a software patent, you should feel bad.

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