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Culture : deux milliards et ensuite ? Le Premier ministre Jean Castex a annoncé, mercredi 26 août, une aide de 2 milliards d'euros pour le secteur de la culture.

Culture : deux milliards et ensuite ?

Il a précisé que l'État allait compenser les pertes de recettes. Le chef du gouvernement a aussi fait le point sur les nouvelles mesures pour la reprise des représentations. Roselyne Bachelot appelée au secours par tout un secteur en souffrance. Les représentants du spectacle vivant rencontrent, ce jeudi 27 août, la ministre de la Culture et le Premier ministre, au lendemain deS premières garanties annoncées par Jean Castex. Dans le plan de relance à 100 milliards d'euros qui doit prochainement être détaillé, deux milliards d'euros seront consacrés à la Culture afin, notamment, de combler les écarts entre les recettes liées aux contraintes sanitaires et le point d'équilibre habituel.

No Touch, No Hands-On Learning, for Now, as Museums Try to Reopen. On a normal day at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, giddy children line up to get a chance to be enclosed in a compact capsule capable of blasting off into space or to feel the stomach-turning lurch of operating a fighter jet.

No Touch, No Hands-On Learning, for Now, as Museums Try to Reopen

Nowadays, just the idea of their children in such touchy-feely spaces is enough to evoke a good deal of cringing by parents: the joysticks, the VR goggles, the seatbelts — all shared by dozens of tourists who have passed through. So in the second week of March, one day before the museum itself closed because of coronavirus, its leaders shut down one of the institution’s most popular — and germ-covered — attractions: flight simulators and virtual-reality machines that mimic the sensation of being a fighter pilot or astronaut.

“I’m personally very reluctant to touch things in public right now,” said Ellen Stofan, the director of the Air and Space Museum. “And if we can’t find a way to do it safely, we’re not going to do it at all.” 10 Venues Share Reopening Strategies. How are museums and attractions preparing to welcome visitors?

10 Venues Share Reopening Strategies

What measures can you put in place to make sure your visitors feel safe and comfortable? And what are visitors expecting from you as venues? Over the past few months, Tiqets’ Regional Managers have spoken with 400+ museums and attractions worldwide about how they’re handling and recovering from the impacts of the Coronavirus.

On Thursday, 4 June, Tiqets held a webinar to share some of the insights gained from these discussions about reopening strategies of museums and attractions. Tiqets Regional Managers Jaume Vidal (Spain), Nadia Mastrangelo (Italy), Heidi Andersen (Denmark) and Linda Snoek (Netherlands) shared how reopened venues in their regions have handled issues like safety and hygiene measures, capacity management, communications and staff preparedness. Technology Considerations to Make Upon Re-Opening. List of Museum Jobs Their Roles, Responsibilities, and More.

Technology Considerations to Make Upon Re-Opening

Museums are one of the most important institutions available to the public. How to Leverage Technology During Closures. COVID-19: Planning for the Future. COVID-19: Planning for the Future.

COVID-19: Planning for the Future

Les musées du monde planifient l’après-COVID-19. Webinars and Open Sessions - Release Notes - SecuTix Documentation. We would like to share with you the new initiative that SecuTix is planning for the coming weeks.

Webinars and Open Sessions - Release Notes - SecuTix Documentation

Universal Orlando survey suggests reopening precautions. As Universal extends its theme park closures around the world because of COVID-19, Universal Orlando is reported to have sent a survey to its annual passholders.

Universal Orlando survey suggests reopening precautions

This survey asks passholders what their opinions are on possible precautions that could be used when the parks reopen, according to Inside the Magic. Parks could reopen at reduced capacity This survey gave passholders the option to respond with their level of comfort with different options. Answers range from ‘This would make me feel more comfortable’, ‘This is a basic requirement for me’ to ‘This would be a major problem for me’.

Passholders were asked how they felt about the parks reopening at 25%, 50% and 75% capacity, as well as implementing touch-free payment for food and merchandise. One question suggested that parades and nighttime shows could be suspended, therefore preventing crowds forming in one place. Testing team members. Asian attractions coronavirus. Theme parks and museums are gradually reopening across China, as attractions temporarily shut down in the US and Europe amid the global outbreak of coronavirus.

Asian attractions coronavirus

Since China was the first country to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and is now showing signs of recovery, Asian attractions may be the first to emerge from the current crisis. We take a look at how the situation has affected theme parks, zoos, museums and more in the region. Coronavirus and Chinese attractions As the situation develops, opening dates in China are subject to change. We have already seen several attractions re-open, only to be forced to close again amid fears of a second wave in coronavirus cases. Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Legacy Entertainment confirmed the reopening of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park on March 20. However, the park closed again on 30 March as authorities feared a second wave of infections. Disney in China. #MuseumAtHome - museum staff engage visitors online. As museums around the world remain closed, curators and museum staff are moving into the spotlight to directly engage with visitors online.

#MuseumAtHome - museum staff engage visitors online

Museums have been using social media a lot since they closed. The Getty Museum challenged people to recreate artworks with household items, while the National Cowboy Museum got a security guard to tweet its collection, with entertaining results. Fantawild theme parks reopen after COVID-19 closures. Fantawild Holdings Inc., a leading one-stop solution provider in the theme park industry, has announced that several of its parks are now reopening to the public.

Fantawild theme parks reopen after COVID-19 closures