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Vegan FAQ. What does the word ‘vegan’ really mean?

Vegan FAQ

In recent years, the word ‘vegan’ has come a long way from the relative obscurity in which it once dwelled. As a concept now associated with people as well known as Oprah, Bill Clinton and James Cameron, the word itself has become fairly widely known. - StumbleUpon. Vegan Heavy Cream. Holy scheisse, who knew cashews were so freaking phenomenal?

Vegan Heavy Cream

Seriously, you can use them to make loads of vegan "dairy" products. Way to go cashews. This time around I used them to make heavy cream, which I then used to make white sauce for a killer pasta dish (fret not, I will post the recipe for that soon). Seriously, so good. Vegan Heavy Cream. Vegies and Salad. - VEBU Aktionen und Petitionen. Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich. Vegan. Karnismus: die Psychologie des Fleischkonsums. The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet. Rawlicious - Lifestyle for radiant health. Web 2. Milk.


Read. Food. Where is my milk from? // Interviews, Giveaways, and Free Stickers. Bodycard 0180.