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Tredje Natur and Lendager Group Feature Upcycled Materials On New Copenhagen High-Rise. Land Art Generator Initiative.

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Vincent Callebaut. Kiosque L'édition du soir Reader. Safdie Architects Design Glass “Air Hub” for Singapore Changi Airport. Today, Safdie Architects revealed plans for an all-glass, spherical “air hub” that will be built at the center of the Singapore’s Changi Airport, the world’s sixth busiest airport.

Safdie Architects Design Glass “Air Hub” for Singapore Changi Airport

The “jeweled” biodome was presented as a “new paradigm” for international airports that will boost Singapore’s stopover appeal and become a “lifestyle destination” for both travelers and local residents. Learn more about the design and a word from Moshe Safdie, after the break. “This project redefines and reinvents what airports are all about,” said architect Moshe Safdie. Centre Européen d'Excellence en Biomimétisme de Senlis. Amazon Science Centre by Marks Barfield Architects. British architects Marks Barfield have designed a research centre for the Amazon Jungle with a bulging bamboo observation tower and over six miles of treetop bridges.

Amazon Science Centre by Marks Barfield Architects

The centre would allow both researchers and tourists to survey the rainforest canopy from above. Local bamboo would be used to construct the tower, which is designed as a series of off-centre circular decks that are linked by a spiralling central staircase. Single-storey bamboo pavilions on the forest floor would house computer workstations. This isn't the first treetop walkway the architects have designed - see their elevated walkway in London's Kew Gardens here. Here's a description of the project from Marks Barfield Architects: Pioneering science centre in the heart of the Amazon A pioneering science centre in the heart of the Amazon with more than six miles of walkways and an observation tower above the rainforest canopy is being planned by the Amazon Charitable Trust, a British charity.

Bamboo Forest par Thibaut Deprez.

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EuropaCity. Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute. Innovation architecturale et biomimétisme - Biomimétisme. Lundi 18 mars 1 18 /03 /Mars 10:29.

Innovation architecturale et biomimétisme - Biomimétisme

MVRDV Proposes Towering Green Micro-City For Jakarta. With over 10 million inhabitants, Jakarta is the 13th most-populous city in the world.

MVRDV Proposes Towering Green Micro-City For Jakarta

While this sprawling metropolis has its charms, residents must deal with clogged streets, crowded neighborhoods, and steamy weather. Housing Units in Nantes Winning Proposal / Hamonic + Masson. Designed by Hamonic + Masson, their winning proposal for the housing units in Nantes opens a dialogues with the surrounding space by introducing a new way of living together, mainly based on the generosity of the exterior private and community spaces.

Housing Units in Nantes Winning Proposal / Hamonic + Masson

The architecture of the building and public spaces will be composed of a play in the accumulation and stacking of floors. The ensemble of curves highlights the building’s radiance and dialogue with the near and far environment. More images and architects’ description after the break. Architectural Membrane for New York when Sea Level Rises. To confront with the sea level rising of New York, Tingwei Xu and Xie Zhang from the University of Pennsylvania designed an idea for protecting certain areas against water by wearing a “membrane’.

Architectural Membrane for New York when Sea Level Rises

Deriving from the intelligent components, we created a surface system that can reveal a continually changing expression. The transforming surface can combine the multiple functions such as waterproof, lighting and agricultural planting. Rather than a traditional hierarchy design thinking, each component on the surface has equal essentiality. It is a irreducible integrity. As the surface serves as a waterproof for the buildings, in turn, the building provides structure support to the surface. To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”.

Architect Proposes "Sea Trees": Floating Wildlife Oases. Sea Tree : un îlot de verdure (diaporama) Archian Designs: Architects in Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao & the Philippines. April 24, 2011 by Archian Architect Feature: Green School in Bali, Indonesia Environmentalists and designers John and Cynthia Hardy wanted to motivate communities to live sustainably.

Archian Designs: Architects in Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao & the Philippines

Part of that effort was to show people how to build with sustainable materials, namely bamboo. They established the Green School, and its affiliates: the Meranggi Foundation, which develops plantations of bamboo plants through presenting bamboo seedlings to local rice farmers; and PT Bambu, a for-profit design and construction company that promotes the use of bamboo as a primary building material, in an effort to avoid the further depletion of rainforests.

The Green School, a giant laboratory built by PT Bambu, is located on a sustainable campus straddling both sides of the Ayung River in Sibang Kaja, Bali, within a lush jungle with native plants and trees growing alongside sustainable organic gardens. Architectural Genius of Antoni Gaudi. "QUANTUM SHOT" #448link Melting Cathedrals & Fairytale Houses Article by our guest writer M.

Architectural Genius of Antoni Gaudi

Christian (from "Meine kleine fabrik"). M. Gratte-ciel moderne une Testament à AdaptationDesignBuild Source. Optimiser la taille des villes de demain. La ville du futur devrait viser une taille optimale pour assurer une meilleure utilisation de ses ressources plutôt qu'une vision de développement où tout converge vers le centre.

Optimiser la taille des villes de demain

Voilà l'une des pistes dégagées lors de deux discussions selon la formule du Café des sciences, qui se sont déroulées en France et au Québec sous le thème de l'homme (Un homme est un individu de sexe masculin adulte de l'espèce appelée Homme moderne (Homo sapiens) ou plus simplement « Homme ». Par distinction, l'homme prépubère est...) dans la cité (La cité (latin civitas) est un mot désignant, dans l’Antiquité avant la création des États, un groupe d’hommes sédentarisés libres (pouvant avoir des esclaves), constituant une...) de demain. Mur Vegetal Patrick Blanc.

Immeubles végétalisés architecture

Mur Vegetal Patrick Blanc. Patrick Blanc talks about Vertical Gardens at One Central Park November 2012 One Central Park, Sydney, few months after the plant installation Patrick Blanc in front of One Central Park, Sydney, Jan. 2014 Patrick Blanc in front of One Central Park, Sydney, September 2013.

Mur Vegetal Patrick Blanc

Activités - CHAIRE-UNESCO Alimentations du monde. 30 Janvier 2015. Sustainable Design: Environmental Values, Ecological Living, and the Art of the Ecobuild. Eco-friendly, cost effective, duplicable, artistic, sustainable, and beautiful; the One Community designs are meant to showcase and open source project-launch blueprint the diversity of eco-options available for large-scale self-sufficient and sustainable communal living and building at a fraction of the standard cost in almost any environment. Applying Highest Good thinking to infrastructure, we are researching, developing, and open source and free-sharing our idea of Highest Good Food, Energy, and Housing so they can be duplicated modularly or as complete self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world.

The primary goal of the One Community eco-building strategy is open source project-launch blueprinting, building, and demonstrating seven sustainable village models that will be the foundation for what we believe most people will consider a significantly more holistic and fulfilling living experience. Luc Schuiten : le vivant au cœur des cités futures ? Biomimicry: Designing to Model Nature.

Home > Biomimicry: Designing to Model Nature by Stephanie Vierra, Assoc. AIA, LEED APSteven Winter Associates, Inc. BIOKON International. Katrin Petit jardin et paysagiste »Saarow Bad Kurpark. Quand utopie et techniques opérationnelles se côtoient. A Man-Made, Net-Zero Energy Island Off the Coast of Istanbul - Design. This year Istanbul Design Week goes back to the future with a very ambitious project: HavvAda, a cutting-edge net-positive-energy residential island conceptualized by New York-based Studio Dror.

Turkish developer Serdar Inan has commissioned the project, which will be unveiled in Istanbul on September 29. HavvAda will be built off Istanbul’s shore, using excavated soil from a new massive canal planned between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Inan has asked that the project be completed in time for the Turkish Republic’s Centennial in 2023. For the design, Dror has drawn on its fascination with spatial geometry, as well as Buckminster Fuller’s legacy in structural engineering and Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City. The island is envisioned as a landscape of six residential hills, surrounding a circular valley dedicated to parks and recreation.

Le compost de l'intelligence collective. Cité Végétale - Luc Schuiten. Cités végétales - Exposition de Luc Schuiten à la Sucrière Lyon du 27 avril au 18 juillet 2010. A Vertical Manifesto for Mumbai. Finalist 2011 Skyscraper Competition Ankita Dahiya, Dhruv Bahl, Mayank Ojha India 1 The following key concepts, taking off from a conventional habitat, form the core of our design, along with justifying the manifestation of the adjective – vertical. 1.1 Multiplication of Urban Space: The vertical habitat is conceived, not as a sub-division of the Urban Floor with stacked plans of identical units, but instead as an extension of, or multiplication of the Urban Floor along its normal.

Landscape Architecture at AECOM. Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais, Actualité. Documents. {*style:<b>Les documents <i> AILA 2012 National Awards. Micro-Forêt - Forêt Urbaine. FLO Home - National Association for Olmsted Parks. Environment. Un blog utilisant WordPress. The City as an Ecosystem. Currently our urban design and development practices work within the framing of modernism, which positions humans at the centre of existence that prioritises the status of objects and operates through the technology of machines.

The processes engaged by modernism involve the simplification of systems to command their obedience, without any ideological commitment to return something in exchange for their servitude. In modern cities we have delegated their development to planners, architects and engineers, assigning roles to people, as one would identify parts of a machine. Consequently architecture is productised and exported as ready to inhabit buildings, or pre-packaged modular units that are exported all over the world. Modern architecture has become a kind of giant gadget – perhaps, in the not too distant future, every city will even have it’s own ‘app’. THINK TANK architecture paysage urbanisme Marine de La Guerrande Adrien Pineau. Our vision is a city of rooftop farms... Une Tour végétale à Nantes ??? Pas si sûr. Une Tour végétale à Nantes ??? Pas si sûr. Strategy and Tactics / a+t. : le 1er espace de débat en ligne sur les éco-quartiers et la ville durable. Ville-tour à Tainjin ou la ville verticale face aux enjeux du XXIème siècle. Unbelievable Floating Architectural Structures. Contemporary Habitable Bridge in Italy. Eco-Pods Produce Bio-Fuel Energy. 5 Green Cities of the Future. Downtown Los Angeles. The Taiwan Tower is a Sustainable Twin Syscraper for the 21st Century. Cités végétales, l'utopie des villes de demain. Utopia Forever. La ville-nature - Ville et biodiversité - CNRS sagascience. IaaC. Self Sufficient Building - Students Research - Researchs. Pratiques directes _ howto's _ DiY.

Autonomies DD Réseaux éco-villages - Tribus.

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ArchiStick - Le blog de l'architecture et du design utile et agréable ! NEW-TERRITORIES / R&Sie(n) New-territories. Les poules débarquent en ville. "Je crois à la puissance de la recomposition de nos territoires urbains" - Interview de Michel Desvigne, Grand prix d’urbanisme. Nicolas Soulier : « à propos des grands ensembles : projet de courées à Aulnay 1994-1999 » Nicolas Soulier : « Vivre en site propre…? » Organic - Videos. Organic Rooftop Farming in Chicago. Bosco verticale, la forêt verticale de Stefano Boeri.

Visualization - Seasteading Platform. Our mission: To further the establishment and growth of permanent, autonomous ocean communities, enabling innovation with new political and social systems. Engineering.