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Last night the Unitarian Universalist Association President Peter Morales addressed the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over and over, President Morales repeated the importance of deep and true spiritual life, the necessity of crossing borders, and of growing grassroots religious movements. Living in southeast Florida, where turf grasses require outrageous maintenance – the opposite of what growing grassroots means to other peoples – allow me to rephrase: we need to be growing religious movements as part of strengthening and growing healthy local communities. Here in south Florida, we might prefer the metaphor of growing mangrove religious movements – thick, resilient, multi-branched and trunked, storm-protective, coastally healthy, and indigenous to where we live. Growing Grassroots Religious Movements Growing Grassroots Religious Movements
Crossing Borders Crossing Borders Tuesday evening this week Unitarian Universalist President Peter Morales also spoke to the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) about the need to cross borders. The UUMA is working on a new educational program and leadership training in intercultural competencies with the amazing Beth Zemsky & One Ummah Consulting. There are programs and signs that the Unitarian Universalist Association in seeking to equip local communities in crossing outside their known and comfy borders and be with and of the larger world community, making a way for merciful justice and for love to flourish.
The second full day of Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Charlotte, North Carolina was a big, long full day. I want to cheer and convey my joy and blessings to all my new colleagues who met their new stages of credentialing and to those who retired from active service this year. You bless this world every day with the gifts you bring – and we can all be grateful to you! Living A Bigger Story Living A Bigger Story
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