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Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web. #UsGuys Links Bundled. Communication and Strategy by Patrick Prothe. How To Join UsGuys. #UsGuys - Home. Summary of #UsGuys Chat on Social Media, Metrics & Monitoring. Yesterday (November 18, 2010) marked the first official #UsGuys Twitter chat. The #UsGuys tag was originally formed because @TomMoradpour, @REALChaseAdams, @pprothe, @Galactic, and I were discussing the Gap logo reboot disaster and found including our handles took up a good portion of our message. So #UsGuys was born. (More on #UsGuys from Chase and Carl Sorvino ). #UsGuys Stats from What the Hashtag #UsGuys seemed to strike a chord in people – a community of like-minded individuals, without the pretension that comes with many social media ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’.

Influencers and Advocates. Why they are different and why you need to know it #usguys.

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