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Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web. #UsGuys Links Bundled. Communication and Strategy by Patrick Prothe. I’ve been on Twitter since mid 2007, gradually engaging with more people, following conference streams and earlier this year, joining chats like #imcchat, #kaizenblog and #nmchat.

Communication and Strategy by Patrick Prothe

It’s in the chats where I’ve started forming some pretty cool friendships – I’d call them friendships even though we’ve not met in real life. And experiencing much of what Shel Israel writes in Twitterville about the new global neighborhoods. Then #UsGuys happens and added an incredibly rich dimension I never expected. It all started with a really bad logo redesign. How To Join UsGuys. #UsGuys - Home. Summary of #UsGuys Chat on Social Media, Metrics & Monitoring.

Yesterday (November 18, 2010) marked the first official #UsGuys Twitter chat. The #UsGuys tag was originally formed because @TomMoradpour, @REALChaseAdams, @pprothe, @Galactic, and I were discussing the Gap logo reboot disaster and found including our handles took up a good portion of our message. So #UsGuys was born. (More on #UsGuys from Chase and Carl Sorvino ). #UsGuys Stats from What the Hashtag #UsGuys seemed to strike a chord in people – a community of like-minded individuals, without the pretension that comes with many social media ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’. Influencers and Advocates. Why they are different and why you need to know it #usguys.

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