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Pearlers who have ideas to share about pearltrees future can team up here

Pearltrees 2 sucks! By s243a.

Very nice narrative, I totaly subscribe, specialy with 2nd part & all pervert effect it will bring... Personally, a noos quest can't fit on a pinboard. We are kinda Na'vi here... – noosquest

Passage PEARLTREES V1 à V2 -Mai 2014. Pearltrees, le cerveau du web ? Espace3.

Le symbolisme est très important et j'avais vu ta perle à l'époque; il y avait de la matière et cela donnait un tas d'idées. Cela peut être fortement fédérateur. Il faut réfléchir à une "quête" du "nous" (sans vouloir te faucher le sujet) et envisager de monter un petit scénario amusant visant par exemple un jeu massivement multi-joueurs... Avec les compétences requises bien sûr mais si la communauté est assez nombreuse... En tout cas je suis partant sur le symbolisme (en laissant chacun en penser ce qu'il souhaite). > Keep in symbolisme – reel
Ahhhh, symbolisme, quand tu nous tiens... Il faudra que je demande au graphiste. Peut-être une allusion aux 1% de "gros contributeurs" tel que décrit là : – noosquest

Pearls galaxy...0.0.1. Users feedback team @loomio. Pearltrees v2 - Pealtrees Users feedback. Pealtrees Users feedback. Pinboard or Pearls Universe ? - Pealtrees Users feedback. Pétition pour le retour du format de Pearltrees v1. Web 2.0 Digitage 2012. Synaptic Web Map. Pt 2.0 WTF?!!! Twitter quotes. My apologies dear fellow pearltree'ers but i'am. Révolution d'évolution. Pearltrees 2 ça craint de ouf ! Pearltrees: What problem does Pearltrees solve. What to Do? Utilize HTML RDF Data. Pearltrees 2.0 et opinion sur ce big bang. Learn from your customers for usable Web apps. Imagine the following scenario: You go shopping to buy a loaf of bread.

Wow! now we are talking! this hits the nail (version 2 beta test ) "square-blocked" dead on the head. great post. thanks. – ebbead

The shops look gorgeous, decked out in vivid colors and stunning artwork.

Learn from your customers for usable Web apps

Trouble is, you can't always tell from the window displays what sort of products are on sale inside. Eventually, you find a shop that looks promising and ignore advice that this store's expertise is with a gadget you don't own. You find the front door and wander in. Now you enter a maze of aisles containing products organized in an apparently random manner. Before paying, you attempt to ascertain that you can use your credit card safely, but the inscrutable small print has more to say about your legal obligations than reassurance about your security. This is a Nightmare on Web Street! Why does this happen? OK, it's a caricature. Online shoppers are less interested in a groovy multimedia experience than in finding, understanding, and buying products quickly and easily. The customer's perspective "This is too stupid for words. "" Back to top a. A. PT version 1 et 2. Connected.

PT version 1 et 2

This pad seems to be opened in more than one browser window on this computer. Reconnect to use this window instead. Your permissions have changed while viewing this page. Try to reconnect. There are communication problems with the synchronization server. Perhaps you connected through an incompatible firewall or proxy. Rotateview.gif (Image GIF, 1232 × 682 pixels) Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute. Tree/Graph View UIs (RDF Tools) My Critique (s243a) of Pearltree 2.0. Rendez-nous nos perles !

Pearltrees Initiative.

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  1. garabaldafafarata Dec 6 2013
    Hi, new ideas :-) These days I'm thinking to suggest: - sort of a task bar - or side bar - containing the most tapped/clicked link to our pearls (obviously customizable and different for each user) - and a multi tab browser (that day I could really stop using chrome, safari, firefox & co. with a pearltree like that !!!) :-) :-) bye, keep on pearling !
  2. garabaldafafarata Nov 30 2013
    I really hope somebody else join this team: Pearltrees has great potential and anyone's suggestion can help to grow up it more and more. I'll try to find pearls suitable for the team. I think debate is the best way in such a case, however. Keep on pearling!
  3. garabaldafafarata Nov 30 2013
    Hi noosquest, excuse me for my belated reply :-) Took a look at your message yesterday but I have had no time for answering. - just adding some pearls here and there during the day, you now... :-) - Thanks for your tips about trees planning and architecture: it's an issue I pointed out to me since my subscription to pearltrees. I use a link-strategy for now, connecting everyone of my root-pearls and ideas with any other related ones by use of the duplication function... In any case you' ve got the point: hierarchy choses are my main doubtful point (e.g. "magazines" could go below "news", but could also be placed below "books" in a broad sense; same thing for "California" - "geography" or "places to visit", assuming they are both important categories for the considered user? -)