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jQuery Plugin/Widget. Timeglider JS is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget written in Javascript.

jQuery Plugin/Widget

This widget is the core of our our timeline authoring and publishing app, and can be integrated into any HTML application environment. Timelines can be zoomed by dragging the vertical slider at right: up for zooming in (less time shown) and down for zooming out (more time shown). The mousewheel also works as a zoom controller. Any white area on the "stage" of the timeline can be dragged left and right, as can the blue "ruler" which marks out different units of time. Clicking on an event brings up a small modal window with a description and links if any are provided in the data. A few bullets: Timeglider works well on iPads, but is not yet optimized for Android devices. Wireframe Software - Free Website Wireframes - Create & Share Wireframes - Wireframe Tools.

Jaukia/zoomooz - GitHub. HTML5/CSS3 – On Beyond Powerpoint… « Shiny Pebbles… UPDATE: Check out the Simple HTML Slides project page for more information. Powerpoint, and to a lesser extent Apple’s Keynote, have a vise-like grip on the psyche of a huge percentage of the computer users on the planet. In business, government and education it’s difficult to get through the day without encountering at least one Powerpoint presentation, and we’ve all faced the dreaded “Death by Powerpoint” decks of a hundred slides crammed with 8 point type. Sites like are chock-full of articles written by educators showing teachers how to integrate Powerpoint into the curriculum . Alas, many teachers and curriculum directors think teaching students how to use Powerpoint is an important part of “teaching 21st century technology skills,” while teaching the fundamentals of open web technologies gets almost no attention.

Simple HTML Slides I’ve just started an experiment aimed in that direction. Here’s my guess at the minimum requirements: Zoomooz.js. Zoomooz is: 6KB gzipped and 18KB minified.


This includes everything but jQuery. Make any web page zoom. Latest version: 1.1.9 (Nov 11, 2013, hacky fix for the back and forward buttons #66) Zoomooz is a jQuery plugin for making web page elements zoom. It can be used for making Prezi like slideshows and for zooming to images or other details. Quirky transformations You can zoom to elements that have been translated, scaled and skewed, and they will morph correctly.

Try by clicking on these: Skew Scale Rotate There is some interesting stuff happening in the background to make the morphings work. Adding Zoomooz to your web page Just add this to your web page head and you should be up and running with Zoomooz: The easy way to zoom Simply add "zoomTarget" to the element you want to zoom to when clicked on: <div class="zoomTarget">This element zooms when clicked on. You can also add some additional attributes for tuning the animation as data fields of the element: Here is a demo, click on the elements: Demos. Simple test. Prezi - Confluence - Insite Theme.

The Beginnings Peter Arvai Founder, CEO Peter Halacsy Founder, Head of Product Adam Somlai-Fischer Founder, Head of Design CTO, Co-Founder Peter Halacsy is currently the assistant professor at the new media department of Budapest University of Technology.

Prezi - Confluence - Insite Theme

Prior to the university Peter was the lead developer of, Hungary's largest Internet Company. Peter co-founded Kitchen Budapest with Adam Solmlai-Fischer. Lead Designer, Co- Founder Adam Somlai-Fischer is an architect and creative designer with interests in new technologies. Founded in 2008 Peter and Adam launched this beta application as part of Zui Labs, LTD. Current CEO Peter Arvai arrives to Zui Labs (October 2008) after having helped several start-ups launch on an international scale. (Headquarters is in Hungary and is a privately held business with eight employees.) Why Was it Developed?

Peter Halacsy and Adam Somlai-Fischer had been lecturing together extensively, and were frustrated with the limitations of presentation tools. Plugins. Prezi: scalable, navigable presentations : Bitwise Evolution.