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Create a Sticky Note Effect in 5 Easy Steps with CSS3 and HTML5. CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu. Martin Angelov As you have probably heard by now, CSS3 animations are a powerful tool, which enables you to create animations which run without the need of applying additional scripting to the page.

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu

What is even better, in the next generation of browsers we will have even more powerful tools, including 3D transformations (already present in Safari). But what difference does it make for us today? At the moment only three browsers give you the ability to animate CSS properties – Chrome, Safari and Opera, which together take up only a small part of the browser market. Firefox is expected to soon join the club, and with the impending release of IE9, it suddenly makes sense to start leveraging this technique. Tech. Rapidly create sites with HTML5 Boilerplate and Blueprint CSS or JavaScript UI Framework - Ample SDK. Nizo for iPhone. IS HTML5 READY YET? Ai to Canvas Plug-In.

Almost any Illustrator artwork can be exported to a HTML5 canvas element.

Ai to Canvas Plug-In

Where canvas lacks support for a specific feature, Ai->Canvas automatically rasterizes the artwork to a bitmap and properly positions the image on the canvas. Bring your artwork to life by adding animations to your Illustrator drawings. Ai->Canvas supports rotation, scaling, fading, and movement along a path. For more advanced users, add triggers that start one animation when another animation completes. The purpose of Ai->Canvas is to accelerate your HTML5 canvas development.