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HTML5 Showcase: 48 Potential Flash-Killing Demos. So you’ve heard all rumors about HTML5 would take over Adobe Flash.

HTML5 Showcase: 48 Potential Flash-Killing Demos

While most web community argues that it’s possible or not, you must be wandering what makes HTML5 so powerful that even giant company Apple wants to use it to replace Flash. That’s why this post exists, we’re not going to talk about what HTML5 can do, but show live demos of magical things that HTML5 can achieve with other language like JavaScript, so get ready to be inspired. Note: As HTML5 is not fully supported by certain web browser like Internet Explorer, you’re strongly recommended to use Firefox browser to view all HTML5 demos below. Animation The HTML5’s canvas element is the deciding factor for HTML5 to replace certain Flash animation. Audioburst Animation A comfortable and fantastic animation created with HTML5’s canvas and audio tag.

Ball Pool Being showcased in the last Google I/O event, this demo shows you how dynamic can HTML5 be. Blob Sallad A HTML5-spawned creature that would please you. Bomomo Browser Ball Bubbles. 5 awesome HTML5 demos. You’ve probably seen a bunch of tutorials or articles about HTML5 on design blogs recently, but didn’t try to use it because most users will not be able to view it anyway.

5 awesome HTML5 demos

Now to motivate you, I compiled a few HTML5 demos that should make you want to start learning this new markup. Be aware that you may not be able to see some of the demos. To know what elements of HTML5 your browser supports, take a look at this chart. 1. APIrocks HTML5 slideshow If you only have time to watch one of the demos suggested in this article, take a look at this great slideshow by APIrocks. 2.

Ready to see some videos in your browser with no plugin or flash required? 3. This will probably not only blow a video in your browser, it will also blow your mind. 4. The screenshot that you see under this text is taken from the Tetris 3D created in javascript by Ben Joffe using the HTML5 canvas element. 5. Another HTML5 demo using canvas, it shows you some molecules in a rotation. And much more Getting started with HTML5. HTML5 Demos and Examples. 50 Advanced HTML5 Demos to show It's Power.

Flash vs HTML5 is one of the hottest topic today , but we are not getting in the argument of which is superior to other and which is not.

50 Advanced HTML5 Demos to show It's Power

Flash will always be an awesome choice for rich content web applications and games same as HTML5 in developing cool animations and simple gaming applications unless some major development to be made in future years. Today we have collected 50 awesome HTML5 demos to show its potential. 1. Tunneler 2.