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UpGRADE Presentation* Do you have Klout? Klout provides social media analytics to measure the influence of a profile across social media networks.

Do you have Klout?

You are given you a Klout Score based on your ability to drive action through creating content and engagement; how often links are clicked on, responded to, retweeted and how many followers or fans you have. This is all calculated by an algorithm and incorporates true reach, amplification and network impact. The Klout Score is currently used by over 3500 companies who reward influencers with Klout Perks.

Klout consider themselves the standard for influence. Brewing Controversy - How Starbucks Embraces Social Media. Health Care Reform, Tax Fairness, The War in Afghanistan, Occupy Wall Street, same-sex marriage.

Brewing Controversy - How Starbucks Embraces Social Media

These are just a few of the hottest and heated issues that presently divide our nation. While individuals look to their political, religious, cultural, and personal beliefs to take a stance on the matters, many companies stay quiet and impartial – fearful to not outrage consumers. But there’s one major company Track Social has been monitoring that doesn’t seem to shy away from the controversy, and in fact, welcomes it. From gay marriage to gun rights, Starbucks has staked its image on some very public, and potentially risky, social-political positions. And thanks to social media, consumers can interact with brands in the same ways they interact with people. For most big brands, the answer is simple – refrain from alienating consumers by simply refusing to engage in potentially controversial dialogue. Survey: Majority of Marketers Will Ask Shops to Lower Costs. The Future of Photo-Sharing Apps. The tiny Instagram app grew to a gigantic 27 million users during its first year in the App Store.

The Future of Photo-Sharing Apps

It has inspired real-life Instameet-ups, Instagram art shows and a community based on love for the image, where users can post and receive feedback from other visual thinkers. Instagrams are not only the new Polaroids when it comes to party pics, they've become a way for users to communicate visually, sharing inspiration and ideas (well, iPhone users anyway - the Android app is due out soon). But Instagram isn't the only app capturing smartphone users' visual imaginations. Photo-sharing apps such as EyeEm, Piictu and each offer users opportunities to connect and organize visually and categorically in non-Instagram ways.

The Web-based photo social network pasts of Flickr, PhotoBucket, Picasa, Shutterfly and Kodak Slideshare are over. Instagram owns the mobile photo-sharing space, so why compete with it? As Garnier Pitchwoman, Tina Fey Trades Geeky for Glam. Many Magazines Racing to Capitalize on Pinterest. UpGRADE Presentation* Why Influencer Marketing Isn't About the 'Influencers' Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App. Google+ Hangouts are an ideal place for people to share experiences online just like they do in real life.

Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App

Now, sharing slides live is even better with the Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App. Whether you’re in a conference presentation or collaborating with a group, this new app allows you and your friends & colleagues around the world to present and discuss SlideShare content in real time. Click the big red button to launch Google+ Hangouts with the SlideShare App. You can search and discover a SlideShare presentation, present Face-to-Face-to-Face and change the presentation and presenter at any time during the Hangout.

Now, Google+ is enabling developers to share any hangout app with the entire Google+ community and SlideShare is excited to be one of the featured apps at launch. For Good. Virgin America Offers Social Media Perks To Most Influential. Do you have to be Ashton Kutcher to have influence on Twitter?

Virgin America Offers Social Media Perks To Most Influential

If not, what does it take to be an influencer on social networks? And Is there a return on investment on the time you spend on social media tasks? Virgin America airlines is examining what influencers can do for their brand and is depending on a social media analytics company to surface the results so they reward those that do the best job. Influencers on Twitter can garner rewards from various brands when their tweets display a knowledge and expertise in that brand's field.

Klout Offers Spotify Invites as Perk to Online Influencers. The people at Klout headquarters recently got a sneak peek at Spotify — the highly praised European music service that launched in the U.S. today — and now they're giving away 100,000 invites via their Klout Perks platform.

Klout Offers Spotify Invites as Perk to Online Influencers

Klout users can check whether they have a high enough Klout score to nab an invite here. If you qualify for the Klout Perk, you will be dubbed a "U.S Spotify Ambassador" and receive a code to launch your Spotify account. Additionally, if you get five friends to sign up for Klout, you will receive a one-month trial of Spotify's premium version. Klout is just one brand boosting Spotify's profile in the U.S. As one of Spotify's first advertisers, Chevrolet handed out 150,000 invites on its Facebook Page. Want a Spotify invite? Start boosting your Klout. Invites to the U.S. launch of European music service Spotify are scarce, but if you’re an influential Klout user, you can step to the front of the line.

Want a Spotify invite? Start boosting your Klout

Klout, a site that rates a person’s influence within Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, is providing more than 100,000 coveted invites to U.S. users. Those particular people are likely to share thoughts about Spotify with communities that value their opinion. “We just gave away 15,000 to 20,000 invites to people who have the most authority and the most passion around entertainment, music, technology — the exact people Spotify wants to reach,” said Klout CEO Joe Fernandez in an interview with VentureBeat Thursday.

Instead of passing out invites to the first large group of people who signed up, Spotify elected to partner with Klout on the launch of its music service in the U.S. Social@Ogilvy. Years of thinking social archives > Photo by Kaseylizbeth via flickr If you’re like me, a fashion enthusiast who shops online for luxury items, then you know how gratifying discovering a discount can be.


What’s even more gratifying – sharing the discount with your social community! How many times have you passed along a discount or talked about a brand and thought to yourself, “I should get a commission on these sales”. Well, the time has come! Is The New Customer Service Tool Twitter? Appinions. Does my Klout score have any Kred? Some thoughts on online influence. - I Beg Your Parton. A ton has been written recently about the current craze around influence scoring.

Does my Klout score have any Kred? Some thoughts on online influence. - I Beg Your Parton

Klout in particular has been under the spotlight for attempting to summarise a person’s social influence down to a single number. Should we care about our scores? Well personally I’m torn, so here is my brain dump. Yes, my influence score will be on my CV… As a marketing manager I’m constantly being asked to quantify the work I do. Perks. Announcing our #KloutChat schedule. Announcing our #KloutChat schedule March 21st, 2011 by Megan Berry.

Announcing our #KloutChat schedule

Groupe, Inc. and Klout Partner to Offer First-of-its-Kind Reward to Users. New York, New York, March 5, 2012 - Gilt Groupe Inc., the innovative online shopping destination, announced today an exclusive partnership with Klout, the standard for influence. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez talks with us about the future of social influence scoring. It was only five days ago that Google+ launched the first part of its application programming interface.

The available API was launched just before Google+ finally opened itself to the public following its 90 day beta testing period, no doubt to get developers started in the right direction and prepped for the more robust API in Google+’s future. In the five days after Google+’s API launch, Klout actively worked on using the available data to integrate G+’s service onto its own platform. How Social Influence Has Changed the Game of Promotional Giveaways. When did subject-line bait like “you may already be a winner” and “you have been chosen” become a real thing? If you’ve been checking your junk email lately, you might have noticed that promotional giveaways have gotten a lot more interesting, in part because brands are now able to measure a person’s influence online through social media tracking sites like Klout.

Here are some emerging trends. Plenty of social media users have been willing to give up their contact information and solicit votes from their friends for a shot at a dream wedding from Crate & Barrel or a walk-on role on an episode of “Glee.” But that’s a lot of entries for contest administrators to go through, and not everyone has a big prize to offer. Peanut Butter & Co., a gourmet peanut butter manufacturer and sandwich shop based in New York; and Bob’s Red Mill, a natural foods company based in Milwaukie, OR, took a different approach with a recipe contest. Measuring the Influence of Social Media. How Klout Is Using Analytics To Measure Social Media Influence. ANA Social Media Influencer Outreach Brand Ambassador Case Study. How "influencers" on social media are rewarded. You don't have to be George Clooney or Lady Gaga to be master marketer on social media. That's the word from Mark Schaefer, who was just named one of Forbes magazine's "Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers.

" He writes about the power of social scoring in his new boo,k "Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing. " "We are really in the middle of a business and communication revolution," Schaefer said on "CBS This Morning. " "Now that we have high-speed Internet and free, easy-to-use publishing tools like blogging and Facebook and Twitter, everybody can publish. Everybody can have influence. "And companies now ... are trying to measure that.

In addition to free stuff, people who weigh in on products or services also get notoriety from their reviews. "You're being rewarded for your influence," Schaefer said. . © 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. WELCOME TO THE REPUTATION ECONOMY. In a world where a tweet or a website posting can torpedo a brand, kibosh a deal or bury a career, the race is on to find a common currency for trust writes Colin Brown An early target of criticism has been Klout, whose scores have been used since 2009 by corporate brands and their marketers to pinpoint 'influencers' worthy of being showered with invites and other freebies - a virtual velvet rope for the twitterati set. This autumn it was Klout's own social reputation that suffered a double whammy, a victim perhaps of tall poppy syndrome. First, a sudden change in algorithms caused a near-riot among those users who suffered dramatic drops in their Klout scores without any detailed explanations about the revised methodology.

Then, following a article in November, Klout had to apologise for unwittingly creating profiles of minors. "I get why Klout can rub people the wrong way. Nonetheless, rivals have sensed a market opportunity. Morgan Brown: How Klout Perks Really Work – Influencer Marketing Review. How Social Media Is Changing The Landscape Of Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC] Gilt Group Rewards Shoppers With High Klout Scores. Forget Money. Power is Social Influence. Thanks @Klout @GiltGroupe. Getting perks out of your social media score. 9 Ways Top Brands Use Social Media for Better Customer Service. Rohit Bhargava is SVP of global digital strategy at Ogilvy, an award-winning marketing blogger and the best-selling author of Personality Not Included, a book about creating a more human brand.

His is currently writing his second book called Likeonomics on how to be more believable. When an irate traveler tweeted about how he had arrived late to The Four Seasons in Palo Alto and been “bumped” to an inferior room, the hotel saw it immediately and responded, promising to make it up to him. Turns out, the customer spends about 60 nights a year in Palo Alto for work, and promised in his next tweet to spend many of those nights at The Four Seasons. The brand has had several similar stories posted online by delighted customers, and they are exactly the kind of successes that justify the investment in social media for customer service (which, in turn, drives sales). How Has Social Media Affected Customer Service? [Infographic]

Klout, Kred and the Ugly Truth About Social Influence Measurement. Social Media Finds Room At The Inn. Hotel commerce, branding, online reputation management, guest feedback, reviews, and customer satisfaction are no longer disconnected or disjunctive focus areas for hoteliers. Kred and Klout: Too Close for Start-Up Comfort in SOMA (Literally) - Liz Gannes - Social.

San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood is thick with start-ups.