I have just recently finished a one year schoolcourse called “in english” “The Global Course” at this school, we worked a lot with developing questions, and issues, environmental problems, womens rights, and much much more.. The school is “what we in sweden call” “Folkhighschool” and it’s a special/alternative schoolsystem used mostly in the nordic countries, and in Tanzania. what is special with the Folkhighschool, schoolsystem is basically that it originates from a folkmovement, instead of “for example” being a governmental, school. The difference is basically that you don’t have the pressure of the ordinary school, and that the students along the course of the year decide much among themselves. For example, what they wish to learn from their teachers, and from oneanother. This is the Folkhighschool/Folkhögskola, i went to for one year. Johns blogg Johns blogg
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