Empresa pública; Más de 10.001 empleados; SAP; Sector de Computer Software agosto de 2013 – Presente (6 meses) Dublin, Ireland 1) Delivers onsite and remote services: - For MaxAttention, Active Embedded and Mission Critical Support including Optimization, Assessment, Technical Integration/ Validation, Empowering trainings and workshops. - Performs root cause analysis, provides solutions, and delivers services in complex environments for specific fields / areas. - For Enterprise Support Customers including classical remote services, advanced services, and Expert Guided Implementation delivery methodology (Solution Manager and Self Service scenario). - As functional expert for broad area of topics. Covers at least one area of expertise within AGS Engineering Services: - Run SAP Like a Factory - Manager Integration Validation - Application Lifecycle Management Raul Soriano Hontanilla - 128 Raul Soriano Hontanilla - 128
Paolo Rosso - 324 Head of the Natural Language Engineering (NLE) Lab at the Technical University of Valencia. Co-organiser of PAN @ CLEF http://pan.webis.de/ and of CL! Paolo Rosso - 324
Moritz Bradler - 13
Conor Patterson - 1