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Digital First Media. Digital First Media. Webster University. Boston University. Candidate Training Program. Overview The Sorensen Institute's Candidate Training Program (CTP) is an intensive, four-day program focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign for office.

Candidate Training Program

We are not currently accepting applications for the CTP. Participants explore the nuts and bolts of building a strong campaign from the ground up—all within the context of ethics and principled public service. The curriculum does not prescribe a particular set of campaign guidelines or rules, but does provide candidates with a framework for developing their own code of conduct to run a winning and ethical campaign. Participants in the program represent a broad range of ideologies and a diversity of communities from throughout Virginia.

Higher Education in the US of America & Canada. EEP 142 - Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources. Spring 2010 1- OPEC - Lecture 5.

EEP 142 - Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources

Stephen Chen, Farah Ereiqat, Stephanie Hall ,Jennifer Wong. 2- Olive Oil Certification / Ready to Eat Cereal Industry - Lecture 10, Daley Kutzman, Ana Castillo, Andrew Postal, and Alice Tu. DLF » Members.

Law Schools

GALViterbo. Beginning in 2005, a two-day seminar on Global Administrative Law has been held anually (usually in mid-June) in Viterbo, Italy, at the Political Science Faculty of La Tuscia University.


A theme is specified for each year, and a call for papers is issued (and posted on this website) to invite scholars from around the world to submit paper proposals. For papers and summaries of discussions, follow the link to each year's seminar. These seminars, convened by Professors Stefano Battini and Giulio Vesperini, draw from research projects headed by Professor Sabino Cassese at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and at the Institute for Research on Public Administration (IRPA), and regularly involve scholars from universities in Italy and other parts of Europe, NYU, and elsewhere.

eScholarship: University of California. The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Coastal Law.