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Christian Copyright Solutions. Don’t let your set list be limited by your streaming license song catalog.

Christian Copyright Solutions

WORSHIPcast is the only church streaming license that covers internet performance rights for 17 million Christian and secular songs from the catalogs of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Annual fees start at only $225.

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Chalice Light. Chaliceout - Love, dance us from one year to the next, with great hope, great thankfulness & great joy. chalicelight - Wisdom help us dare to be creative in our maladjustment, our loving, our dreaming & our making peace chaliceout - Wisdom may we find meaning and purpose in making peace, caring for the earth, & loving one another. chalicelight - Lover of Life may we lean into our greater purpose of loving boldly, living compassionately, & creating joy. chaliceout - Working together, may we make a more equitable & just, peaceful & joyful world. chalicelight - Working together, may we gift the world with what is right & good & beautiful.

Chalice Light

Unitarian Universalist Quotes. Goodness is an art to be studied in our lives.

Unitarian Universalist Quotes

Durant Drake (Unitarian, professor of philosophy), American Unitarian Association Religious Education #14, quoted by Richard S. Gilbert, In the Middle of A Journey The letter of morality kills: the spirit of morality, which is the love of right, the love of truth, an inward truthfulness of soul, a fidelity to one’s own highest nature, an aspiration after whatever things are pure, and lovely, and noble, — this it is which fills the soul through and through, at once with magnanimity and humility, at once with courage and modesty; makes us faithful without pedantry, and holy without cant and pretense. James Freeman Clarke, The Hour Which Cometh (1868) p.20 (Unitarian, clergy, author, reformer) Setting is preliminary to brighter rising; decay is a process of advancement; death is the condition of higher and more fruitful life.

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