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  1. criativos_by_silviobraz Aug 11 2011
    like firefox ... although sometimes slow ... but if there was another .. thanks Phillip Benages a hug! silviobraz
  2. rabidmuskrat Aug 11 2011
    Already using firefox. I suppose I could try some other browsers though...
  3. criativos_by_silviobraz Aug 10 2011
    use mozilla firefox can give to solve ...
  4. rabidmuskrat Aug 10 2011
    logged off and logged back in, same problems. :-/
  5. heikoidensen Aug 9 2011
    : I wonder - perhaps you try to logoff and than login again - your*re to be a regular member of this group :-)
  6. rabidmuskrat Aug 8 2011
    Ok, I can't seem to add anything at all. Was I booted off this team?
  7. rabidmuskrat Aug 1 2011
    I'm seeing some odd behavior here. I'm suddenly not able to create new subpearltrees, and the team twitter pearl seems to be pearl of it's own tree. Anybody else seeing this?
  8. captainblighty Jul 27 2011
    This team is growing bigger every day
  9. Francois Jul 26 2011
    Yes, you can create some subpearltrees (click the button "new pearltree" at the bottom left of your account) and classify all those by categories. Hope it helps!
  10. rabidmuskrat Jul 22 2011
    I was invited to work on this tree but currently we're out of space. Any ideas on how we would restructure this so that we can keep it growing?