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#TTUchat #EdTech March 3, 2017

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Developing “The Innovator’s Mindset” (Video) – The Principal of Change. Students - Everything Art. 10 ways to create interactive multimedia in any grade/subject. Video.

10 ways to create interactive multimedia in any grade/subject

Audio. Images. 3 Ways to Continue Learning at Home with Technology. Students, parents and teachers agree that more at-home learning time with digital tools is a must.

3 Ways to Continue Learning at Home with Technology

So why aren’t many schools meeting this demand? In a 2016 Deloitte survey of K–12 public and private school educators, parents of school-age children, and K–12 students themselves, the majority of these three groups indicated they wanted more at-home learning with digital tools to supplement school work. However, the survey found that only 33 percent of educators are regularly making this happen. The survey also found that teachers are often not providing these opportunities because they perceive boundaries that might not actually exist, in terms of parental assistance.

A large majority (88 percent) of parents surveyed are very or somewhat interested in having more at-home digital content to supplement school work. 25 Sensory Activities for Kids. Exploring the World in Your Class. In the past several years, the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) has supported and funded digital games, including Mission US: City of Immigrants, a game about the immigrant experience.

Exploring the World in Your Class

You play as Lena Brodsky, a Jewish immigrant in 1907 New York. It’s a great teaching tool: Students quickly realize how difficult it can be to assimilate to a new country. The game includes an Educator Guide with lesson plans and primary sources. I recently spoke with Marc Ruppel, senior program officer at the NEH. Ruppel’s vision of games in classrooms happens to align with my findings in field research: Games—particularly those in the humanities (social studies, English language arts)—can be the hub, or centerpiece, of learning in a classroom. PDF & Document Markup with Kami – i ❤ edu. One of the things that I love about our HUSD Twitter Chat is the amazing resources that I learn about from the conversations that I am able to have with teachers in our district.

PDF & Document Markup with Kami – i ❤ edu

In a recent Twitter Chat, one of our coaches (thanks @Dfcain!) Shared that the application Kami is a great resource for viewing, annotating, sharing and collaborating on PDF’s and documents within the the Chrome browser. He was right – it is amazing! Recently, I have had several teachers ask for tools that would allow their student’s to annotate PDF’s from the Chrome browser and Kami is the perfect solution. Through this application, teachers and students can view, annotate, share and collaborate PDF’s and documents on the chrome browser. The Edvocate’s List of 68 Must-Read K-12 Teaching & Learning Blogs – The Edvocate. Control Alt Achieve: Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets. Growing up with video games in the 70's and 80's, I was well aware of pixels.

Control Alt Achieve: Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets

When video games first started out, the screen resolution was so low that all your game characters and items were made of big blocky squares called pixels. With some imagination we could see a jumping plumber or a flying spaceship in those 8x8 or 16x16 grids of colored dots. Today video games are so hyper-realistic that you can't tell if you are watching a real-life video or a computer simulation. However, everything old is new again, so there has been a resurgence of love for retro-games and their nostalgic pixelated style. And so we have "Pixel Art" which is making images out of a small grid with limited number of colors. 2017 and Trends. Today, the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before.

2017 and Trends

Rapid change in technology, a significant surge in the number of smartphone users, and constantly evolving social media have changed the way people learn new things. Learning and development strategies of companies must change with time to address the emerging challenges. Organizations need to adopt modern tools and techniques that enable the people to learn in a most efficient manner.