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Techniques for needs identifying (not Max-Neef)

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Strategic Innovation & Marketing - The way we work - Customer Driven Specifications. Customer Driven Specifications It can be tempting to put all available technologies in your new product, but does that really add value to the customer and will they be willing to pay for it? Based on Voice of the Customer methodology, SunIdee has developed a methodology to translate your proposition into specifications for product development. Philosophy By knowing which features are important to your customer and which not, you can make the right trade-offs in development and prevent over-engineering the new product. Explanation The Customer Driven Specifications usually follows the ProposititionWheel. It helps you translate the key benefit and reasons to believe from the PropositionWheel into features and specification that match the needs of your customer. Result A concrete list of specifications to fulfill the needs of the customer as described in your proposition.

Strategic Innovation & Marketing - The way we work - Wow to How. Wow to How From Wow to How is a simple idea generation tool to transform Consumer Insights into concrete ideas. To spice it up, we often use this tool in combination with BrainBricks. Philosophy Consumer Insights contain multiple inspiring elements to generate ideas that fit the consumer's needs. Explanation Key elements from the Consumer Insight are used to systematically generate ideas, possibly with the use of BrainBricks for some extra creativity. Result Concrete ideas to address the Consumer Insight. Strategic Innovation & Marketing - The way we work - Customer Insights. Customer Insights A Customer Insight (B2B) or Consumer Insight (B2C) describes the underlying motivation that drives the customer's behaviour.

Insights are crucial in any innovation project, and are the starting point for idea generation. Philosophy In order to make your organization more customer-centric, you need to put Customer Insights at the heart of the organization. Identifying Customer Insights is a skill that acquires time and practice to master and should become part of every marketer's daily work. You won’t discover them from behind your desk: you need to go out and interact with your customers! Explanation Identifying Customer Insights usually starts with qualitative research. Result A set of Customer Insights that are ready for testing, and can be used as a starting point for idea generation.