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Cheap Places To Stay For Awhile Around The World. The problem with cheap places is that it’s all relative to the lifestyle someone chooses.

Cheap Places To Stay For Awhile Around The World

While I do list Xi’an, China as being inexpensive, it’s also quite easy to spend as much as you would in Tokyo, Japan. It also depends on what you’re into. 10 Careers for People Who Love to Travel" While civil service employees represent America's interests in other countries, international aid workers export some of our abundant goodwill abroad.

10 Careers for People Who Love to Travel"

People who work for aid organizations like USAID and the Peace Corps work to improve the health, economic outlook and education of people living in developing nations. International aid workers help countries that are struggling or recovering from economic crises, natural disasters, war, famine and despotism. Depending on their experience, aid workers might teach in Afghanistan, organize relief convoys to combat areas in Somalia, or introduce new heat-resistant crops to nations throughout Africa. The desire to help others is a plus if you want to be an international aid worker -- but it's not the only prerequisite. You also need to have a background in a relevant area, like agriculture, engineering, private enterprise, education, health or crisis stabilization. 4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World. Your Career >> Browse Articles >> Career Changers Your Career >> Browse Articles >> Find Your First Job Your passport can pay off!

4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to blend your love of travel with your career (instead of slaving away for 50 weeks to pay for two weeks of vacation)? If you’re at a point in your life where you have the personal freedom to travel, consider these travel-related careers: America's 100 Best Adventures, State-by-State List. 50 Wonders Of The Ancient & Medieval World. 10 Best Sights of the World. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did so.

10 Best Sights of the World

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.


Quit Your Job, See the World. Time to leave the office?

Quit Your Job, See the World

It’s Labor Day in America, a time to celebrate the working man by…not working for a day. Unless you work in retail or fast food, in which case it’s like any other day. But what if you’d like to make every day (not)Labor Day? How about traveling around the world for six months or a year instead? Places. Stories. Advice. 25 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers In 2010 - As We Travel - Around The World Travel Blog. We thought it would be a great time for us to take some time and reflect back on this year – not just at how much has grown as a site but also at how many amazing other personal travel blogs there are out there – sharing, provoking and living this travel lifestyle to the fullest.

25 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers In 2010 - As We Travel - Around The World Travel Blog

There are so many personal travel blogs out there, and every day more and more are starting up – so it is nearly impossible for us to track, and fully study every travel blog out there. Here are a few guides on How To Start a Travel Blog and Get Sponsored: A Funding Guide for Explorers, Adventurers, and Would-Be World Travelers (here a is great book review of the Get Sponsored Guide) The 25 Most Inspiring Personal Travel Blogs below are some of the best blogs which we feel have inspired and helped the travel blog industry grow the most this year. #1 Wes Nations / Johnnyvagabond Why has he made the list?