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Tori Amos - The Official Website Hey everyone, Check out the new Tour Dates for The Apollon Musagte Quartet, or as I call them, "The Fab Four". These were the guys who accompanied me on the Night of Hunters Tour. Check them out if you have the chance! Tori on World Cafe Posted January 13, 2012 Tori Amos - The Official Website
Undented Undented Be sure to check out our other sections, Tour and You. Lots of interesting stuff! Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Light Princess Update Friday, January 10, 2014 | 02:08 +0100 | Posted by woj | Cherries
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these things inside by jason elijah In this very straight-forward lecture by Joseph Campbell, he explains the Eastern (Hindu, Buddhist) spiritual perception of “mythic identification” (seeing yourself, the world, and all beings as divine) in comparison to the Western (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) spiritual perception of “mythic dissociation” (seeing the divine as separate from yourself, life, and the world). He also points out that the Western religions each have a unique “fetish” as their focal point… Gods and Buddhas in the Orient are not final terms — like Yahweh, the Trinity, or Allah, in the West — but point beyond themselves to that ineffable being, consciousness, and rapture that is the All in all of us. these things inside by jason elijah
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Playlist Categories for the 2010 Summer Tour and the Night of Hunters tour have been added, check your profile and make sure you have them enabled if you don't see any of the shows from those tours. If your share ratio is under .25 , please try to share more. See the list of shows at the bottom of the front page for things you can re-seed, or stay on torrents for more time in order to share more.
{*style:<i> By Joe Jackson Sunday Jun 27 2010 </i>*} 'Among all the famous people you have interviewed, who was your favourite?" is a question most "celebrity interviewers" get asked as often as, "Would you like a line of coke?" But frankly it's a question I now find so boring I usually reply, "Richard Harris or Tori Amos", rapidly explain why, and ensure the conversation doesn't go any deeper than that. My spirit walk with Tori Amos - Celebrity News & Gossip, Independent Woman My spirit walk with Tori Amos - Celebrity News & Gossip, Independent Woman