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Storytelling. Mix videos, GIFs & sounds! Make Your Images Interactive. Synchtube - Enjoy synchronized Videos With Friends. Zerocool - One Click Screencasting. Instantly Snap and Share Screenshots. Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share. Sign In. Bounce – A fun and easy way to share ideas on a webpage. iWeb2Shot - Free Online Web Page to High Resolution Image Snapshot. Convert Web Page to High Resolution Image SnapshotSupported Images (PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PPM, PGM)Set Image to Custom Wallpaper or Actual Page SizeBookmarklet to Get Image Directly from BrowserShare, Save, or Email Cool Websites as ImageBookmark on Image Network such as FlickrNo Registration, No Email, Unlimited UsageChrome Extension - Firefox Add-On Setting image to PNG results in high resolution Wallpaper but large file size | Javascripts contained in a web page are disabled for security | Does not work with websites that require user login Bookmarklet Convert web pages to Image Snapshot directly from your browser.

iWeb2Shot - Free Online Web Page to High Resolution Image Snapshot

Splicd · Get Straight To The Point. Create Tutorials in One Click on Tildee ! ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder. Capture screencasts inst. Post Your Screencast. - paste images!