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OpenLayers: Home. Create a map. Story Maps. MapBox. Leaflet. Login - MBAD 5107-Economic Geography on Sourcemap. Indiemapper. Scale. Design.

Neatline is a lightweight, extensible framework for creating interactive editions of visual materials – maps, paintings, photographs, and anything else that can be captured as an image.

Built as a plugin for Omeka, a collection-management framework developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, Neatline adds a digital map-making environment that makes it easy to represent geospatial information as a collection of “records” plotted on a map, which can be bound together into interactive exhibits that tell stories and make arguments. Designed for scholars, archivists, journalists, and students, Neatline provides a flexible set of tools that can be adapted to fit the needs of a wide range of digital mapping projects.

For documentation, head over to the project Wiki.If you found a bug or thought of a new feature, file a ticket on the issue tracker. Here are some examples of the kinds of projects that could be built (or have been built!) Map Maker. StepMap - Create your personal map for free. Edit Map Info. - Visualize your data. MapQuery. GunnMap 2. Tour MapBox. Global coverage and fresh design MapBox Streets is a beautiful alternative to Google Maps powered by high-quality open data from OpenStreetMap, available now from MapBox. Liberate your maps with global street level detail, rich features, and your own custom design. Apply custom styles MapBox streets comes in a variety of gorgeous preset color schemes, or you can take control and customize the color levels and features of your map.

Beautiful maps for the web and mobile. Overlay your data Add interactive markers and overlays to your custom map using our API and Maki , our open source icon library with dozens of symbols for points of interest. Sign up now. Animaps. Earth Outreach. This tutorial shows you how to enter data in an on-line spreadsheet to generate a set of placemarks in Google Earth and Maps.

Earth Outreach

Google's web-based, collaborative editing allows you and your team members to simultaneously enter data and instantly publish updates. Using this tool you could: showcase your organization's projects, program sites or partners; map your offices, volunteers, or resources; or visualize your data on local, regional or global scales. Some of the new and improved features in Spreadsheet Mapper version 3 include: Create 1000 placemarks - add more if needed. Six simplified balloon design templates - add more if needed Simplified publication process Additional customization options Spreadsheet Mapper 3 uses Google Apps Scripts to help generate the KML placemarks, and to provide useful tools. Download flash charts and graphs.

Indiemapper - Free yourself from GIS. Upload your spreadsheet. Create Flash Maps. To create custom interactive maps for use in StatPlanet, you need the following: See also: To prepare the map so it can be loaded into StatPlanet, you need two layers: Map layer: This layer will contain the map shapes (e.g. regions or provinces).

Create Flash Maps

Borders layer: This layer will contain the map borders. (Note: since version 2.3, map text labels are automatically generated and no longer need to be added manually). Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade - Download. View Changelog Note that the master version can contain incompatible changes, so please read the changelog carefully when upgrading to it.

Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade - Download

Using a Hosted Version of Leaflet The latest stable Leaflet release is hosted on a CDN — to start using it straight away, place this in the head of your HTML code: Using a Downloaded Version of Leaflet Inside the archives downloaded from the above links, you will see four things: leaflet.js - This is the minified Leaflet JavaScript code. leaflet-src.js - This is the readable, unminified Leaflet JavaScript, which is sometimes helpful for debugging. leaflet.css - This is the stylesheet for Leaflet. images - This is a folder that contains images referenced by leaflet.css. Unzip the downloaded archive to your website’s directory and add this to the head of your HTML code: SHOW®/WORLD - A New Way To Look At The World. MapTube. Florida/1860slavepop. Powered by WorldMap florida/1860slavepop.


Socrata. Interactive maps and visualizations. Welcome! - WorldMap. Dashboard - How to Create a Minimalist Map Design With OpenStreetMap. Mapping can be as much about choosing what data not to include as to include, so you can best focus your audience on the story you are telling.

How to Create a Minimalist Map Design With OpenStreetMap

Oftentimes with data visualization projects, the story isn’t about the streets or businesses or parks, but rather about the data you’re trying to layer on the map. To help people visualize data like this, I’ve started to design a new minimal base map for [OpenStreetMap]( What’s great about OpenStreetMap is that the data is all [open]( This means I can take the data and design a totally custom experience. Once finished, the map will serve as another option to the traditional OpenStreetMap baselayer. uLearn by Infomapper - online maps for schools. Weave. TargetMap - Create & share customized data maps on Googlemaps. Free Online Mapping tool. OpenPaths. Kartograph – rethink mapping. OpenLayers: Home.