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Icônes dans Photoshop : 2 plugins à tester pour vos webdesign. Avoir accès à des icônes vectorielles en deux clics sans quitter Photoshop.

Icônes dans Photoshop : 2 plugins à tester pour vos webdesign

Voilà la promesse de ces deux plugins gratuits à tester de toute urgence. Certains d’entre vous se demandent sûrement pourquoi je m’entête encore à présenter des plugins Photoshop. Le monde du webdesign évolue, les outils changent, oui mais voilà, nombreux sont encore les webdesigners qui utilise le tradionnel logiciel d’Adobe pour le webdesign. En partant de ce constat, je vous propose un petit test comparatif entre BlendMeIn et FlatIcon, deux extensions qui vous permettent de rechercher directement des icônes depuis Photosohop.

FlatIcon Créer par l’équipe de Freepik, le site de recherche de ressources graphiques, FlatIcon propose un plug-in Photoshop gratuit vous donnant instantanément accès à plus de 25 000 icônes « faites maison ». Comment ça marche ? Téléchargez le plug-in sur le site FlatIcon et suivez les instructions d’installation. Mon avis sur le plug-in : Blend Me In Bonus. The 30 best Photoshop plugins. In this article we've lined up some of the best Photoshop plugins available for Adobe Creative Cloud's photo editing giant.

The 30 best Photoshop plugins

Photoshop is an amazing tool – capable of producing sublime images, high-quality video and even very passable renders for 3D art. All this power offers a world of possibilities – but occasionally it's worth adding a few optional extras to get the most out of your investment. There's a plethora of plugins available for PS users, but we've selected the best of those that you can download and use straight away. 01. Filter Forge 6.0 Publisher: Filter ForgePrice: $149-$399 (now with 80% discount $29 - $79)Good for: Photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, 3D artists. 101 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today. Photoshop is an easy tool to use and a difficult one to master, but help is at hand with our comprehensive list of tips, tricks and fixes for Adobe's showpiece software.

101 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today

Whether you're looking for tips on using layers, advice on mastering the pen tool, a guide to using RAW, or ways to improve your brush work, it's all here! Most of these tips were originally published in Practical Photoshop magazine – now part of Digital Camera World. If you're a photographer, we recommend making DCW a rest stop on your travels around the web! Here are the best Photoshop tips, whether you are using an older CS version or the very latest Creative Cloud software. We've grouped them by category to make it easier for you to find the stuff that's the most relevant to your work right now, but be sure to check them all! Let's get started… Quick Photoshop tips 01. Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around. 02. 04. 05. Chromatik Graphic. SlickGallery: An Elegant Photo Gallery Script - only $14.

Taking great photos has certainly gotten easier over the years. So has displaying them! Whether it's in a digital frame in your house or through various photo galleries on websites. There are certainly a number of online image galleries available, but the Mighty Deals crew doesn't want you using just any old image gallery script. Uh uh. We want you to be the talk of the town! What's more, it's pretty tough to beat the price. SlickGallery Highlights: Elegant DesignThere are photo galleries, and then there are photo galleries. Free Online Translation. 5 Must-Have Technology Tools for All Web Designers. Web designers are central to the success of any business or personal Internet project.

5 Must-Have Technology Tools for All Web Designers

Being on the front lines as an indispensable part of any web strategy definitely has its rewards but can also easily lead to workload demands that can quickly bury a busy web designer and cut into productivity and client satisfaction, as well as the bottom line. Handling high volume production levels with the right tools can help to alleviate problems in the future. Here are the top five technology tools that every web designer should consider adding to their tool arsenal before taking on another project: Version Control Already Every application code developer knows the value of using a version control system to manage code changes and backups. Web Design Template Frameworks Bespoke Web Development is all the craze. The Best Connection Setup Possible Web developers are aware that their entire business model depends on the best Internet connection possible. Photoshop Plugins Download Page. HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5.

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