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Time Management

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The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Atul Gawande.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

A reader recently pointed out that I hadn’t covered his most recent book, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. I had only covered an interesting subset of the book—why we fail. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at some other parts of the book. To put us in the proper context, we’re smart. Not scary smart but smart enough. The volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably. To overcome this we need a strategy. In response to increasing complexity we’ve become more specialized. The response of the medical profession, like most others, is to move from specialization to super-specialization. Notebook G is your life organizer!


Humor. Pomodoro technique. Books | Reference. Especially for Students. Other People's Pearltrees for Time Management. Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Work at 5:30 Every Day — And You Should Too. » The Little Guide to Contentedness. ‘He who is contented is rich.’

» The Little Guide to Contentedness

~Lao Tzu Post written by Leo Babauta. There has been little in my life that has made as much an impact as learning to be content — with my life, where I am, what I’m doing, what I have, who I’m with, who I am. This little trick changes everything. Let’s take a look at my life before contentedness: I was addicted to junk food and fast food, and overweight and unhealthy. And as I learned to be content, here was what changed: I learned to be happy with healthier food, with less food, and my health improved and waistline shrunk. That’s just the start. This is not a magical state, and doesn’t require any new tools or books.

Learning to Be Content If you are in a bad place in your life, and are unhappy with everything about it (job, relationship, yourself, house, habits, etc.), it can be a miserable thing. I’ve been in situations where you might think things were bad, and sometimes I was very unhappy, and other times I was happy. The Contented Life Self image. 7 Google Calendar Planning Tips. Google Calendar is my choice for organizing my schedule.

7 Google Calendar Planning Tips

I don’t like Microsoft Outlook, but only because I loathe client-side applications for non-creativity-based processes. Rock Your Google Calendar in 18 Ways — Online Collaboration. Google Calendar doesn’t get much love or attention these days.

Rock Your Google Calendar in 18 Ways — Online Collaboration

Some users are wondering if Google’s forgotten about it. Still, it’s a pretty cool web app, especially if you learn the ins and outs and use it collaboratively with colleagues, friends, or family. If you’ve been using it since it was introduced last year, you may know how to do many of these things. Maybe you even have your own tips and tricks for making it really rock. If so, share them in the comments. digg 1. 2. How to Commit to a Goal. Psychological experiments demonstrate the power of a simple technique for committing to goals.

How to Commit to a Goal

Here’s a brief story about why we all sometimes get distracted from the most important goals in our lives. The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz. By Tony Schwartz | 8:53 AM March 14, 2012 Why is it that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work?

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time - Tony Schwartz

It’s not just the number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. What we’ve lost, above all, are stopping points, finish lines and boundaries. Technology has blurred them beyond recognition. Wherever we go, our work follows us, on our digital devices, ever insistent and intrusive. Tell the truth: Do you answer email during conference calls (and sometimes even during calls with one other person)? Time Management - How to Improve Your Time Management Skills. Is Poor Time Management Limiting Your Potential? Are you clueless about how your time management—or lack thereof—has limited your success?

Is Poor Time Management Limiting Your Potential?

As a time coach, I understand the importance of positive thinking and celebrating incremental improvement. But I also know that many people walk around refusing to admit to themselves what is obvious to everyone else: their lack of control of their time is limiting their creative potential. This denial of facts may provide some short-term emotional comfort. O'Reilly Time Management for System Administrators. Time Management Tips - Time Management Tips for ADHD. Productive Simplicity = (Life + Goals) - Distraction. 10 Time Management Tips That Work. Chances are good that, at some time in your life, you've taken a time management class, read about it in books, and tried to use an electronic or paper-based day planner to organize, prioritize and schedule your day.

10 Time Management Tips That Work

The Envision Film - A Simple Visualization Practice. Here’s a quick technique you can add to your productivity toolkit.

The Envision Film - A Simple Visualization Practice

I call it the envision film and it’s a very simple visualization technique. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of visualization, it’s where you close your eyes and imagine a certain outcome you desire. When you can imagine what you want to do or have, you’re more likely get what you want. I know it sounds a bit woo-woo but visualization techniques are becoming more mainstream as more people discover the power of this simple practice. For example, Olympic athletes use visualizations to improve their performance and there are books written about it such as Psycho-Cybernetics (which we can recommend). Achieve Your Goals in 2013. Asian Efficiency – Time Management and Productivity. TEDx: Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room on the Behance Team Blog.

We get a lot of emails from folks around the world who tell us how our founder Scott Belsky’s book “Making Ideas Happen,” or the tools Behance provides has helped them push a project forward, get inspired to revisit goals, or make time for that side project they’ve been neglecting.

TEDx: Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room on the Behance Team Blog

But here’s one we’ve never heard before: “Scott Belsky helped me organize my room.” The folks over at TEDx Napoli wrote this great blog post that breaks downy he process of cleaning a room into some key principles learned from “Making Ideas Happen:” 1) Capture Actions: a task needs to be broken down into concrete actions, so “organize a room” is too abstract. Instead, the writer identified tasks like: make a bed, store dirty clothes in laundry basket, etc. 2) Customize your Work Process: Find ways that will be effective in getting you to do the things you usually have trouble getting done – for example, folding clothes. Personal Calendar - iDoneThis. 10 To-Do Apps for Android and iOS CIO. SimpleSurface.