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How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload) There’s a lot of conversation about social media.

How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload)

And for good reason. The tools let you connect with peers who share common interests. It’s also a great way to build a personal learning network. For example, if you build rapid elearning courses with Articulate products there are all sorts of resources available to you: Articulate’s Facebook page keeps you up-to-date on news and information. As you can see from the example above, if you use Articulate products there’s an entire network of people and an active community for you to be part of. Not only is social media good for you, it’s good for your learners. The challenge with these tools is that it can be hard for people to manage all of the information.

The Value of Community When I was younger, I took great pride in not listening to mainstream music. I discovered the bands through a magazine that had a reader section titled, Desert Island Discs. Social Networking. Networks get things done.

Social Networking

Whether it's sending a letter or lighting your home. Networks make it happen. To get from Chicago to Santa Fe, we need to see the network of roads that will get us there. We see that Chicago is connected to St Louis, which is connected to Dallas, which is connected to Santa Fe. Of course, people networks can help us with finding jobs, meeting new friends, and finding partners. The problem with social networks in the real world is that most of the connections between people are hidden. This problem is being solved by a type of web site called a social networking site.

Here's how it works. Les clés du web 2.0. INF 6107 - Le Web social. Une définition des médias sociaux. Voilà plus d’un an que ce blog est ouvert et je viens de me rendre compte que je n’ai jamais réellement pris le temps de fournir une définition des médias sociaux (contrairement à Cédric).

Une définition des médias sociaux

Il existe déjà de nombreuses définitions mais je ne m’y retrouve pas tout à fait. Commençons par les définitions en anglais : Wikipedia – « Social media is online content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. Content curation and the power of collective intelligence. I have been exploring this topic as part of the subject INF506 Social Networking for Information Professionals that I am teaching this summer (it’s an elective in our MEdTL amd MIS courses at CSU).

Content curation and the power of collective intelligence

A lot is being written about content creation within and beyond the information professions. Here are a few gems that I recommend TLs and librarians check out: Beth Kanter’s blog post Content Curation Primer is a good starting point for information professionals. Weisgerber clearly presents the difference between aggregation and curation, highlighting the importance of the ‘human touch’ in curation by contextualising the ‘found information’. I think her 8 steps in successful curation provide an excellent guide for information professionals who wish to become proactive curators of digital content, adding value to the content they curate.

Sophia B. Her presentation is a fabulous educational resource about curation with detailed speaker notes included for many of her slides. Like this: Curation definition. Opinions. Blogue vous dites ? [sommaire]Le texte ci-dessous est une version en évolution de cette page wiki qui présente les blogues en apprentissages.

Blogue vous dites ?

Introduction Le présent document a pour but principal de présenter les blogues en tant qu'outil pédagogique. Nous survolerons également des sujets comme comment on se crée un blogue ou encore quels sont les précautions à prendre pour que l'aventure bloguale soit la plus positive possible. Des exemples de billets et de blogues pédagogiques vous seront également présentés. Ce qu'est un blogue. Wiki e-learning & social learning Luxembourg. De l'environnement personnel d'apprentissage à la communauté de pratique. Recommander cette page à un(e) ami(e) Il n'est pas besoin d'insister sur le fait que l'on apprend beaucoup en consultant Internet, de multiples façons : en explorant des sources spécialisées, en s'information sur les sites généralistes, en suivant des pairs ou des organismes liés à notre univers professionnel sur les réseaux sociaux, en s'abonnant aux fils RSS des sites de référence, etc.

De l'environnement personnel d'apprentissage à la communauté de pratique

Personal Learning Networks. Construire son réseau personnel d'apprentissage. Les enseignants sont des apprenants professionnels.

Construire son réseau personnel d'apprentissage

PLN how to build one! (english version).wmv. Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by Jane Bozarth. “Simply showing up is not enough.

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by Jane Bozarth

As with most things in life, you get back what you put in. If you want to build a Personal Learning Network, then you must be an active part of that network; it’s not a spectator sport.” Since Social Media for Trainers was published I’ve fielded lots of questions about incorporating social media tools into workplace learning endeavors. Another question that comes up relates to the developmental needs of trainers and instructional designers: What are some strategies for building or extending your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) via social media tools? Here are a few ideas. Tools of the trade. Use your PLN to help your PLC to become a CoP. Learning can happen anywhere at anytime from anyone and anything.

Use your PLN to help your PLC to become a CoP

Your connections and any information you use are learning experiences that can help you grow personally and professionally. I wrote this article for CUE in 2009 and felt it was appropriate to update it for the ISTE 2011 Conference in 2011. I’ll be there — very busy but learning so much from the people in my PLN. Personal Learning Network (PLN) There is nothing new about PLNs.

Now my PLN connects me to others and to information in ways I never thought possible a few years ago. Use a mindmapping program such as Inspiration or Mindmeister to diagram your own PLN.