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The 100 Best Products of 2012 Around this time each year, the editors at PCWorld and TechHive gather to recognize the best new tech products—the hardware, software, gadgets, and devices that had the biggest impact on the world. The process starts out casually enough, because editors get to name their favorites from their respective beats, and everything is included in the first pass. But passions rise when the time comes to winnow what inevitably becomes a very long list to just 100 new products. There’s a fervent back and forth as the editors make their cases as to why their product should remain on the list—and someone else’s should be whacked. The 100 Best Products of 2012
IKYG-Awards 2012 - Beste Grafik Jetzt servieren wir euch einen echten Augenschmaus! Denn bekanntlich isst das Auge ja immer mit…so ähnlich kann man es auch für die meisten Games beschreiben. Bis zum 16. Januar um 23:30 Uhr könnt ihr abstimmen, welcher unserer nominierten Titel den IKYG-Award 2012 für die Beste Grafik erhalten soll. Ihr habt es in der Hand! IKYG-Awards 2012 - Beste Grafik
Most Buzzed Designs of January 2012 “Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” A fitting quote from Dieter Rams that is applicable to the most Buzzed Designs on YD. Most Buzzed Designs of January 2012 Most Buzzed Designs of January 2012
Best of 2012: Top apps for smartphones and tablets Best of 2012: Top apps for smartphones and tablets Whether you've just unwrapped a new smartphone or tablet or are simply looking for something new to play around with over the holiday break, hundreds of stellar apps made their debut in 2012. IPhone, iPad and Android owners, in particular, can benefit from inexpensive (or free) downloads ranging from music discovery and photo sharing to digital magazines and smart productivity tools. For a small sampling of what 2012 had to offer, consider the following a few of our favorites — not listed in any particular order — as well as a few updated apps and some "must own" oldies but goodies.
Zeitgeist 2012 – Google 2012 was a year of big moments, from global games to historical elections and everything in between. With this site, we've analyzed over one trillion queries to showcase what the world searched for. How We Did This We studied an aggregation of over one trillion searches (or queries) that people typed into Google Search this year. We used data from multiple sources, including Google Trends and internal data tools.

Zeitgeist 2012 – Google

Best Books 2012 — Goodreads Choice Awards The 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards have three rounds of voting open to all registered Goodreads members. Winners will be announced December 04, 2012. Opening Round: October 30 - 10 Best Books 2012 — Goodreads Choice Awards
Readers Pick the Best of 2012
The 50 Best Animal Photos Of 2012 1. The orphaned gorilla and his warden PHIL MOORE/ AFP / Getty Images The 50 Best Animal Photos Of 2012
Travellers' Choice - TripAdvisor - Beste Strände, Familienurlaube, Hotels und Reiseziele
Lichterkette 2012
World's 50 best restaurants 2012: Noma wins for third year in a row | Life and style For René Redzepi, champion of Nordic cuisine and forager par excellence, this year's list of the 50 best restaurants makes for very pleasing reading indeed: Noma, in Copenhagen, has been crowned the world's best place to eat for the third year in a row. For his counterparts in Britain, however, the results – unveiled on Monday night at London's Guildhall – may prove more indigestible. Only three UK restaurants have made it into the top 50, the joint-lowest number in the list's 10-year history. And, for the first time, not one of them is in the top five. William Drew, editor of the magazine Restaurant, which organises the list, said the results did not indicate a slipping of standards in the UK food scene, but a stiffening of the competition worldwide. World's 50 best restaurants 2012: Noma wins for third year in a row | Life and style
Tourismusverband Fläming e. V. | Deutscher Wandertag 2012 | Aktuelles bei den Wanderfreunden
Verleihung des Deutschen Comedypreis 2013 Die Gewinner 2013 BESTE COMEDYSHOWDie Bülent Ceylan Show (RTL)Circus HalliGalli (ProSieben)heute-show (ZDF)Krömer – Late Night Show (ARD)Paul Panzer – Stars bei der Arbeit (RTL) BESTES COMEDYEVENTDer RTL Comedy Grand Prix (RTL)Die Große TV total Prunksitzung (ProSieben)Switch reloaded – Wetten dass...? Spezial (ProSieben) Comedy-Preis Comedy-Preis
Olympische Sommerspiele 2012 London

EM 2012

Written by Mike Buti Details Published: 04 December 2012 Hits: 1 With the passage of every day we have to encounter with new inventions due to rapid progress of science and technology. Especially the information technology is performing miracles in introducing the new gadgets and trends which are changing the face of world entirely. horoskop 2012 kostenlos :: Jahreshoroskop 2012
Eine grundlegende Persönlichkeits- und Schicksalsanalyse. Ein Baustein zur Erkenntnis des eigenen Potentials und Weges. Behandelt werden: Charakteranlagen – Gefühlsleben – Gesundheit und Konstitution – Geistige Kapazität – Berufliche Möglichkeiten – Finanzen – Lebensziele – Partnerschaft und Ehe – Passende Partnerzeichen. Horoskop kostenlos für 2012 - Horoskop 2012
Dummy Award 2012 » Fotobookfestival - 5. Internationales Fotobuch Festival 2012 Internationaler Fotobuch Dummy Award 2012Inigo Aragón: »La Sombra En El Césped«Christoph Bangert: »The Longest War«Valentino Barachini: »KZ – Gli Ultimi Testimoni«Fabio Barile: »Soli Finti«Noa Ben-Shalom: »Hush«Andrea Botto: »19.06_26.08.1945«Christian Breevaart: »Les Adventures De Telemaque«Paul Brunner: »Via«Olivier Cablat: »Pour une archéologie contemporaine«Francisco Paco Carrascosa: »Johnnie Walker on the beach«Carmen Catuti: »Liebe Grüße aus 18500m Höhe, MICHELLE«Michele Cera: »Dust«Maurizio Cogliandro: »One Step Behind You«Hannah Darabi: »Unreal City«Edoardo De Ruggiero: »Le Machine Dans Le Trou«Giorgio Di Noto: »The Arab Revolt«Alan Eglinton: »Poems«Michael Englert: »Mit Gesicht oder ohne?
Photobook Award 2012 » Fotobookfestival - 5. Internationales Fotobuch Festival 2012
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Der Maya Kalender ist die bekannteste aller Prophezeiungen. Er beschreibt exakt auf den Tag genau unser gegenwärtiges viertes Zeitalter, das vom 11. August 3114 vor Christus bis zum 21. Dezember 2012 geht. Der 21. Dezember 2012 - Weltuntergang am 21.12.2012
Geheimakte Esoterik IV - Die Essenz des Lebens - jenseits des Materiellen - Die "Essenz des Lebens" überlebt den physischen Tod, das lehren die großen Religionen. Aber was ist diese Essenz? Ist es eine Kraft, die den Tod überlebt? Wenn es diese Kraft gibt, können wir mit ihr Kontakt aufnehmen? Wird 2012 der Weltuntergang stattfinden?
Kein Weltuntergang am 21. 12. 2012
Am 21.12.2012 endet der Maya Kalender :: News und Meinungen zum Jahr 2012
Survive 2012: Ancient Mayan Doomsday, Pole Shifts and Evolution
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