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Violin in the Metro

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How does knowing something affect the way you.

Simply knowing something allows you to identify and react, for example the lady who realized the anonymous violin player was famous. – jconachan
It may make the answer more obvious because you mind may unconsiouly block out uneccisary thing. you you have bother to remember it, it must be useful, thus the mind does not block it out. memory is one of the areas of knowlegde personal and shared relate because you need to expirance things frist to know it. how do we know that the object is affecting you, compared to the probability that it was just luck? – apangelinan
When you know/ are all ready aware of something you are predisposed to your earlier reaction. A follow up question could be "How do you what you are seeing is there?" – tstjohn

Knowledge Question.

This is a good uestion ,but it also falls under that aspect of individualism, and how different people can see the world; like some sayings go "one mans trash, is another mans treasure." – fdelgadillo
It is a good question, but can be linked a variety of AOK's or WOK's to formulate questions there. But by itself I don't think it could be fully understood as beauty is in the of the beholder. Therefore everyone will have a different opinion on the subject and all of the answers can never be the same, as there will be those who agree and disagree. – dagbayani
Good questions. It's general and there would be a variety of different answers to it. The anwer to this would be subujective and it's based on the person answering it. – kateuesugi

How do we know...

Your opinions change through different experiences in your life. Each experience can change what you see or think about a certain topic. The perspectives differ for each person. – ayuen
I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If your opinion on beauty changes then it changes. – csuga

How does your name effect how people see you? How can a mathematician be sure of his or her.

Math is a seperate construct existing outside of thought and counting. math is simply applied to the real world. – tstjohn
General arithmetic can be proven certain. Does 2+2=5 in some cases? 2+2=4 always, and that is certain. – jconachan

How can we know that beauty is not arbitrary?

Becasue what you percieve to be beautiful is based off of your earlier experiences and biases, not just a random twist of fate. – tstjohn


For question two I had used reffered to mainly my personal knowledge of being influenced with the actions and envroment that i am currently living in. – tatig

Does the degree of knowledge determine your. What factors restrict us from recognizing unique.

In most cases, the people passing by in the subway were in a hurry to get somewhere. When people are in a hurry, they don't really notice what's around them, even if it's right in front of them, because they have other things on their minds. – jyanavok
Factors could be things that draw individuals away from their senses. For example, most people may have not realized the violinist because they were on "auto-pilot" or daydreaming, and not paying attention to what sound is reaching their ears. – jconachan
This question is unique to each person; you can't have one single answer. – barde

1. How do our personal experiences affect the.

Nobody lives the same life, so all factors of personal experience contribute to a unique view of the world. – jconachan
Our perspectives are shaped by personal experiences – cbaclig

How do the actions of the people around us.

Humans are like sheep get enough people doing something and everyone will fall in line. – tstjohn
I think it would create a spiral effect. it's like monkey see monkey do. since we are all human we will most likely see all the people looking at something then give in to our curiocity and also look at the bell. well if that bell is heard everydayby locals than maybe the locals wont look at the bell itslef but instead keep walking. personal experience – tatig
I believe that the way we socialize, such as how people react to us, affects the way we act because we find a way to adapt to different situations and different people. – tlnorton15

How does our interest in something affect our.

Interests opens and closes your mind to certain things. For example, I have no interest in music, and would probably unconciously ignore the violin player. – jconachan
Our interest of something can affect our intital reaction to something. Personal knowledge and shared knowledge of what is seen gives us different perespectives. – kuehisa
This is an answerable knowledge questions which can be attributed to all areas of knowledge, due to its broad wording. It allows different perspectives and opinions as well as a relation between both shared and personal knowledge through its connection with interest of a topic. It also allows for continued questioning by either specifying the question from "something" to a certain area of knowledge, or, questioning something such as: Could our interest in a subject bias our perspective of a performance of the skill by generating a feeling of jealous, etc.? – mstephens519

How does beauty in the arts differ from beauty.

I really like this question. To be able to answer this question, I think we first have to define beauty.Does the number of people who respond to the appeal determine the beauty of something? – kuehisa

Knowledge Question.

Music is not only able to affect our mood but, listening to sad or happy music can reinforce our mood. It can even change how we preice the world. – kuehisa
When sounds that are associated with different feelings of good or bad are put together into a musical piece, they can almost tell a story. Through this story, if it is well written, just like a book or movie, it will build the correct emotions at the right time and leave us with an end result of overwhelming emotion. And, something to look into would be what is it that makes us associate these certain sounds with certain feelings? – mstephens519
Sounds can be affiliated with different feelings, emotions or memory that we hold in our minds, and when we hear music, we may create our own stories. – tlnorton15

1. How does the role of family education change.

I feel like, if the art piece is strong enough, an appreciation for art is not necessary. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge can increase our perception of it, because we are not looking at the details, flaws, etc. – mstephens519
It depends on the person. Some have families who put a big emphasis on the arts while others don't. Also beauty can be seen and admired through experiences and memories. One person could have heard a violin in their childhood and it led them to appreciate the beauty of the arts. – kkawatachi
Family education is a huge influence on your own perception of beauty and ideals. Since they have brought you up and raised you, you have be raised believing what they believe. Culture. – atopete
Family education changes what you believe in, ideas, ways of thinking. It is unique for each person – ayuen

Knowledge Question. Knowledge Question.

Music can be made to convey messages or thoughts through the lyrics, melodies, and sound. Each note can mean something different between two people. A specific sound or chord can trigger different memories and feelings for each specific person. – ayuen
Life itself can hold beauty and in the eye of the beholder beaity becomes apparent, ways of knowing for this question fall under emotion and perception; some follow up questions can be, Does life need to be present in order for beauty to be noticeed? – fdelgadillo

How does age and demographics affect.

How you grew up, where, with who all plays a factor in your personal interest. It of course depends on the person itself. Two people with the same upbringing could have two different interests. – kkawatachi
Upbringing plays a huge role in what you find interesting, your likes and dislikes. Another factor could be the time period that people are brought up in. – ayuen
Cant the way that you were brought up affect the way you percieve things? And the signifficant experiences that we have in our lives and the lives around us can also affect the way that we perceve the things. – fdelgadillo
Past influence can have a large effect on what we find interesting today, everyone has different perspecitives. And past influence takes a considerably large part in what intrigues us. – jyanavok
Great extended essay topics, but not about knowledge itself. MM – docein

Do current objectives, our fluid memory, hinder.

I think this is a good knowledge question becasue first of all, it follows the three citeria of creating a knowledge question: Talks about knowledge, it is an open question, and it is broad/general. If I wanted to, I could answer the question in my own interpretation. I could definite relate this question to real-life, such as when you're cramming your things to do just for an upcoming test the next day, it may hinder you're ability to retain that knowledge in your "knowledge bank" and transmute it to "crystalized memory." – dj_ramos

How do we gain knowledge within the arts to.

TO determine if something is professionally/beautifully done, you need to understand the basic principles and indications that show something is beautiful. But most of the time, knowledge alone may not be able to determine the professionalism of art. Beauty is subjective and opinionative, and beauty may just seem... naturally beautiful to the eye, no matter the previous knowledge of artisitc principles. THis area of knowledge would be THe Arts. – dj_ramos
The arts hold many different perspectives, and the arts all fall down to what you, as a person, can interpret. The arts idea falls under the TOK arts category, and this particular question does give a broad outlook on the subject. – fdelgadillo

How do we know if good exists?

The question, cant be answered because many things play roles in defining good. Each individual holds their own opinions. – fdelgadillo
We don't. Good is defined by morals and values that are imbedded in our minds by differences in culture. – tlnorton15
This is the kind of question that we may not ever be able to answer. I think that the concept of "good" could be narrowed down but I don't know if the concept as a whole could be something that is comprehensible. – kateuesugi


Pearls Before Breakfast

By most measures, he was nondescript: a youngish white man in jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a Washington Nationals baseball cap. From a small case, he removed a violin. Placing the open case at his feet, he shrewdly threw in a few dollars and pocket change as seed money, swiveled it to face pedestrian traffic, and began to play. It was 7:51 a.m. on Friday, January 12, the middle of the morning rush hour. In the next 43 minutes, as the violinist performed six classical pieces, 1,097 people passed by. Each passerby had a quick choice to make, one familiar to commuters in any urban area where the occasional street performer is part of the cityscape: Do you stop and listen? On that Friday in January, those private questions would be answered in an unusually public way. The musician did not play popular tunes whose familiarity alone might have drawn interest.

Joshua Bell- Voice of the violin: Estrellita. Franz Schubert - Ave Maria For Violin. Bach 's Chaconne for Solo Violin / Itzhak Perlman (Part 1/2)