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How A Business Can Use Twitter’s Periscope App. How to Fully Utilise Your YouTube Account. Twitter's Periscope tackles live streaming, Meerkat. Live-streaming video app Periscope is launching out of beta, less than two weeks after Twitter announced its acquisition of the start-up for a reported $100 million.

Twitter's Periscope tackles live streaming, Meerkat

"We think Periscope is the most powerful way to see what's happening around the world, right now," said CEO and co-founder Kayvan Beykpour. While Periscope will operate independently, it is a big move to bring Twitter, which aims to be the ultimate real-time network, into real-time video. Periscope's launch comes shortly after Meerkat, which also works on live streams via Twitter, exploded in popularity at South by Southwest.

The two differ in at least one key way: Meerkat's streams are only available live, while Periscope videos can be watched for 24 hours after a live stream is over. "We think Periscope can be this real-time visual pulse of what's happening around the world. "We think the experience of being there live is awesome, but if you do miss it you can still watch," said Beykpour. Facebook Launches Messenger Platform For Content Tools And Chat With Businesses. Today at its F8 conference, Facebook announced its new Messenger Platform that will allow its 600 million users to create and share content with third-party tools, and communicate directly with businesses rather than calling or emailing them.

Facebook Launches Messenger Platform For Content Tools And Chat With Businesses

The content tools platform and apps from initial partners including ESPN, JibJab, and Giphy, will become in an Messenger update available today. Facebook is working with a limited set of partners for business chat, which will roll out sometime in the future. Facebook today released an SDK to help developers start building experiences for Messenger. The announcement confirms my scoop from last week that Facebook would launch a Messenger Platform focused on content. Facebook Messenger head David Marcus tells me “In the West, it’s the first messaging platform at the scale of 600 million-plus users that’s opened up to developers.” Twitter Is Starting to Test Autoplay Videos in iOS Apps. Facebook isn't the only social network looking to take on Google's YouTube.

Twitter Is Starting to Test Autoplay Videos in iOS Apps

Twitter is looking to ramp up its video rollout by letting some videos play automatically. Starting today, some people in the U.S. who use Twitter's iPhone and iPad apps may notice videos playing in their feed even though they never pressed play. It's part of a two-pronged test the company is conducting to see whether people are more likely to watch a video when it starts playing automatically as it does in Facebook, as opposed to the current model requiring a click to play, as it does in YouTube. Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content. Photo Nothing attracts news organizations like .

Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content

And nothing makes them more nervous. With 1.4 billion users, the social media site has become a vital source of traffic for publishers looking to reach an increasingly fragmented audience glued to smartphones. In recent months, Facebook has been quietly holding talks with at least half a dozen media companies about hosting their content inside Facebook rather than making users tap a link to go to an external site. Such a plan would represent a leap of faith for news organizations accustomed to keeping their readers within their own ecosystems, as well as accumulating valuable data on them.

Facebook intends to begin testing the new format in the next several months, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions. To make the proposal more appealing to publishers, Facebook has discussed ways for publishers to make money from advertising that would run alongside the content. Meerkat is a little app that's turning live video into a big deal again. After a year and a half working on his video startup, Yevvo, Ben Rubin had started to think about pulling the plug.

Meerkat is a little app that's turning live video into a big deal again

The app had been conceived as a way of letting you share live video with your friends, but soon accrued a set of arguably useless features: location tagging, text comments, a variety of login options. Yevvo had acquired 400,000 users since launching in August 2013, but most weren't very active. "There was no heartbeat," Rubin says.

In December, Rubin killed it for good, emailing the app’s users to let them know that Yevvo was no more. On February 27th, he unveiled its replacement: a radically simplified iOS app for broadcasting live video to your Twitter followers. Meerkat streams increased 100 percent from Thursday to Friday Some people gave video tours of their offices. In its first week, Meerkat acquired 28,000 users. Meerkat, in other words, is Twitter’s obsession of the moment. Viwom incorpora el vídeo al correo. Twitter Updates Profiles on Android With Larger Photos. If you’re using the official Twitter app for Android, your profile just got a little bit better.

Twitter Updates Profiles on Android With Larger Photos

Today Twitter announced it’s rolling out new profiles for Android. The new profiles features larger avatar and header photos and you no longer have to swipe to see a bio on a profile. The update also adds infinite swipe of tweets to profiles pages so you don’t have to tap the View More button anymore. You can also access Favorites and Photos from anywhere in a profile. Los mejores "¡zasca!" de los community a sus clientes. El trabajo de community manager ofrece pocas oportunidades para reír el último.

Los mejores "¡zasca!" de los community a sus clientes

Todo lo que debes saber sobre los Grupos de DMs en Twitter. Como muchos saben, Twitter lanzó hace algunos días, la opción de crear grupos de DMs.

Todo lo que debes saber sobre los Grupos de DMs en Twitter

En este artículo te explicaremos lo que necesitas saber para aprovechar sus potencialidades. Tuits de Twitter vuelven a salir en las búsquedas de Google - Las relaciones entre las grandes compañías de Internet siempre son complicadas.

Tuits de Twitter vuelven a salir en las búsquedas de Google -

Compiten entre sí, pero se necesitan entre ellas para consolidar su posición. Se estrena Telegram Plus, del creador de WhatsApp Plus - Ya conocemos la historia de WhatsApp+, una modificación de WhatsApp que añadía numerosas opciones extra, para otorgar más control a los usuarios.

Se estrena Telegram Plus, del creador de WhatsApp Plus -

Sólo tenía un problema: que a WhatsApp no le gustaba. Así que amenazó con expulsar de la red de WhatsApp a todos los usuarios que lo utilizasen, alegando cuestiones de seguridad, pues WhatsApp+ podía acceder a los mensajes transmitidos. WhatsApp Plus cerró, aunque después ha resucitado de diferentes formas. La anatomía del tuit perfecto. Novedades en redes sociales (enero 2015) Este mes no ha sido un mes de grandes novedades en social media, pero aquí está el balance de las más importantes. Facebook crea un formulario para comunicar la muerte de un usuario. Twitter ahora permite embeber los vídeos. Youtube kids: YouTube lanza una versión para niños.

Más tiempo y más audiencia: esa es la inquietud de Google para mantener su hegemonia en el vídeo online. YouTube estrena una aplicación dedicada a los niños, YouTube Kids. El programa es gratis y, de momento, solo funciona en móviles y tabletas con Android, y en EEUU. La intención del buscador es que pronto esté también en iPhone e iPad, y en el resto del mundo.