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TEDxBerkeley 2012

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How 4 Simple Words Can Solve Education's Biggest Problem. What is education’s biggest problem?

How 4 Simple Words Can Solve Education's Biggest Problem

Helping the impoverished? Working with students with disabilities? Feeding hungry children? Standardized testing? These are all worthy issues that require much attention, but they are not education’s biggest problem. Education’s biggest problem, one that has plagued educators for centuries, is the continuing attempt to measure learning with numbers, percentages, and letters–traditional grades. Subjective numbers do not account for these very human issues In my TEDxUrsulineCollege talk today, I’m sharing the four simple words that can solve education’s biggest problem. We often wonder why some longstanding problems are never solved.

When educators had no way to present a visual representation of learning for a large group of students, teachers would draw on tiny individual slates or on students’ hands. 4 words can solve education’s biggest problem Four simple words that revolutionize learning Now Available The following two tabs change content below. MUST SEE Documentary Films. Funny.

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Worldwide Tedx. TEDxBerkeley - Inspiring Innovation - Inspiring Innovation. The core of a TEDx event combines live speakers, performers and TEDTalks to spark deep discussions and connections.

Inspiring Innovation

The immersive and uplifting event can be a life-changing experience. TEDxBerkeley 2014 will provide a platform for the Bay Area’s leading visionaries and storytellers to speak to an energised group of thinkers, as well as to the world at large. At this event, 1000 changemakers, innovators, thinkers, creatives, cultural leaders & social pioneers will witness a back-to-back schedule of talks, performances and other multimedia surprises showcasing the theme of Rethink. Redefine. Recreate: pioneering technologies, fresh thinking and new ideas that will foster creativity and action around the world. February 8th, 2014, from 10:00AM (Registration from 8:30AM) TEDxBerkeley will take place inside Zellerbach Hall, the premiere performance venue for Cal Performance and the greater Berkeley community. TEDx Berkeley. TEDx Berkeley (tedxberkeley) TEDxBerkeley on Facebook. Get the most out of TEDxBerkeley. TEDxBerkeley 2012: Inspiring Innovation. Posted by Tom Foremski - February 8, 2012 TEDxBerkeley 2012 was a Saturday well spent...

TEDxBerkeley 2012: Inspiring Innovation

I know the people that organize TEDxSF pretty well but this was my first time at TEDxBerkeley, which was held in the Zellerbach auditorium on the University of California campus. The audience was very young compared with the much older audience for TEDxSF. The two events could maybe trade some attendees, it's always great to see young students. While I waited for the event to begin I chatted with Carlos Olguin (above right), head of the Nanotechnology Group at Autodesk. Here are some e.coli that have been genetically modified to smell like banana. DeCadence kicked off the event with some great a cappella singing. Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk spoke about innovation. Connie Duckworth was very impressive.

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