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Energy Industry. Databases. Medical Science. Pharmacology. Brain. Psychology. How the Mind Works. How We Learn. Language. Science. Technology. Robotics. Space Exploration. Biology. Genetics. Animals. Evolution. Computer. Internet. Sociology. Sexual Health. Serious Play. Music. Sound. Anti-gravity. Theory of everything. Bodycard 0306.

  1. vinisimoes Dec 11 2012
    epsandberg What do you mean by concept? I think the answer is "there isn't any" so I an open to suggestions.
  2. iquitoz Aug 16 2012
    Thanks. Looks like a great team subject.
  3. epsandberg Jul 26 2012
    Hi. What's the concept behind this team? Are we a team?
  4. vinisimoes May 23 2012
    Suggestions for the root ted sciences image are welcome.
  5. vinisimoes May 23 2012
    I see you made some new cathegories, good.
  6. vinisimoes May 19 2012
    Hi people, why are we forming a team?
  7. vinisimoes May 9 2012
    you could think about categories