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Trouble connecting MacBook to Onkyo receiver to Hitachi tv. 'boyinthebarrel', on 22 Dec 2009 - 03:14 AM, said: i just yanked the tv off the wall and sure enough, there is the DVI input. it was totally hidden mounted into the wall. so, that said, i guess i can go with a mini-dvi to hdmi adapter, then run an hdmi cable to my receiver, then run an hdmi to dvi cable from the receiver to the tv. i'm going to give this a try sometime this week and let you know how i fare. thanks again for your help.

Trouble connecting MacBook to Onkyo receiver to Hitachi tv

Just so you know, certain receivers have issues with Mac OS X. Unless your TV is on, your receiver is on, and switched to the right input when you boot your Mini, OS X can have trouble running OpenGL applications (like Plex). Problems can also happen sometimes if you switch channel on your receiver - the OS will lose the display's EDID information, again causing issues with OpenGL. Several users have reported problems with Onkyo products, especially. 48.40 each when QTY 50+ purchased - DVI Doctor - Powered EDID Problem Solver. The review you submit will be displayed on the customer review page after it has been verified.

48.40 each when QTY 50+ purchased - DVI Doctor - Powered EDID Problem Solver

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Spectrum: Humanoid Robots Rise. Now, Can They Walk? Watch out, Asimo, there are some new humanoids on your tail!

Spectrum: Humanoid Robots Rise. Now, Can They Walk?

Photo: Honda Japan has long held world dominance when it comes to full-body walking humanoid robots. There's the pioneering Waseda robots, the impressive HRP series, the diminutive but nimble Sony Qrio and Toyota Partner robots, and of course, the country's most famous emissary: the charismatic, child-size, astronaut-like Honda Asimo, which ambles, runs, and climbs stairs with (almost) perfect precision. Spectrum: How to Make a Humanoid Robot Dance. Japanese roboticists recently showed off a female android singing and dancing along with a troupe of human performers.

Spectrum: How to Make a Humanoid Robot Dance

Video of the entertaining and surprisingly realistic demonstration received went viral on the Net. How did they do it? To find out, I spoke to Dr. Kazuhito Yokoi, leader of the Humanoid Research Group at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, known as AIST. The secret behind the dance routine, Dr. The hardware, of course, plays a key role. But now the biggest innovation is a new software to program the movements of the robot.

So by editing a relatively small number of key poses you can compose complex whole-body motion trajectories. The software developed at AIST to create sequences of movements. The software verifies that the robot can indeed perform the transitions from one pose to the next. The software also monitors the robot’s stability. NASA Ready to Send Humanoid Robot to Space. In one giant leap for robotkind, NASA will send the world’s first humanoid robot to space later this year. The humanoid, called Robonaut 2 or R2, is set to launch on space shuttle Discovery on 1 November, 2010, and travel to the International Space Station, where it will become a permanent resident and work alongside humans as a robotic helper. The Robonaut features dexterous arms and hands that can manipulate objects and tools just like humans do. Astronauts will mount the robot on a fixed pedestal inside one of the space station labs and use it to perform tasks like flipping switches, cleaning air filters, and holding tools.

The main goal is to find out how manipulation robots behave in space -- and also give crew members a second pair of hands. NASA hopes the experience will allow it to upgrade the robot in the future, so it would be able to support astronauts in more complex tasks, including repairs and scientific missions inside and outside the ISS. Robotics.


Sistema Kinect, que usa corpo como joystick, chega ao Brasil por R$ 600. O Kinect é um dos maiores lançamentos da Microsoft em 2010.

Sistema Kinect, que usa corpo como joystick, chega ao Brasil por R$ 600

O acessório que capta os movimentos dos jogadores e os transfere para dentro dos games, sem a necessidade de joystick, conhecido anteriormente por Project Natal, chega às lojas do Brasil no dia 18 de novembro pelo preço de R$ 600. “Acredito que atrairemos novos jogadores que têm aversão ao joystick ou que querem atrair a namorada ao games”, afirma Guilherme Camargo, gerente de marketing para Xbox 360 da Microsoft Brasil. O acessório que funciona em conjunto com o console Xbox 360 foi desenvolvido pelo brasileiro Alex Kipman. Durante a semana de apresentação do Kinect em junho, Kipman concedeu entrevista ao G1 e ao Fantástico, da TV Globo. O aparelho possui um conjunto de câmeras que consegue mapear o jogador e o ambiente em que ele está. Kinect é o acessório que capta os movimentos dos jogadores e dispensa o joystick. Hobby Engineering.

HowStuffWorks. Os monitores touchscreen foram se tornarando mais comuns à medida que seus preços caíam ao longo da última década.


Existem 3 sistemas básicos usados para reconhecer o toque de uma pessoa: resistivo capacitivo onda acústica superficial O sistema resistivo consiste de um painel de vidro normal, recoberto por uma camada metálica condutora e outra resistiva. Estas 2 camadas são mantidas afastadas por espaçadores e uma camada resistente a riscos é colocada por cima de todo o conjunto. Uma corrente elétrica passa através das duas camadas enquanto o monitor está operacional.