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Ensino Híbrido

Educação do futuro será personalizada e híbrida. Nova universidade nos EUA inaugura biblioteca sem livros em papel - notícias em Educação. Prédio principal da Universidade Politécnica da Flórida, em foto sem data; a nova biblioteca foi inaugurada sem livros em papel (Foto: Reuters/Divulgação/Universidade Politécnica da Flórida) A Universidade Politécnica da Flórida, nos Estados Unidos, foi inaugurada na semana passada na cidade de Lakeland prometendo abordagens inovadoras no ensino e na pesquisa em ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática.

Nova universidade nos EUA inaugura biblioteca sem livros em papel - notícias em Educação

Uma dessas inovações é a biblioteca, que foi aberta neste mês com um acervo de 135 mil livros, mas nenhum deles impressos no papel. Storming Juno. 321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology. Compass Learning - Blended Learning. Design Thinking para Educadores. Diferenciar, individualizar e personalizar o ensino. Muito se tem falado que os alunos aprendem de formas diferentes.

Diferenciar, individualizar e personalizar o ensino

Que o modelo formatado para educação de massa está em xeque. Que os currículos precisam ser reformulados. Que os professores devem entender as demandas específicas dos estudantes. É aí que as palavras diferenciação, individualização e personalização do ensino viram questão de ordem, mesmo que esses conceitos não estejam claros para os educadores e, no fundo, pareçam a mesma coisa. Stages of Personalized Learning Environments. By Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey In attempting to transform teaching and learning to personalized learning, consider where you are currently and envision which stage you can see feasible for your school, district or community.

Stages of Personalized Learning Environments

The Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) Version One chart needed to be updated. Why? Because of the considerable feedback we received after posting our first version of the chart. The must-have guide to educational Twitter hashtags. Technology in classrooms: Taking the learning tablets. WHO killed Edgar Allan Poe?

Technology in classrooms: Taking the learning tablets

The mysterious death of the 19th-century author features in a new online school curriculum from Amplify, the education arm of News Corp. Pupils follow clues that require close reading of Poe’s stories (the assassin’s identity varies, to prevent cribbing), and take machine-graded comprehension and vocabulary tests along the way. Another section teaches mathematics by setting quests, such as an Alaskan dog-sled race for which pupils must plan, budget and manage provisions. Two decades of fitting classrooms with computers and whiteboards have gobbled rich countries’ school budgets and done little for attainment. But the latest technology promises to improve teaching methods, rather than merely shifting them from blackboard to screen, and to give all children the personalised education once only available to the rich.

When pupils work independently, teachers can spend time on individual coaching rather than routine tasks such as marking. The Education Foundation – the UK’s education think tank. 6 Startups Pioneering Interactive Education for Kids. In an effort to transform teaching and learning, educational technology entrepreneurs showcased their innovative ideas at the LAUNCH Education and Kids Conference in Mountain View, Calif., on June 26 and 27.

6 Startups Pioneering Interactive Education for Kids

Conference host and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis moderated the discussions and demonstrations that featured twenty edutech startups on stage at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus. Some are using tablet and smartphone technology to help children learn with more interactive techniques, while others are creating fun toys that can help teach important concepts. A few companies are even trying to improve the tedious grading process for teachers. While all of the startups are trying to do innovative things in the world of education, six stood out for their potential to get students excited about learning with interactive technologies. Technology Integration by Design. Over the past year, most of my time has been spent helping fellow teachers and school leaders to “think backwards.”

Technology Integration by Design

And while it’s tempting to imagine this merely involves reciting the alphabet from Z to A, it’s actually an instructional framework (developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe) where the goals precede action. Beginning with student-focused goals allows us to ensure that we strategically prioritize time and resources in our classrooms. Although this way of thinking was initially designed for instructional units, it is also the perfect methodology for planning a new technology initiative.

In essence, this three-step process helps you to remain hyper-focused on student learning as you select devices, formats (carts, BYOD, 1:1, etc.), and apps. Step 1: Define the goals of your technology initiative using desired outcomes, not tools. What types of learning do you want to enable via this initiative? Twitter: 9 maneiras de utilizá-lo na escola. How to Succeed in Education Technology.

O bê-a-bá dos códigos. Escola em Londres coloca em prática o que teóricos dizem ser o futuro da educação: o ensino de programação e linguagem computacional para crianças Por Rafael Cabral Rafael CabralEspecial para o ‘Estado’ LONDRES - No final de 2012, em uma atividade anual que reúne pais, filhos e professores na escola primária St.

O bê-a-bá dos códigos

Unidade Praxis. 10 Maneiras Criativas de utilizar Celulares em Sala de Aula. by Samantha Kutscka on Prezi. 10 Great Tools for Academic Research You Should Know about. 1- Zotero Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click.

10 Great Tools for Academic Research You Should Know about

Alive in the Swamp: assessing digital innovations in education. We Need More EdTech, But Less Technology In The Classroom. Power Searching with Google. The top ten search engines for researchers that go beyond Google. Every click of the mouse, every search box, needs to work hard to make the best use of a researcher’s time.

The top ten search engines for researchers that go beyond Google

For each gem of a resource that a researcher discovers, there may be a dozen abandoned web pages, armies of half-read abstracts and false leads. Knowing how, and where, to search for resources is vital for saving time and getting quickly to the results that matter. One of the best ways to increase your hit-rate is by going beyond Google to a specific academic search engine or database. Here, we outline the top search engines and resources that work hard for researchers to help them get the figures, answers and arguments they need. Scientific queries. Plataforma do Letramento dará apoio a professores.


Redes sociais. The Step-By-Step iPad Workflow For Teachers. I recently stumbled across this handy infographic from Oakdome that shows a step by step guide to using your iPad for a paperless workflow/classroom.

The Step-By-Step iPad Workflow For Teachers

Since its no secret that paper is no longer the staple of the classroom, and since we’ve been looking recently at a few ways to make your classroom greener this year , we thought this step-by-step guide would be particularly useful! It tells you what you need and how to distribute, submit, grade, and return assignments using Google Drive . So whether you’re just starting on a paperless journey or have been doing things a different way, this should help you on your way! Set up student Gmail Students create and share a folder with the teacher in Google Drive Teacher creates a class folder with subfolders Teacher creates a shared folder to share documents with students Teachers distribute and collect assignments via the shared folders. Grading can be done using Insert-> Comments, or by adding notes to the header.


O Impacto da Tecnologia na Educação. Tecnologia aplicada à educação. What Are Apple Distinguished Educators And How Can I Be One? In a moment of utterly random reflection the other day, I was thinking about teachers and apples. Who decided that students should give teachers apples? Who would think that an apple is a great way to show your teacher you care? A quick search with my friend Google tells me that way back when, fresh apples were expensive, and it was a way to show gratitude or even payment for your poorly paid teacher who could not likely afford it.

Extrapolating on that idea, the ‘apple polishers’ came about in the 1920’s and referred to the kids who would polish the teacher’s apple so that she would look favorably upon them. James Paul Gee. Teaching Innovations Based on Social Science Research. Museu mostra como seria a 1° Grande Guerra contada através do Facebook.


Livros - Publicação de Livros na iBookstore de Glauco Adams. E-Aulas da USP. Online journal dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web. The Evolution of Classroom Technology. Why Mobile Learning Is Inevitable. This may sound like a lofty title, but it’s not wrong. There’s an impressive presentation making the rounds dubbed “Mobile is eating the World” by Benedict Evans. In the presentation, Evans shows some staggering charts, interesting factoids, and all the other statistics you’d expect with a title so grand.

It makes me think about mobile learning, mobile browsing, and mobile everything. #Mlearncon: Keynote: Mobile is the strategy. Protecting Devices in 1:1 Programs. The Apple Effect on E. I remember my first Apple.