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50 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom. QR Codes In Education. QR-Code Generator. QR Codes Explained and Ideas for Classroom Use. When I lead workshops or give presentations I typically don't distribute handouts in paper form.

QR Codes Explained and Ideas for Classroom Use

Instead I just give the link to my digital resources for that day's presentation or workshop. Recently, I have started to deviate from that policy just a little bit. Now I like to place printed QR codes in a dozen or so locations in the room. Those QR codes are linked to my slides and digital handouts. I started doing this because often people would miss the links when they're just on a slide at the beginning and end of the presentation. Turn a paper based book into an interactive book with QR Codes.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes. Updated 01/2014 As mobile learning becomes more and more prevalent, we must find effective ways to leverage mobile tools in the classroom.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes

As always, the tool must fit the need. Mobile learning can create both the tool and the need. With safe and specific structures, mobile learning tools can harness the excitement of technology with the purpose of effective instruction. Using QR codes for instruction is one example of this. How to set up a QR Code Treasure Hunt. 1.

How to set up a QR Code Treasure Hunt

The Background For several lessons, the students had been slowly piecing together the Mystery of the Franklin Expedition in History lessons. Through pictures, snippets of evidence, and a roleplay exercise, the students formulated their own questions for investigation, framed provisional answers, and then reframed their assumptions as more evidence was progressively provided to them.

This 'History Mystery' format is explained in more detail here and is designed to encourage students to help students find problems as well as to solve them. At the end of the research phase, students were required to produce an essay introducing the mystery and answering the five key questions they settled upon as being the most important to solve. QR Codes Go to School. From student displays to scavenger hunts, QR codes give class activities a 21st-century twist From magazines to signs at the local supermarket checkout line, QR codes, those little square boxes of dotted patterns, are everywhere these days.

QR Codes Go to School

But what purpose do they serve? And what can you do with them in your school? Quick Response or 2D codes aren’t new technology.