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Domino's Pizza profits boosted by mobile app. Image copyright Newscast.

Domino's Pizza profits boosted by mobile app

Cloud storage providers to face investigation by regulators. Image copyright Thinkstock.

Cloud storage providers to face investigation by regulators

Hackers exploit NFC phone payment technology. 13 November 2014Last updated at 12:25 ET The bugs in the payment system could let attackers get at the contents of a phone Several bugs in Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems have been found by security experts.

Hackers exploit NFC phone payment technology

NFC allows people to pay for goods and services by touching their handset to a payment terminal. But the inclusion of the technology on phones has proved useful to hackers seeking a stealthy way to take over a mobile phone. Smartphone stress: Are you a victim of 'always on' culture? Mobile phone banking transactions double in a year, BBA says. 31 March 2014Last updated at 07:34 ET Mobile banking app use almost doubled over the past year, BBA figures have suggested A "revolution" in mobile banking use is under way in the UK, the British Bankers' Association (BBA) has said.

Mobile phone banking transactions double in a year, BBA says

Mobile banking app use for customers at the five major UK High Street banking groups almost doubled over the past year, BBA figures suggest. Customers now make 5.7 million transactions a day using smart phones and other mobile devices. Fashion forward or faux pas? Behold, the smart ring. Ringly CEO Christina Mercando wants to bring some of the capabilities of a smartphone into your fingertips.

Fashion forward or faux pas? Behold, the smart ring

Or rather, around your finger. The New York start-up on Tuesday unveiled a stylish smart ring that discreetly alerts the wearer of smartphone app notifications, texts or phone calls. It's primarily designed for users -- particularly women -- who often miss their notifications because their large smartphones are packed away in a bag.

Ringly is just one of many companies looking to tap into the rapidly burgeoning wearable technology business, an industry that has lured in big players such as Apple and Samsung, which are investing in fitness technology and smartwatches. Despite the promise of exploding consumer demand, sales of such have been slow and disappointing. At MWC 2014, phone-makers go after the next billion, biometrics. BARCELONA, Spain -- Mobile World Congress will always have its fair share of high-end, gee-whiz devices and crazy concepts, but apart from the high-end Samsung Galaxy S5, MWC 2014 belongs to the humble low-cost phone.

At MWC 2014, phone-makers go after the next billion, biometrics

Emerging markets have been a huge theme in mobile lately, but this year handset-makers really dug in, using press conferences to vocalize their goals at nabbing the next billion users and presenting low-cost phones meant for first-time smartphone owners. Take the Nokia X family of phones, for instance. Based on Android, but with a look and feel that merges Asha and Windows Phone, this low-memory, entry-level phone family will sell for 89, 99, and 109 Euros. Still committed to Windows Phone (and in the process of being purchased by Microsoft), Nokia's phone branch produced five phones for this market, not a single Lumia device among them.

MWC also saw Firefox OS grow its little brood of phones, with a heap of Alcatel and ZTE phones, and a new partner, Huawei. Mozilla plans '$25 smartphone' for emerging markets. The best apps to make and save you money. Eric Schmidt - Google+ - Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone Many of my… Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android.

Eric Schmidt - Google+ - Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone Many of my…

The latest high-end phones from Samsung (Galaxy S4), Motorola (Verizon Droid Ultra) and the Nexus 5 (for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) have better screens, are faster, and have a much more intuitive interface. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi) Review & Rating. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ($499 for 16GB, $549 for 32GB) is the first tablet to actually change my workflow.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi) Review & Rating

It's the only 10-inch Android tablet with clear consumer advantages over the iPad. Samsung Galaxy S3 outpaces iPhone 5S, 5C in touch accuracy. Apple's and have a bit of improving to do on the touch-accuracy front, according to new data from OptoFidelity, a Finland-based tech test and measurement company.

Samsung Galaxy S3 outpaces iPhone 5S, 5C in touch accuracy

OptoFidelity said that it used its own Touch Panel Performance Tester to measure the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and Samsung Galaxy S3. The device uses a robot to "touch" exact coordinates on a screen. It then measures the coordinates of the touch device to see how closely they matched. According to the data (PDF), the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C had significant fail rates, especially around the edges and toward the top of their displays. How to save battery power in iOS7. With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple added a ton of new and exciting features to your iPhone.

How to save battery power in iOS7

However, in order to show off all of these new features, Apple has decided to turn them on: all of them. There's an opt-out method (of sorts) when it comes to their use, but depending on the age of the device, this can decrease both performance and battery life. The problem most users are encountering is that they don't know how to selectively opt-out of the features they do not use. The following will outline how you can fine tune your iOS 7 experience, taking advantage of the features you like and turning off the features you don't. Mobile phone emergency alert system to be tested in UK. 16 September 2013Last updated at 19:00 ET By Joe Miller BBC News Californian police alerted people to a wanted vehicle using a targeted message.

PC sales see 'longest decline' in history. 10 July 2013Last updated at 23:18 ET Global personal computer (PC) sales have fallen for the fifth quarter in a row, making it the "longest duration of decline" in history. Worldwide PC shipments totalled 76 million units in the second quarter, a 10.9% drop from a year earlier, according to research firm Gartner. PC sales have been hurt in recent years by the growing popularity of tablets. Gartner said the introduction of low-cost tablets had further hurt PC sales, especially in emerging economies.

Smartphones out-ship feature phones worldwide for first time - GadgetBox on Devin Coldewey , NBC News – 6 hrs. A new report on the mobile phone industry shows that for the first time ever, there are more smartphones being shipped worldwide than feature phones. Samsung and Apple are leading the charge. The first quarter of the year is as slow as it usually is, according to the IDC report , but this particular Winter quarter is a special one. Of the approximately 418.6 million mobile phones shipped in the first three months of 2013, 216.2 million were smartphones — an historic 51.6 percent. The United States is a bit ahead of the curve: At least two-thirds of all phones bought here are smartphones. More Smartphones Were Shipped in Q1 2013 Than Feature Phones, An Industry First According to IDC - prUS24085413. Smartphone Sales Grew 46.5 Percent in Second Quarter of 2013 and Exceeded Feature Phone Sales for First Time. Egham, UK, August 14, 2013 View All Press Releases Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 3.6 Percent in Second Quarter of 2013 Microsoft Has Become the No. 3 Smartphone OS Overtaking BlackBerry Worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totaled 435 million units in the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 3.6 percent from the same period last year, according to Gartner, Inc.

Worldwide smartphone sales to end users reached 225 million units, up 46.5 percent from the second quarter of 2012. Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones for First Time. Is The Web Dying? Apple Falls Behind Samsung In Global Internet Usage On Smartphones, Pointing To A Low-Cost iPhone Challenge. StatCounter — the research group that tracks Internet usage by browser, platform and device, among other things — has released some numbers that indicate that while Apple continues to keep its traditional lead as the most-popular brand for mobile Internet browsing in certain markets, globally, Samsung is now leading the pack — not just because it comes in first in markets like Western Europe and South America, but also because of its strong showing even in markets where Apple is ahead.

IDC Predicts Tablets Will Outsell PCs in Q4 2013. Tablet Shipments Forecast to Top Total PC Shipments in the Fourth Quarter of 2013 and Annually by 2015, According to IDC - prUS24314413. Global PC shipments drop to a five-year low. 9 October 2013Last updated at 21:37 ET. In five years, Microsoft’s share of personal computing fell from 90 to 33% The Five Year Plan. Gartner reported that PC shipments totaled 80.3 million units in Q3.

Subtracting an estimated 4.4 million Macs yields an estimated 75.9 million Windows PCs.[] This total is lower than the total shipped in the same period of 2008. Android snags record 81 percent of smartphone market. Android continues to gobble up more of the smartphone market. Google's mobile OS won a global market share of 81.3 percent last quarter, up from 75 percent in the prior year's quarter, research firm Strategy Analytics said on Thursday. Shipments of Android phones hit 204.4 million, a hefty gain over the 129.6 million shipped a year ago. In second place, Apple saw its slice of the smartphone market drop to 13.4 percent from 15.6 percent despite a gain in shipments to 33.8 million.

But Apple should regain some of its lost market share this quarter due to demand for the iPhone 5S. PC shipments to see 'most severe yearly fall on record' Messenger Wars: How Facebook lost its lead. News and Announcements for Apple Developers. Mobile phone data redraws bus routes in Africa. Foursquare’s Swarm And The Rise Of The Invisible App. Product Lifecycle Search. Visa, Samsung ink global NFC deal in what could signal a Galaxy S4 feature. Near Field Communication (NFC) is steadily gaining popularity, but not fast enough for some people. In fact, Visa and Samsung announced today a global alliance to accelerate the spread of NFC technology on mobile devices. Google Wallet chief's resignation another bad sign for NFC. MasterCard Takes Aim at Plastic With Mobile Platform.

HP sells webOS to LG for smart TVs. HP offloads Palm WebOS assets to Korea's LG. Mobile data to overtake voice by 2018 predicts GSMA. BlackBerry launches first BB10 device in India at $800. What's big at Mobile World Congress 2013. FirefoxOS #Fail: The Web is Not the Platform - Personal-tech - Mobile OS - BYTE. Mozilla reveals Firefox smartphone launch partners. WebRTC Demo. Samsung Armors Android Software to Take On BlackBerry.