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News. Phones need 'bed mode' to protect sleep. Image copyright Thinkstock.

Phones need 'bed mode' to protect sleep

Our iPhones, Ourselves: Cell Phone Separation Anxiety is Real, Study Finds. Nokia N1 Android tablet causes a surprise. 18 November 2014Last updated at 07:16 ET By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor The Nokia N1 features a customised version of Android developed by the Finnish firm.

Nokia N1 Android tablet causes a surprise

Medy club charges per laugh with facial recognition. 9 October 2014Last updated at 10:41 ET By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter Tablets on the back of seats monitor facial expression A comedy club in Barcelona is experimenting with charging users per laugh, using facial-recognition technology to track how much they enjoyed the show.

medy club charges per laugh with facial recognition

The software is installed on tablets attached to the back of each seat at the Teatreneu club. Talko - Brave New Phone Call. “I live and breathe computer-supported cooperative work — that’s my thing,” he says.

Talko - Brave New Phone Call

“I love communications tools.” Ozzie first became smitten with this vision at the University of Illinois when, as a sophomore in 1975, he stumbled upon an innovative mainframe computer system called Plato. Created to promote “automated learning,” the inventors had devised a suite of tools that foreshadowed many of the ways that people would use digital technology to communicate and collaborate decades later – electronic mail, texts, games, and even a voice chat program called Talkomatic. (Does that sound like the name of this new app?

No coincidence.) After graduation Ozzie built applications for companies pioneering software for the then-emerging personal computer. Mobile-Device Email Signatures: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know - Alexis C. Madrigal. Overthinking and overexplaining the variations people use on "Sent from my iPhone"

Mobile-Device Email Signatures: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know - Alexis C. Madrigal

Samsung to launch smartphones with curved displays. 25 September 2013Last updated at 04:55 ET Samsung has already launched TVs with curved screen displays.

Samsung to launch smartphones with curved displays

Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on. Facebook to test new mobile payment program. How wearable technology could transform business. 5 August 2013Last updated at 19:00 ET By Michael Millar Business reporter, BBC News.

How wearable technology could transform business

Android Is The New Windows. A flexible, customizable operating system that’s farmed out to third-party hardware makers and dominates market share but not profits?

Android Is The New Windows

You’re not the only one experiencing déjà vu. The parallels of Android and Windows are striking. But can that which is unique about Android save it from the fate befalling Microsoft’s stumbling OS? Let’s look at the similarities between the Android of today and the Windows 95 of … ’95: Android is a growing platform with endless form-factor diversity (or fragmentation, depending on how you look at it) and strong OEM support, just like Windows has had and still enjoys.Android’s flexibility for users and developers created an explosion in app variety, but also an unruly app store with a growing issue with malware.

Bristol scientists use urine to charge mobile phone. Scientists have developed a way of charging mobile phones using urine.

Bristol scientists use urine to charge mobile phone

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, claimed harnessing power from "the ultimate waste product" was "a world first". "One product that we can be sure of an unending supply is our own urine," he said. A guide to the top mobile payments options. The launch of Apple Pay last month jump-started the mobile payments business, with several companies pushing hard to become your preferred payment method in stores.

A guide to the top mobile payments options

Even more competitors are on the horizon, promising to bring a lot more security and convenience compared to today’s plastic payment cards. The magnetic-stripe cards currently used in the U.S. are simply not very secure. Your name, card number and expiration date are all encoded on the stripe without protection, and hackers have been targeting payment terminals to steal that data, jeopardizing the security of tens of millions of card holders. Banks are racing to introduce more secure, chip-based cards by October 2015, but phone-based systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are here now and offer a good deal of convenience and security.

But not all mobile payment systems are equal. Banks to Heighten Mobile Wallet Security by Walling Off Data. Big banks are developing a system to make mobile wallets more secure by walling off customer account information from merchants and other third parties. Citigroup (NYSE:C), U.S. Bancorp (USB) and other members of The Clearing House, an industry trade group, are jointly working on the technology. Winning the Mobile Wallet Race. How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way. Google launches build-your-own-phone project Ara. 29 October 2013Last updated at 07:26 ET The firm wants to do for hardware what app stores did for software. Phonebloks - The next step. Phonebloks. Design guru Nielsen: Windows 8 UI 'smothers usability' User interface design guru Jakob Nielsen is none too pleased with what he's found in Windows 8, which he calls a "misguided" product.

Nielsen, who has spent much of his career analyzing all kinds of user interfaces, including most notably Flash software for Web animation, says that the new Windows 8 user interface "smothers usability with big colorful tiles while hiding needed features. " To arrive at that conclusion, Nielsen brought in 12 "experienced PC users" to try out Windows on both PCs and Surface RT tablets. Tablet sales soar as Blackberry boss predicts market's death. 2 May 2013Last updated at 16:30 ET Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with its iPad range Tablet computer shipments soared in the first quarter of 2013, growing by 142.4% compared with the same period in 2012, according to analysts IDC.

Figures suggested more tablets were shipped from January to March 2013 than in the entire first half of 2012. Apple remains the biggest brand in the market with a 39.6% share. The ultimate tablet comparison chart, with the new iPads. Today Apple unveiled significant updates to both of its tablets: the iPad was reborn as the slimmer, lighter iPad Air, and the flagship iPad mini is now available with a densely packed retina display. Below we have the numerical breakdowns of some of the most popular tablets, all of them recent releases that will be competing with Apple's entries. The retina iPad mini now bests all of its competitors in pixel density at 326 PPI, barely edging out Google's latest Nexus 7 and Kindle HDX 7. It ties the Galaxy Tab 8.0 for thinness, though it's the heaviest of the bunch (the 4G LTE version is still a hair heavier, at 0.75 pounds).

The iPad mini with retina falls to the middle of the pack for battery life, and its front-facing camera is among the lowest in resolution. Best Tablets of 2013: Fall Edition. 13 Affordable iPad Mini Alternatives. The Retina iPad mini has arrived. But what if iOS is not your thing? Chat app messaging overtakes SMS texts, Informa says. Instant messaging on chat apps, such as WhatsApp, has overtaken the traditional SMS text message for the first time, according to research firm Informa. Informa said almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps in 2012, compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts. The shift is likely to have a big impact on mobile operators, for whom texts have been a key revenue source. Inside RIM: An exclusive look at the rise and fall of the company that made smartphones smart.

Infographic: How Mobile Payments Are Changing the World. In the past year, mobile payment systems have picked up steam and are now becoming mainstream. The Future Of Mobile. UK lenders to offer Zapp payments in banking apps. 14 January 2014Last updated at 20:01 ET By Leo Kelion Technology reporter Zapp's payments service will be added to existing banking apps Five UK lenders are to add a mobile payment facility called Zapp to their smartphone and tablet apps. Will HTML5 Kill the Mobile App? For a couple of years now, we’ve been talking about apps for a multitude of purposes. Mobile apps continue to be the preferred way to deliver new services or content to mobile devices. Photoshop this: Google Glass throughout history. FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver. The iPhone's Biggest Flaw. Scroll Web Pages With Your Eyes. App tests urine for medical issues.

O2's Tu Go aims to challenge Skype and other Voip apps. Dish Network Makes $25.5 Billion Bid for Sprint Nextel.