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Guide to Using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Developing a technology solution is quite complicated nowadays.

Guide to Using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

For starters, it requires thorough research on technology trends. Once you begin, you will be hearing the term ‘Cloud’ a lot; a service that’s gradually becoming the norm in the business world. There’s a lot to learn about cloud computing, and not everything can’t be covered in a single article obviously. This blog will serve as a guide to using the three main categories of cloud computing: Software as a Service (SaaS)Platform as a Service (PaaS)Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) So what exactly is cloud computing? To answer this, you need to know what Cloud is. The main traits of cloud technology include: A simple sign up is all that is required to avail the cloud service unlike traditional IT services.Accessible across multiple platforms including mobile, laptops and desktops.Billed only for the usage (pay-as-you-go model)Scalable and flexible to meet your demandsMultiple users can share resources uninterrupted SaaS Features.

Showdown: PHP 7 vs. HHVM. Another one of those popular online tech debates that started over a year ago when PHP7 launched.

Showdown: PHP 7 vs. HHVM

PHP didn’t take much time to become one of the biggest assets for open source development. But PHP5 eventually got a rival in the form of HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), a virtual tool developed by Facebook that can execute PHP code far more effectively than other tools. The contest took a turn when the latest version of PHP – PHP7 arrived. It outclassed its predecessor in many ways. And so the showdown began. Developed by tech giant Facebook in 2010, and released in 2011, the main purpose of HHVM was to reduce server resources so as to deliver a better experience for Facebook users. Not Speeding Up Your Website Will Cost You. Time waits for no man… And it’s all about time and speed these days.

Not Speeding Up Your Website Will Cost You

How fast can a vehicle go? How fast is your internet? Web Design Trends That Could Turn Heads in 2017. Just like every other industry in the IT sector, web design is also subject to evolution, which also explains how it sustains its relevance every year.

Web Design Trends That Could Turn Heads in 2017

Last year, we witnessed a number of inspiring web design trends that opened doors to countless possibilities of making the web more immersive than ever. Quite a few of them will be turning heads this year. Here are a couple of those web design trends you should watch for in 2017. Influence of DevOps on Quality Assurance. DevOps gained a lot of traction last year, with many companies deciding to adopt the increasingly popular software development methodology.

Influence of DevOps on Quality Assurance

So what is it exactly? As mentioned before, it’s simply a software development methodology that combines, like its name suggests, Development and Operations. What it does is basically integrate every software development operation from development to deployment and delivery. The principle behind it is a close and effective collaboration between all the stakeholders who are part of the software development process.

It’s just that the emphasis is on combining development and IT operations, which brings us to our subject. Container Management with the new Kubernetes 1.5. Containers play a vital role in software development for getting the software to run reliably in various computing environments; from a developer’s computer to a test environment, and staging and production.

Container Management with the new Kubernetes 1.5

In addition to this, container technology is mostly adopted at present by companies to achieve developer efficiency. When it comes to container technology, Docker is still the most popular choice. However, Kubernetes isn’t that far behind either. The open source project continues to be a reliable choice for container orchestration and management. The most recent version of the container cluster manager includes a plethora of beneficial features that will help teams optimize container usage in organizations. Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update: What You Need to Know.

It’s only been a couple of months since Android Nougat’s release, but Google still doesn’t seem to be slowing down apparently.

Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update: What You Need to Know

Android Nougat 7.1.1 is on its way, though for now only a few devices will get the update. From what’s known of the update, only Google’s Pixel and Nexus smartphones will be getting it. The update comes packed with improved performance, cool new emojis and a few other surprises. Fortunately, not all features of the update cater to the Nexus and Pixel smartphones. Many new features will be made available for all Android devices eligible for the update. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017. Smart Insights, a Digital Marketing company, published an article last month listing top-rated digital marketing techniques that could give businesses an edge in 2017.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

The information provided in the article was consolidated after crowdsourcing the importance of various trends, rated by the popularity of each, to their readers ending up with over 2300 responses from professional marketers. According to the article, the readers were asked to share their opinion on the one marketing activity that would provide the biggest incremental uplift to businesses in leads and sales in 2017. The results showed ‘Content Marketing’ at the top followed by ‘Big Data’. Each of the labels above were expanded to carefully scope the responses. For instance, the definition of Big Data was expanded to include predictive analytics and insights. From this result, here are 14 of the top-rated digital marketing tactics which will influence the sector in 2017. Kentico 10 & What It Brought To the Table. Kentico, an esteemed content management and digital experience platform provider, recently released the latest version of its popular ASP.NET CMS platform, Kentico 10, which is more than meets the eye.

Kentico 10 & What It Brought To the Table

Karol Jarkovsky, Director of Product at Kentico, talked about the issues the new Kentico 10 can deal with, and what the future holds for the product, over a Skype interview with Laura Myers, a tech reporter of CMS-Connected. The company is known for the research it does prior to developing and releasing products. According to the Director of Product, their research saw frustrated marketers, content creators, and developers as they are swept over by the sheer complexity of various CMS tools they have to use, while not getting the advertised benefits of those tools. Pain points. 5 Software Testing & QA Trends You Should Know in 2017. Many organizations still overlook the importance of Software Testing, evident from the fact that they tend to invest much lesser in testing compared to other major IT departments.

5 Software Testing & QA Trends You Should Know in 2017

This increases the likelihood of failure, which would then account for a good portion of their IT budgets. Such expenses are avoidable with proper investment in testing. Software Development Face-off: Agile vs. Lean. The right kind of project management methodology can do wonders in software development. However, when it comes to choosing one, people would want a lot of questions answered. What is this Agile methodology we’ve been hearing about? I’ve heard it’s quite similar to Lean methodology. Is it? Shard or be Shredded. “Bob: So, how do I query the database? IT guy: It’s not a database. It’s a Key-Value store. . . .You write a distributed map-reduce function in Erlang.Bob: Did you just tell me to go **** myself?

IT guy: I believe I did, Bob.”— Fault Tolerance cartoon, @jrecursive, 2009 Prelude Relational databases have been around for a while now. 7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider. So what’s the easiest way to find a hosting provider for your website? People normally look for easy ways to do things. Internet made finding things easy. Google made it easier. So right now, the easiest way to find a web hosting solution is to google it. SEO Trends: What 2017 Will Bring to the Table. 2016’s been great. But now that it’s almost gone, we should start looking to the future. Catching up to Google is not going to be easy this time around. First Penguin, then Hummingbird and now RankBrain – Google’s on an unstoppable rampage. But hopefully, with the right amount of planning, we might just be able to conceive a sure-fire search engine optimization strategy.

How? Top 10 Checklist: How to Secure Your Web Hosting Server? The internet, today, is seen as the key that unlocks a lucrative future for businesses. For this, the businesses need to have an identity in the digital realm, and that we refer to that ‘identity’ as websites. People access the internet and visit websites to get information on products and services they are interested to buy. Web Hosting 101: The Fundamental Guide. 6 Hosting Mistakes Bloggers Make. Explained: Domain Name Servers (DNS) and their Significance. What You Should Know When Migrating From VPS to Dedicated Hosting. Reseller Hosting Explained: Everything You Need to Know. How to Nail the Ideal Hosting Package for Your Website. Reputation of Web Hosting Brands & Why It’s Priceless. The Beginner's Guide to VPS Hosting. How Docker Optimizes a DevOps Ecosystem.

Managed WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting – How To Choose The Right Service. Just a few years of existence, and WordPress already conquered the CMS market, even when 70% of the sites around the globe do not use CMS. Shocker? Here is another fact: More than 74 million sites rely on WordPress. Apart from about 37 million sites hosted by, WordPress is also responsible for about 19 million (approximately) websites in the domain of self-hosted sites. WordPress is clearly a big deal, and that’s one of the reasons why people find it confusing to choose the right hosting solution for the WordPress website or blog.

In such scenarios, they’ll have to choose from either shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting. If you have a WordPress website that needs hosting, you don’t have to even consider shared hosting. WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress websites, in addition to giving you a lot more benefits. The 3 critical factors you should focus on while choosing a hosting solution should be Website loading speedSecurityUpdates & backups Updates and Backups. Android Nougat – What It is Under the Hood!!! Foundation vs. Bootstrap Frameworks: Your Best Bet! What You Need to Know Before Buying SSL Certificate. iPhone 7 Leaks: New, Improved Features Rumored. The Pros and Cons of MEAN and LAMP Stack. What App Developers Can Expect From Android Wear 2.0. ASP.NET Core 1.0 - A Good Replacement for ASP.NET 4.6???

Showdown: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs Microservices. Essential Tips to Find the Right Software Development Company. Custom Build or Off-the-shelf Software – What is the future of Technology / IT in Retail. Tools. SuntechApplications. Design Tools.