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How to make biogas digester. Comment construire un panneau de chauffage solaire a partir de canettes d’aluminium. Plusieurs facteurs font qu’entre les énergies renouvelables (et écologiques), et les énergies conventionnelles (non renouvelables et non écologiques), le choix qui s’impose est d’abord celui de l’énergie conventionnelle avec pour argument principal le prix.

Comment construire un panneau de chauffage solaire a partir de canettes d’aluminium

Par exemple, les gigantesques profits générés par les monopoles sur les réserves stratégiques de pétrole. Lisez ce document pour voir qu’une simple personne peut faire la différence en construisant un panneau solaire à l’aide de pièces recyclées. Efficient Masonary Stove with boiler (design ideas)? Hoping to get some verification/direction from the vets in here!

Efficient Masonary Stove with boiler (design ideas)?

Wanting to build a large masonary stove (in dedicated superinsulated room where hot water tank resides), hopefully something I'll only need to burn every other day or so (bearing in mind house is small and only needed 2-3 cords of wood last year...which probably only works out to be around 40kwh per day on the coldest days). 3 main questions that I can't decide on are these: 1) where should the flue/heat exchanger go? 2) where should the air intake(s) go? Should there be 2? And following on... 3) should the heated up gasses have a secondary air intake for more complete combustion/heat?

At first I thought about an outdoor wood burner, but don't like the idea of losing much heat to the atmosphere, and wastage when demand isn't high (especially smoldering due to damping down etc). My thoughts/intentions: I was thinking that I could use a Laddomat/heat charger so as to keep firebox as hot as possible. I've seen various designs. Maya Creek: Education in Sustainability. After making my way through the final push of the year, including cleaning up and taking down tarpopolis, finishing the rocket stove, and putting doors and windows on the house, I now find myself breathing a sigh of relief and am looking forward to a long winter of reading, planning, and preparing for next year’s warm weather.

Maya Creek: Education in Sustainability

By the time the weather actually warms up enough to start on projects I’ll be chomping at the bit to get started, and the whole cycle will start again. Project Updates The rocket stove is finally complete, well, for the most part at-least, I still have some tweaks to do. The thermal mass bench took quite awhile, mainly because I had to let it dry in layers to avoid crushing the flue pipes.

Ianto Evans, the guy who literally wrote the book on rocket stoves, says that you won’t have a problem with crushed flue pipes if you build the bench with love. Altogether though I’m extremely pleased. In other news, I’ve expanded my brewing abilities. Winter Goals Recent Events. Efficient Stove/Estufa Eficiente. Instructor Comments in Red Group Members & Contact Information: Spencer Dineen: Tanner Wingo: Problem Statement: This year, Guateca students conducted initial market research as a group to identify challenges shared by San Pablences in their homes, that Pablences agreed were important to their quality of life.

Efficient Stove/Estufa Eficiente

Our sub-group focused on cooking, heating the house, and efficient use of firewood. Lorena stove design like those used by most Pablences These stoves are an adaptation of the simple box stove design. Box stove. Much of Guatemala is deforested, and San Pablo is a very ecologically minded community that is focused on conservation, and therefore it is their priority to minimize their firewood use.

There are a number of efficient stove designs available to Guatemalans, such as the Alterna design, and they are not necessarily prohibitively expensive. Literary Research RSMHs were pioneered by Ianto Evans during the mid-1970′s. Our Design. 1.19 Quelle surface un foyer de masse peut-il chauffer ? Rocket stove construction. Rocket Mass Heater - On Steroids.

Construire son panneau solaire. Panneau Solaire en canettes. Je vous présente aujourd’hui mon œuvre préférée.

Panneau Solaire en canettes

C’est un capteur solaire thermique à air. Je me suis inspiré d’américains qui réalisent et commercialisent des panneaux fabriqués avec des canettes recyclées. C’est ici que ça se trouve : Ils vendent ça 2700$, donc je me suis dit que je pouvais essayer de le fabriquer moi-même (et si possible de l’améliorer). Les canettes sont percées et assemblées en colonnes dans lesquelles l’air circule et se réchauffe quand il y a du soleil. Le principe (en rapide), c’est que le panneau est posé sur un mur orienté Sud (la position verticale est idéale pour l’hiver car le soleil est bas dans le ciel) et dès que le soleil se montre, l’intérieur du panneau surchauffe (effet de serre : les canettes sont peintes en noir et le caisson isolé et la vitre empêche la chaleur de ressortir).

La fabrication du charbon de bois.