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SawDust : Information Technique sur les Combinées à Bois Explorateur SawDust à propos de... Bienvenue L'objectif de ce site est de présenter des informations techniques aux amateurs du travail du bois sur les machines combinées, leurs améliorations, les accessoires faits maison et projets ainsi que quelques méthodes qui y sont liées. Cliquer sur le Dossier en haut à droite vous offre l'opportunité de naviguer facilement ainsi que d'effectuer des recherches rapides parmi les nombreux documents comme vous pourriez le faire sur votre propre micro-ordinateur. Le document sur les cadres et plate-bandes ou encore la réalisation de tiroirs pourraient aussi être un bon endroit pour commencer la lecture encore que les liens internes contenus dans les pages pourraient bien vous conduire profondément dans les gabarits et les améliorations de la combinée. SawDust : Information Technique sur les Combinées à Bois
American Woodworker: Project of the Month: Bandsaw Resawing Although it just plain baffles some woodworkers, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised at what you can do, even on a small bandsaw. Here’s what you need to make it all happen: blade selection, shop-made jigs, setup and cutting tips. Why Resaw? One big reason: money. If you want thin stock for small boxes or drawers, it’s a lot cheaper to make your own than to buy it. Some wood dealers actually make thin stock by planing down 4/4 material, so it ends up being more expensive to buy less wood! American Woodworker: Project of the Month: Bandsaw Resawing
SoloWoodworker - Woodworking and other individual craft business Almost 10 years ago I retired early to become a custom furniture maker. But for over 60 years I have been a "hobby" woodworker, fixing up homes and building things for friends and family. People saw my work and for the last 15+ years asked me to build things for them. SoloWoodworker - Woodworking and other individual craft business
History of woodworking; includes extensive glossary, documents, and other textual materials and images of woodworking's history, especially amateur woodworking
Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques With my latest book, “Campaign Furniture,” I’m at the very titillating stage of processing several gigabytes of scanned images of furniture that I’ve gathered from musty British catalogs. Many of these high-resolution images take several minutes to process, and so I abuse my friends with annoying text messages about Pepsi Max and acorns as Photoshop … Read more At Christmas, my preference would be to receive nothing. But that’s not an option with my wife and kids. The kids got me some stickers for my tool chest (Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Nirvana). Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques
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Laymar Crafts Bandsaw Blades are notorious for breaking, generally because of their misuse or abuse, and there is nothing more annoying than having spent a quarter of an hour replacing and setting up a Blade to have it break the first time you use it. You can of course simply swallow it and buy a new Blade or you can do a more sensible thing and repair it, which is not as difficult as you might think and once you have mastered the Technique you can of course save money in the future by purchasing a Bulk Roll of Bandsaw Blade and make your own Blades. The method I describe here is for a Brazed Joint using Silver Solder and providing simple rules are followed you will achieve a strong durable joint for use with any type of Wood. Laymar Crafts
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Born in the mind of Joseph F. Emmert in the 1880's, the Emmert patternmaker's vise has become world renowned. Patternmakers, woodworkers and machinists would agree that this Emmert invention is the most versatile work holding device available. The Emmert patternmakers vise has the unique ability to not only hold the work piece but to change positions without releasing it. You merely release a handle and rotate the vise and the work piece. Adjust another handle and flip the work piece onto the bench top still being held by your Emmert. The Iron Hand - Emmert Vises The Iron Hand - Emmert Vises
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Workbench Design Home Page Workbench Plans, Reader's Benches, Free Workbench Plans and New Ready Made Benches Bargain Woodworker's Vise? March 21th, 2012. I read a review of this vise in American Woodworker Magazine. It seems that Northern Tool has found a way to import and sell an inexpensive 9" vise for a very low cost: $29.99. From the photos, indeed the castings don't look all that great, but the review is pretty positive and so, I'm curious. Workbench Design Home Page
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Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Showing off a few of the tons of pictures viewers have posted to the WWMM Facebook page during the past week. I really like the pallet tables! From Bruce Edwards.
the Carpentry Way the Carpentry Way The previous post concluded by looking at how a log is typically sawn up: first into a squared-up cant, then sawn through and through to produce boards. Only a few of the boards produced by this method have truly straight grain, most will have some degree of grain run out. This method does produce a decently high yield of timber for relatively few cuts and log maneuvers however, and is thus cost efficient. That's why it is the most common method seen in cant cutting.

In The Woodshop I live in Perth, Australia where I have specialised in paediatric clinical psychology for the past 25 years. The woodshop is where I recharge my batteries. I am drawn to handtools, their design and use. I have machines for roughing out, however I prefer handtools for joinery, shaping and finishing, and attempt to use traditional vintage methods and techniques. Join me here in the trials and tribulations of some of my furniture builds. In The Woodshop
OK, I Admit It... That was a sensational hook to get you in, just like the titles on a magazine cover that promise to dispense the deep secrets of various woodworking topics. I wanted to post one more entry on social media before I get back to sharing woodworking.

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Should I Build or Buy a Workbench? | The Wood Whisperer Over the last week, I have received this question three or four times. Clearly, people are torn up about building vs buying their workbench. I am certainly no authority on workbenches, but I like to think I bring a little common sense to an area polluted by romantic notions of tradition. So let’s dig in. In my woodworking career, I’ve constructed exactly two workebenches. My first one was what I called my “Home Depot Special”.
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Popular Woodworking During the week between Christmas and the New Year, I was on a short vacation in Colorado. Even though I had never spent time in the state (except passing through on a connector flight), I had a preconceived idea of what to expect when it came to Colorado furniture. My idea may have been... Get ready for a new-and-improved Tomorrow, or possibly on Monday (because goodness knows we don’t want to launch a new site on a Friday), when you visit this site it will look a little different. The home page will feature a slide show of new content, plus you’ll see links to our various...
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