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Look Ma, No Connections! Building Offline-capable Web Apps with HTML5 - Aurora. 18 Useful Internet Marketing Statistics that You Can't Ignore - Aurora. Get started with WebRTC. jQuery Learning Center - Aurora. So you want to unlock the power of jQuery to make the web a better place?

jQuery Learning Center - Aurora

Awesome, but there are a few things you should know about JavaScript first. Introduced at the dawn of the web, JavaScript is a powerful and expressive language that runs inside the browser in conjunction with HTML and CSS. Based on an open standard called ECMAScript, JavaScript has quickly become the "programming language of the web. " All the power of jQuery is accessed via JavaScript, so needless to say, it's an important language to learn. Having a basic knowledge of JavaScript will go a long way in understanding, structuring, and debugging your code.

This guide covers the foundational concepts of JavaScript, as well as frequent pitfalls developers fall into during their first foray into the language. HTML5 Introduction - Aurora. Javascript Content on InfoQ - Aurora. Research on Javascript What's Your Technology Stack to Create Mobile Apps?

Javascript Content on InfoQ - Aurora

Since the impact of mobile applications is ubiquitous in the whole it industry, there are numerous ways to create an app. In this community-driven research initiative, we are examining the importance and adoption level of different tools and toolstacks to create a mobile application. What Puzzles You Most About Functional Programming? With so much diversity, it’s hard to define the exact scope of what exactly functional programming is. What's Your Next Language on the Javascript Platform? JavaScript VMs are mature and ubiquitous - but what's the best language to write code for it? Ruby On Rails State of Practice: Testing Rails developers can draw from a huge pool of libraries to build their applications. Ruby On Rails State of Practice: Frontend. Node.js - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Aurora. Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for server-side and networking applications.

Node.js - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Aurora

Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NonStop and IBM i. Node.js provides an event-driven architecture and a non-blocking I/O API that optimizes an application's throughput and scalability. These technologies are commonly used for real-time web applications. Node.js is gaining adoption as a server-side platform[4] and is used by Microsoft,[5][6] Yahoo!

,[7] Walmart,[8] Groupon,[9] SAP,[10] LinkedIn,[11][12] Rakuten, PayPal,[13][14] Voxer,[15] and GoDaddy.[16] History[edit] HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly - Aurora. WURFL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Aurora. WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) is a community effort focused on mobile device detection.

WURFL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Aurora

WURFL is a set of proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs) and an XML configuration file which contains information about device capabilities and features for a variety of mobile devices.[1][2] Until version 2.2, WURFL was released under an "open source / public domain" license.[3] Prior to version 2.2, device information was contributed by developers around the world and the WURFL was updated frequently, reflecting new wireless devices coming on the market.

In June 2011, the founder of the WURFL project, Luca Passani, and Steve Kamerman, the author of Tera-WURFL, a popular PHP WURFL API, formed ScientiaMobile, Inc to provide commercial mobile device detection support and services using WURFL.[4] As of August 30, 2011, the ScientiaMobile WURFL APIs are licensed under a dual-license model, using the AGPL license for non-commercial use and a proprietary commercial license.

Firefox Nightly Now Includes OdinMonkey, Brings JavaScript Closer To Running At Native Speeds. Browsers today are able to execute JavaScript code significantly faster than just a few years ago, but even as our web apps now look more like desktop apps, JavaScript performance is still a far cry from what you can expect from a native program written in something like C or C++.

Firefox Nightly Now Includes OdinMonkey, Brings JavaScript Closer To Running At Native Speeds

To bridge this gap, Mozilla launched the asm.js project a while back and today, this code has landed in Firefox Nightly. OdinMonkey, Firefox’s name for its asm.js optimization module, allows developers to write their code in C or C++, compile it to JavaScript using Emscripten and run it at a speed that is within 2x of native performance. Unless the project hits any roadblocks, Mozilla expects OdinMonkey to ship with the stable version of Firefox 22 in June.

Crittercism - Aurora. Systems - Welcome to Keynote - Aurora. APMdigest: Where Application Performance Management, BSM, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing Meet - Aurora. November 09, 2011 Keynote, a provider of Internet and mobile cloud monitoring and testing, released of Mobile Web Perspective (MWP) 5.2 and Mobile Internet Testing Environment(TM) (MITE) 2.2, the latest versions of Keynote's mobile performance monitoring and content testing products supporting advanced HTML5.

APMdigest: Where Application Performance Management, BSM, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing Meet - Aurora

MWP 5.2 and MITE 2.2 empower IT and Web operations professionals to set and achieve performance goals in order to provide a better mobile user experience. Using these solutions, enterprise customers can consistently monitor and optimize their mobile sites around the clock, based on devices, networks and geographies. Keynote Mobile Web Perspective (MWP) allows users to monitor the availability, response time and quality of any mobile website from the Keynote global monitoring network.

Complex use cases that combine navigating websites on a desktop or mobile device and sending/receiving SMS messages can be monitored using MWP. Performance monitor Apica releases enhanced portal for real-time HTML5 site checks - The Next Web - Aurora. Apica, the load testing and performance monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications has enhanced its WebPerformance portal to include integration with AppDynamics and Google Analytics.

Performance monitor Apica releases enhanced portal for real-time HTML5 site checks - The Next Web - Aurora

Apica WebPerformance monitors the delivery of Web content and application functionality to real browsers in terms of audience actions. Customers get a controlled perspective on actual application and content delivery with analytics to provide insight into possible improvement and troubleshooting. Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon – Part 1 – Tinned Fruit - Aurora. Overview This is the first in a series of articles demonstrating how to test a Backbone.js application, employing the Jasmine BDD test framework and the Sinon.JS spying, stubbing and mocking library.

Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon – Part 1 – Tinned Fruit - Aurora

In this part, we’ll take a brief look at Backbone, and then move on to an introduction to some of the features of Jasmine and Sinon.JS. Along the way we’ll look at why these tools are a such good fit for testing Backbone applications. If you have never written any JavaScript tests before, you might like to take a look at Christian Johansen’s recent series of articles over at scriptjunkie. Why LinkedIn dumped HTML5 & went native for its mobile apps. LinkedIn has just launched the latest versions of its mobile apps, and in a stunning reversal, it’s gone from mobile web-based apps back to fully native.

Why LinkedIn dumped HTML5 & went native for its mobile apps

Less than a year ago, the company was touting its iPad app as fully mobile-web based, with just one screen, the homescreen, running natively. Now, all that’s gone, as is some of the optimism about the current capabilities of the mobile web. In a revealing chat with Kiran Prasad (pictured), LinkedIn’s senior director for mobile engineering, we learned exactly why — and it’s not what you think. Prasad said performance issues weren’t causing crashes or making the app run slowly. What he did say shows that HTML5 for the mobile web still has a bright future — but only if developers are willing to build the tools to support it. Here’s the bulk of our chat with Prasad on engineering topics around the new apps: VentureBeat: [interrupting interview about the app launch] Wait, let’s go back a second.

Examples - Aurora. Bleeding Edge HTML5 - Aurora. AppMobi. Webinars. 30 Free Gesture Icons for Multi-Touch Devices. AppMobi open sources its dev tools to speed up HTML5 adoption. HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers. AppsFuel HTML5 Apps Store - Aurora. Start [Appsfuel Documentation] - Aurora. Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! - Aurora. Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3 - Aurora. AppsFuel Developer Zone - Aurora. HTML5 Form Attributes. Clic Zone - JClic course. Resources:start [Appsfuel Documentation] - Aurora. Introduction to HTML5 Learn how HTML5 works!

resources:start [Appsfuel Documentation] - Aurora

Here you will find some useful links to HTML5 blogs and websites, discussing the latest issues and developments tools written by experts in the field. HTML5today: The first and most comprehensive Italian blog on HTML5, CSS3 and new web technologies.Html5doctor: This site provides a basis for any websites making use of the new HTML 5 attributes.Html5rocks: A resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today, including information on specific features and updates.Diveintohtml5: The Mark Pilgrim's manuscript explains the current state of HTML5, specifications and other fine Standards.Html5please: This site helps web developers to clarify the often confusing world of HTML5 and CSS3.

Which tools do you need? Developer tools: Take full advantage of HTML5! First step for mobile web app HTML5 development is choosing the app framework. 10 Useful HTML5 Tools for Web Designers and Developers - Aurora. How To Create A Responsive, Mobile First WordPress Theme. Let’s assess the situation. WordPress is an extremely popular, flexible, easy to use and open-source blogging and CMS system. More and more mobile devices are flooding the market every day, changing the way people use the Internet. And the need is growing for more beautifully designed and coded WordPress themes that work well across all of these devices. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work! Free WordPress Themes.

Free WordPress Themes. Best Web Templates.

Responsive Desigh

HTML5 Tools. Intel® XDK HTML5 development environment - develop, emulate, test-on-device and build apps Download Today. Intel AppUp. The Intel AppUp center was a digital storefront for existing and new PC software, apps, content and entertainment, developed by Intel for Windows-based Ultrabook devices, netbooks, laptops, and personal computers.[1][3][4] Peter Biddle, Intel AppUp's marketplace visionary, called Intel AppUp "the world's largest app store that nobody's ever heard of.

"[5] Intel AppUp had a presence in more than 60 countries with the ability to conduct transactions in more than 45 countries in 5 languages. Users were able to browse a catalog of applications for download and purchase. HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly. HTML5 Demos and Examples. Notes from HTML5 Boilerplate and the Trenches of Front-End Development - Aurora.

Beautiful JavaScript with CoffeeScript. Unit test JavaScript applications with Jasmine. Running Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry is an open source project. Bartaz/impress.js. Desktop. Digibury 11/01/2012. Your browser doesn't support the features required by impress.js, so you are presented with a simplified version of this presentation. For the best experience please use the latest Chrome or Safari browser. Firefox 10 (to be released soon) will also handle it. 12412 is a personal challenge for 2012. To experience and learn about 12 web technologies through the 12 months of the year.

At any level of experience or for any purpose. Website Tools.