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Mentoring and Coaching for Effective Tech Integration. It is common knowledge (or at least it should be) that one-and-done professional development (PD), especially one-and-done PD that is centered around tech integration, is ineffective.

Mentoring and Coaching for Effective Tech Integration

So how do schools ensure that their staff has the ongoing support that they need to be successful? Here is where schools can use the experts in their buildings to their advantage. Any teacher, whether novice or seasoned, requires time, support and reflection to successfully integrate technology into his or her classroom. Too often, the responsibility for that support lands on an IT department or a single Technology Integration Specialist. The former is a complete mismatch of expertise, and the latter often cannot possibly support an entire school of teachers unassisted. So what's the solution? Two Functions, Two People Schools need to ensure that they have a network of mentors and can provide an adequate number of coaches to support teachers' technology integration efforts.

Lessons Learned: Tips for New Technology Facilitators. Cross-posted on the TechLearning Advisors Blog It’s hard to believe that our summer holidays are officially over today and we start back to school bright and early tomorrow morning!

Lessons Learned: Tips for New Technology Facilitators

I must admit, I’ve had a wonderful holiday: a week on Koh Racha in the south of Thailand, a few weeks in the United States spending time with family and friends – including a quick trip to St. Louis to lead a one-day session for MICDS Summer Learning (thanks to Elizabeth, Pat and Greg for taking such good care of me while I was there), and finally a luxurious week in the Maldives to celebrate my 5-year wedding anniversary. So, I can definitely say that I’m well-rested and ready to start the new year! This school year is shaping up to be an especially exciting one for me.

First, I’ll be a Technology Coach in the elementary school, shifting my position from 21st Century Literacy Specialist to be part of a larger coaching team which includes our Math, Science, and Literacy Coaches. It’s all about relationships! On Being a Technology Coach by Tim Childers on Prezi. Technology Coaching. Coaching may be the most effective way to convert reluctant colleagues into enthusiastic users of new technologies.

Technology Coaching

As mentioned throughout this book, in the first twenty years of introducing computers to schools, we relied too heavily on staff development classes to introduce computers. These strategies, if we were lucky and talented, sometimes reached an enthusiastic 15-30 per cent of our colleagues. But now we need to reach the perennially reluctant and those who have been eager but frustrated. In order to extend our reach so that nearly all teachers are participating, the times require quite different strategies. Programs that emphasize coaching and mentoring relationships encourage the growth of technology enthusiasts while also supporting and enlisting teachers who have previously been thought reluctant, resistant and technology challenged. The secret behind this method is the customization made possible when a coach or mentor works alongside one or more colleagues.

. · Planning · Time. 25 Ways Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues. Transformative Technology Coaching. Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Technology Integration. Last week, Chrissy and I were invited to give our presentation from ASB Unplugged, Hardware is Not Enough: The Teacher-Facilitator Partnership, to our Headmaster, Dr.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Technology Integration

Bill Gerritz, and Deputy Headmaster, Andy Davies. Bill and Andy had heard a brief overview when we reported back about the conference, and wanted to get a deeper understanding of how Chrissy and I see the relationship between teachers and technology facilitators. Our presentation went over well, and Bill asked us to put together an article for the TIE Newspaper. Here’s what I have so far for the article, I would love to get your feedback before I send a finished draft off to Bill: Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Technology Integration For many years technology was treated as a discrete subject to be taught by a technology teacher. CC image by Billie Joe's Entourage Now the expectation is that classroom teachers will authentically and appropriately embed technology into the learning experience.

Traits of an Effective Tech Coach. The Ten Commandments of eLearning. Tech Coaching / Overview. The Tech Coaching Program at Abingdon Elementary School employs a 1:1 coaching model.

Tech Coaching / Overview

The Tech Coach meets with each teacher enrolled in the program to plan SMART goals, specific goals with measurable results, related to technology integration. Together, they plan a lesson that meets those goals, ensuring that the lesson allows students to meet objectives in technology as well as the content area. Supported by training and in-class assistance provided by the tech coach, the classroom teacher implements the lesson. They document their work, evaluate the effectiveness of the technology to accomplish the content objectives, and reflect on the process in order to inform their instruction of future lessons. Here are a few of the projects that have been done at Abingdon through the Tech Coaching Program.