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We are proud to present a group online project conducted in English classes with 11 a and 11 b to celebrate Thanksgiving, which involved a lesson to develop the students’ listening and speaking skills, as well as their presentation and creative thinking skills.

After a lesson in Meet where students watched and discussed a few short films on the topics of “The science of gratitude” and “A gratitude Experiment”, they discussed the benefits of being actively grateful for the development of their personality and society as a whole. The task they were asked to prepare and present to their classmates in the next lesson involved the answers to the following questions:
What are we grateful for? Why is it good for us to be grateful? How can we develop/express our gratitude?
In answer to the last question they also had to present an interactive way to do so in the form of an online survey or a game.
You will find some of their answers, questionnaires and games here. We hope you enjoy them and we thank you in advance for participating!
Nina Patterson and the students from 11 a & 11 b.

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