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7 Things I’ve Learned From a Year of Interviewing Inspiring Women Leaders (And How You Can Be One… — Life Tips. 7 Things I’ve Learned From a Year of Interviewing Inspiring Women Leaders (And How You Can Be One Too) In February, my friend Kim and I launched Women Catalysts.

7 Things I’ve Learned From a Year of Interviewing Inspiring Women Leaders (And How You Can Be One… — Life Tips.

Through our monthly speaker series, I’ve been lucky to interview many of my heroes — the founders of companies and non-profits, artists, changemakers, caretakers, and more. My First SEO Steps as a Small Business Owner - The Garage. Template Album ( Demo ) Flatron – a new premium flat & responsive Admin Template based on Bootstrap 3 with very flexible content structure.

Template Album ( Demo )

HOW TO: Add Blogger Outreach to Your PR Plan. Susan Payton is the Managing Partner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations, an Internet marketing firm specializing in blogger outreach, social media, and PR.

HOW TO: Add Blogger Outreach to Your PR Plan

She is also the blogger behind The Marketing Eggspert. Download her free white paper, The Importance of Connecting Brands with Bloggers. With so many different marketing, advertising and PR channels out there, it's hard to be heard above the din. One relatively new approach is blogger outreach. The opinions of bloggers are heard and respected by thousands, but many companies still ignore their reach. Google AdWords – Online advertising by Google. The Science Behind Fonts (And How They Make You Feel) I’ve noticed how seemingly small things like font and the spacing between letters can impact how I feel when reading online.

The Science Behind Fonts (And How They Make You Feel)

The right font choice along with the absence of sidebars and popups makes everything feel easier and better to read. Websites like Medium, Signal vs. Noise, and Zen Habits are like yoga studios for content. Their presentation of content puts me at peace while reading, allowing me to fully focus on the stories without distraction. Just look at the difference between Medium and Cracked: Exhibit A) Exhibit B) When you compare the two, it’s obvious which one makes you feel like crud.

The Cracked layout is painful to look at. After experimenting with how we display content on the ooomf blog, I discovered there’s an element of science behind why we feel this way toward certain typefaces and layouts. How we read When we read, our eyes follow a natural pattern called a Scan Path. We break sentences up into scans (saccades) and pauses (fixations). 1. 2.

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25 Excellent Online Resources To Learn Web Design Smarter. Web design is not such a difficult and undertaking process anymore.

25 Excellent Online Resources To Learn Web Design Smarter

With ever-growing online communities and the rise of the new Web technologies, the concept is now simplified and easy to handle. You can choose to work with a vast array of both local and online software. Think Tank Business Consulting – Social Media Management and SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help. What is an SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer. " Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including: 30 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website. Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Majority of people believe the only way to driving traffic will cost them money. There are different methods of driving traffic that you pay for, and the majority of them are free. Increasing traffic to your business, website, or blog is the key to building a larger audience.

Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert. Advertisement As we see more and more businesses move their services online, and even more that begin their life on the Web, a greater need arises for websites that are designed and built to sell.

Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert

A great-looking website may achieve the goal of shaping and delivering a strong brand, but its good looks alone aren’t enough to sell the products or services on offer. For that, you need to introduce the element of marketing. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: 1. 10 Mind-blowing One Page Product Websites. We present to you with our ten mind-blowing one page product websites from around the world.

10 Mind-blowing One Page Product Websites

These websites are hand-picked from well-known brands, such as Nike and Beetle, and others from emerging and innovative products, such as Tatchies and in2headphones. New Platform of Marketing Gone were the traditional method of product presentation and Marketing, here comes the new era of pure web interactivity and audience engagement through the form of one page websites. Most products that use this method of presentation are visual and feature driven, meaning that it rides on the one page technology to provide its wow factor. Single-Page Web Sites: Are They Right for Your Business? Web sites are not all alike.

Single-Page Web Sites: Are They Right for Your Business?

While the basic usage of a web site is to communicate your message to viewers, it doesn’t mean your site needs multiple pages, sidebars, contact or “about us” pages. The important factor is that the viewer understands what your site is all about within a few seconds upon arrival. In magazine publishing, any good designer or publisher will tell you the cover needs to be seen and understood within a three to four seconds for efficient newsstand sales. The same goes for markets that had multiple newspapers. The headline had to grab the viewer’s attention almost right away, which explains the still current practice of writing catchy headlines that people will see on a newsstand and purchase out of curiosity.

30 one-page sites you’ll wish you had built. With web users bombarded with so much information, web designers are constantly exploring new ways to deliver content.

30 one-page sites you’ll wish you had built

Sales and web. service. The questions and answers below should help you get started. When you are ready to sign up, or need more info please do not hestitate to call us 24 hours a day at 1-888-563-2591. We recommend signing up for a 30 day free trial so you can see how easy it is to get started. We do not ask for a credit card at signup. What is Sophio? Sophio is a Software as a Service eCommerce platform, similar to Shopify, Volusion, and Big Commerce. Our base system comes with an all makes all models Aftermarket parts catalog with automated fulfillment capabilieis. Can I succeed at selling auto parts online? Annual sales of both OE and Aftermarket parts are measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars in the USA. One Page Love. 5 Resources I Give All Starting Out Entrepreneurs.

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