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TeachMeet International 2012

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Visual Blogging with Muzy. Proud to be leader in Smile EUN Project COP2 and to present my top 10 #curation tools to build #edtech20 #PLN 4 #leadershipday12. TeachMeetBrum – « ¡Vámonos! As I now live in Switzerland I can’t be at TeachMeet Brum tonight.

TeachMeetBrum – « ¡Vámonos!

To assuage my disappointment, I thought I might appear virtually and therefore prepared a little video presentation on, a really great site that I’m using to learn some German, revise the Catalan I learned at university and to play around in Spanish, a language that I speak and teach. It’s not just for learning languages though – you can learn about animals, famous people, general knowledge and, as I show in the video, apples! So, in a nutshell, helps you memorise things! You can add your own lists of words so you can customise it to the needs of your classroom for example and you can access other people’s lists too (could save lots of time!) I did forget to mention that there is an iPod app being developed – I’m currently one of the people beta testing it as they look to improve it. [vimeo 42614325 w=500 h=313] 09-29_1933 - rosesunrise65. Project - based learning with Glogster Edu Premium on TeachMeet Int'l3: pbl with premium.

Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students. The fun way to learn anything. Pic and Mix - Creative Ways To Use Images in Class. About. Pronounced “me-me and you-ness.”


Mimi has pointy ears and Eunice has floppy ears. Above and below each comic on the LEFT is a link to the NEXT strip. Above and below each comic on the RIGHT is a link to the PREVIOUS strip. Mimi & Eunice are written/drawn by Nina Paley, better known for the animated feature film Sita Sings the Blues. ♡ Copying is an act of love. For lack of a better option, all Mimi & Eunice cartoons are released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, also known as copyleft. Click any comic for high resolution (2400 pixels wide) PNG files, suitable for printing. You are free to copy, share, sell, remix, modify, fold, bend, staple, and mutilate Mimi & Eunice but you may not prohibit others from doing the same with any resulting copies or “derivative works“.

A is for Attention. High alert!

A is for Attention

Classroom in Palestine Three news stories last week - all of which dealt with the pervasive role of technology in our lives - touched on the issue of attention and its role in learning. A front page story in The New York Times reported on a trip into the wilderness undertaken by five academics, the purpose of which, according to psychologist David Strayer, was to study “what happens when we step away from our devices and rest our brains — in particular, how attention, memory, and learning are affected”. Strayer added: “Attention is the holy grail. 12 Things Not To Say To A Stay-At-Home Dad. New Dad Right at Home BCCWF 2012.pdf. Top Misconceptions About Stay-at-Home Dads. For some reason, people feel it is necessary to dump their opinions on anyone who listens.

Top Misconceptions About Stay-at-Home Dads

And much of the time for a stay-at-home dad, it seems those opinions are aimed right at your forehead. Being a SAHD, although becoming more accepted, automatically makes you a bit of an outcast in the child-rearing world. It can be hard not to snap back or feel beaten down. But how well you handle such remarks can help you feel more comfortable in the role. PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made of Win. Splashup. Found Objects: How Picasso’s bull’s head can be used in the ELT classroom. Found Objects: How Picasso’s bull’s head can be used in the ELT classroom Submitted by ellenpd on 27 September, 2012 - 17:00 The idea of found objects derives from taking things designed for another purpose and turning them into art: Picasso’s bull’s head made from bicycle parts is a famous example.

Found Objects: How Picasso’s bull’s head can be used in the ELT classroom

The principle for teaching is the same: find something interesting and use it as stimulus for a lesson. OpenClipArt. The eltpics ideas site for teachers. Eltpics' Photostream. Pimpampum. Academic reading circles. My students very often tend to do the required course readings once, struggling not only with comprehension, but also relating the content from week to week.

Academic reading circles

In order to both improve comprehension and dig deeper, this post is about pushing students to engage with the readings. One lesson I’ve tried to instill in new university students is that to understand material and get the most from a reading, you need to engage with it, like having a conversation where you go down various tangents, inspired by the original discussion, but always being able to bring it back. Likewise, the more you engage with a reading, the less work you’ll need to do later when using it as part of your research. Giving examples or even practicing engagement in a class or two and expecting them to do it on their own simply isn’t enough.

Learners need the skills broken down into separate functions to recognise and practice. Muzy. ShellTerrell/teachmeetintl-sept-2012... Offline Activities with a Mobile Device. Ulimasao - home. View. Skoodle / Snapshots / Software for Learning - Software For Learning.