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The Flipped Classroom: An Infographic Explanation The Flipped Classroom: An Infographic Explanation As I posted in How to Flip Your Classroom – and Get Your Students to Do the Work The "flipped" classroom - This is the idea that teachers shoot videos of their lessons, then make them available online for students to view at home. Class time is then devoted to problem solving – with the teacher acting as a guide to teams of students. It’s a great approach that flips the delivery of the lesson to homework – it’s like a TiVo time shift that can reshape your classroom. … [we saw] flipping the class as a great opportunity to engage our students in taking more responsibility for their learning. Why not let your students curate the video lessons from existing content on the web? Here's an infographic explanation from Column Five Media
"Young people easily can get mired in the flotsam and jetsam of the Internet. At Awesome Stories, educators and students discover new nonfiction worlds at a safe, accurate website. The stories will lead students on a quest for answers. Teachers will appreciate the lesson plans and activities. The site is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Simply put, Awesome Stories is an Internet gem."

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Awesome Stories

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