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Green Tea
My girlfriend is sympathetic, texting me throughout the day. By the end of my work day I’m a bit grumpy, even irritable. My back still hurt, the boots I had worn had started to dig into one of my heels, now dead tired, and the six shots of espresso I had taken throughout the day to try to keep myself propped up had just added a strange bend to my reality which seemed to make things a bit further away than they really were. She’s trying to be supportive, but she does it with “I’m sorry your back hurts,”, “I’m sorry you’re tired,” and I know she’s trying to be sympathetic, but “I’m sorry” comes off as an apology to me and it’s a mild irritation, and in present mindset, it’s a major irritation. I have to keep myself from re-addressing this because it’s appearing as a bigger issue than it actually is. Matcha Japanese Green Tea [New Version] Tea by Teavana Matcha Japanese Green Tea [New Version] Tea by Teavana
Pu-erh Tea - Premium Chinese Teas - JAS eTea
lesson #01 Two leaves and a bud Plucking tea Tea garden Welcome to the Beginners course of TeaClass.

What is Tea?

What is Tea?
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