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Amazing Tattooists. Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find a legion of artists aching to ink your flesh.

Amazing Tattooists

Here is a massive roundup of some of our faves... HorihiroLocation Numazu, JapanWebsite did you start tattooing? My mother was a geisha, so I saw men with full bodysuits come into our house as a child. I built my first tattoo machine from transistor radio parts and, aged 13, began working on friends. SAVED TATTOO. White ink tattoo journey…. TattooNOW : - Quality Tattoos and Artists. The living dead blog. Top 25 Hottest Female Tattoo Artists. For centuries, the tattoo industry has been dominated by men – for both the pitcher and the catcher, if you will.

Top 25 Hottest Female Tattoo Artists

Body art has certainly undergone a modern renaissance , and some of the best tattoo artists in the world are now women. And many a tattoo collector attest that there is nothing sexier than having an incredible female artist penetrate your skin with her ink stick. The following 25 women, in no particular order, are some of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the world, holding it down at some of the most popular tattoo parlors across the globe. And when you see their work, you’ll want to get shaded all over again. FACE PAINTING SUPPLIES : European Body Art. Tattoos: Archive - StumbleUpon. Rodeo Magazine - StumbleUpon. TattooNOW : - Quality Tattoos and Artists. Airbrush Tanning Supplies.

Amazing Tattooists. Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA. French Tattoo Artist. Chinese and Japanese Kanji Translation and Tattoo Image Service. Don't end up with meaningless or fake Chinese characters on your body!

Chinese and Japanese Kanji Translation and Tattoo Image Service

Free Japanese/Chinese Dragon Symbol Tattoo. The Asian Tattoo Caveat: Association of Professional Piercers. Amazing Tattooists. TattooNOW : - Quality Tattoos and Artists. Y A N N — B L A C K   T A TT OO. Tattoo Art - Tattoo