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Switzerland. Ricksteves. Ricksteves. Log In. Ricksteves. Significant Dates in History. September 8, 1900 Clara Barton's last relief operation is on behalf of victims of the devastating hurricane and tidal wave that hit Galveston, Texas.

Significant Dates in History

December 10, 1901 Mabel T. Boardman elected to Red Cross governing board, beginning a lifelong career of organizational leadership, particularly among volunteers. January 5, 1905 The Red Cross received our first congressional charter in 1900 and a second in 1905, the year after Barton resigned from the organization. Travel - Tracing fondue’s mysterious origins. After spending a day on the snow-covered Alps, convening with friends around a pot of bubbling fondue while sipping a glass of chilled white wine, is the ultimate après ski.

Travel - Tracing fondue’s mysterious origins

And whether you are visiting a family-run restaurant in a mountain village or hitting the cobblestone streets of Geneva’s Old Town, fondue is as ubiquitous in Switzerland as chocolate or watches. Related article: Mini guide to activities in Switzerland The story of fondueDigging into a fondue may seem clichéd, but this quintessential Swiss dish has an epic, if ambiguous, history. Its first mention dates as far back as Homer’s Iliad from around 800 to 725 BC, where it was described as a mixture of goat’s cheese, wine and flour.