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Craft. Ideja za zamatanje poklona — Hobby Art Chemaco. 14 Homemade soap recipes : Snappy Living. 15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf. How to tie a half-bow scarf To tie the half-bow scarf, you should first loop the scarf around your neck and tie once– like the first step of tying your shoelaces.

15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

Then, take one side of the scarf and make a one loop, as if you were only tying one side of the bow on your shoes. Take the longer section of the scarf and wrap it in front and then behind the entire scarf, next to your neck. Fluff the loop afterwards to taste. GoOrigami. The Knotted Headband Tutorial. My husband came home one day with a headband he had found in a parking lot (I know...sooo sanitary) and said "I bet you could make one of these" so I did...because I'm all for stealing awesome ideas.

The Knotted Headband Tutorial

Difficulty: Medium. Rare-Precious-Moments-Animal-Life-14. Soap Making Recipes and Tutorials. Old Mens T-shirt Sewn Into Women's Dolman Tee. 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects. Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there?

PHOTOS: Stunning Mason Jar Crafts. How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress. This T-shirt dress was inspired by all those lovely jersey knit, color-blocked dresses from the ’60s, primarily designed by Rudi Gernreich and Mary Quant.

How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress

While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get our hands on an original, there’s no reason why we can’t make our own! The silhouettes of this era are typically pretty forgiving and way easy to replicate. 32 Of The Best Organizing Tips. An easy organizing system can be the difference between a messy house and a clean home.

32 Of The Best Organizing Tips

I wouldn't be able to survive with out my favorite organizing tips. So here are 32 of the best organizing tips here on Tip Junkie. I hope they help you get your home ready for summer and the bombardment of cute kiddos and their summer activities. {snicker} Organizing Tips. Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial. I loved this idea because not only can you recycle these horrid polystyrene containers, but the process is really simple.

Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial

You could even use tracing paper and trace your design so you don't even need to be able to draw. You could make a whole series of cards like this or just a colorful print to hang on your wall and cheer up the place. Materials needed: Foam or polystyrene container pencil paint or ink small roller 1. Holiday Entertaining, Easy Entertaining, and Home Entertaining Ideas.

Jelly Roll Floor Pillows. Hi everyone!

Jelly Roll Floor Pillows

It’s Val over at PinkPlease! Bringing you another double recipe. Taking a spin off my last Moda Bake Shop recipe, Just Playin’ Around {Baby Changing Pad & Matching Play Mat}, I wanted to show you another fun creation you can make using the circular quilt pattern. Diy {magnets} I was cleaning out my craft space (or as my family jokingly calls it, "the factory") and I came across a few miscellaneous objects that I thought would be good to use for a project.

diy {magnets}

Here are the items before: some flat glass marbles, unfinished wooden squares, and bottle caps. Now they are super cute magnets for my fridge! Scroll down to see how I made all three styles... Glass marble magnet -Trace the marble onto the paper that you want to use. I used pages from an old US road map but you could use whatever you like. The V Spot: Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates using Ammonia (The best, easiest, cheapest way EVER.) I’m going to change your life today.

The V Spot: Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates using Ammonia (The best, easiest, cheapest way EVER.)

(Well, your stove top at least.) Pin Don’t you judge me! I cook. No Sew, Tee Shirt- Tied Halter, DIY. Looking for a halter top for the beach or the hot summer days.

No Sew, Tee Shirt- Tied Halter, DIY

How to make your own air dried porcelain with common household ingredients. Anything that is quick, affordable and makes beautiful things is a craft winner for me . But…I often find myself uninspired for something new and different. I’ve found it in air dried porcelain (aka Porcelana Fria). What will someone make with 3 cups of white glue (PVA) 3 cups of cornstarch (Corn flour) one tablespoon of white vinegar one tablespoon of glycerin (health food or hobby shop), and 2 tablespoons of canola oil? The beautiful mouse and necklace pictured (compliments of Espirit ) is the answer! Amazingly simple and a GREAT school holiday project, get the kids into the kitchen to cook up some home made, air dried, porcelain. How to make a scarf. Girl's Survival Kit. 35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects.

21 Ways to Create Your Own Bookends. By craftyamy | Does anyone have the obsession with books that I do?

21 Ways to Create Your Own Bookends

I have a huge collection – I’m a classics reader personally. Jane Austen completely does it for me! A person with such a huge collection of books AND crafty supplies certainly needs to be making her own. Therefore, I’m pleased to present to you some ideas for DIY bookends. Nggallery id=’125769′ About craftyamy craftyamy Amy Anderson is a crafty, DIY kind of girl who lives in Atlanta with her pug.

The photo-to-wood transfer « whollykao. This Christmas, I made most of my gifts. The majority of the handmade items were photos transferred onto blocks of wood. It was something memorable to give family (especially for parents, who never seem to need anything!). Everyone seemed to really like them. Page 6.

Craft. Celebrate Every Day With Me: The Best Ever Picture Hanging Tip. There is nothing like company coming over for a little motivation to clean your house and take care of those put-off tasks. (I’m sure you are much better than I am!) After painting my daughter’s room this summer, I have been lax at putting everything up on the walls. But out-of-town company will be coming soon and I thought this was just the motivation I needed to get her room finished. Half way through the task of hanging items on her wall, I stumbled on this amazing idea on Pinterest. It is so good, you’re going to love it.

Make Something: Simple Glass Cutting. Radical possibility: Zero-Effort Tie-Dye Pillows. As you may remember, I'm a fan of going into Anthropologie, walking around looking at all the beautiful goods, and walking out crying. Every time one of the associates asks if I need any help, it takes everything to resist just blurting out - So I go home and rip them off. Its okay, they're a major corporation, and contrary to increasingly popular belief, corporations aren't people! Today, let's visit the Five Palms Pillow. Sophisticated, simple, and a real bargain at $228. Today, for our ~Anthropologie inspired housewares~, you will need: How to Paint Cabinets or Furniture.

A blog about pretty things: Spring Curiosities Class. How To Paint Your Cabinets (aka: Hallelujah!) Do-It-Yourself Menu Bottle. It's the holidays and what better way than to give your friends a home cooked feast for Christmas. Here is a very quick and simple tutorial on how you can use branches or twigs, some clay and a used glass bottle to create a special 'Menu Display' piece for the dining table. We will be needing:1. Dead branches or twigs2. White clay3. Used glass bottle (washed and cleaned dry)4. Wash the branches and twigs then let dry under the sun. Now that we've chosen the perfect twigs, paint the glass bottle with the acrylic paint.

Thumbnail.ashx (JPEG Image, 600 × 1310 pixels) - Scaled (62%) Kids Crafts: Gumnut Octopus. If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Tapered rectangle top tutorial. Making New Wood Look Old. Easy, cheap kids craft ideas. Did you like this? Vintage book travel-tech organizer. Need-want-1. Wax Decorations. Artmind Tutorial No. 1 - Polymer gift tags.

By Mitsy of ArtMind. 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials. Clay Jewelry Dish / Holidays and Seasonal. New Life For Old Cookie Sheets . . . Again. DIY Macrame Bracelet. Distressed Frames Set of Modern Funky Pattern by deltagirlframes. Bath Salts Printable. Lythastudios / Pinterest. What to Do with Old Cards and Letters. Craft Ideas. Armband av plastpärlor – Perler bead bracelets. Phistermedister. 123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits. Your source of daily updated funny pictures and gifs. 7710_32da.jpeg (JPEG Image, 435 × 3307 pixels) Print Hula Hoop Rug Page.