The Technology Strategy Board has committed up to £8m to fund the costs of building performance evaluation studies on domestic and non-domestic buildings. We will be funding individual companies and other organisations responsible for buildings for the total cost of evaluating the performance of case study buildings they design, build, own and/or operate. This will help builders and developers to deliver more efficient, better performing buildings. Studies on domestic buildings will cover either the period immediately post construction and into early occupation (Phase 1 studies), or a period of two years in-use for buildings less than 2 years old (Phase 2 studies). Similarly, non-domestic building studies will be either for buildings under construction and nearing completion (Under Construction) to cover the period spanning completion and early occupation, or those in use and no more than 3 years old (In-Use). Building Performance Evaluation Building Performance Evaluation
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Green Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store Description The Green Pro App is a utility application developed to assist architects, engineers, owners, and contractors understand and work with the USGBC LEED guidelines for New Construction and Major Renovations. This is basically a simple implementation of the USGBC LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations worksheet. The home screen is a division of the major sections of the worksheet that the user can tap on to drill down into the respective Prerequisites and Credits. Once a user taps on the desired Prerequisite or Credit of interest, the App takes the user to a page that lists the Credit “Title”, the “Intent” of the Credit as given in the documentation, and the “Potential Technologies and Strategies” as given in the documentation. Green Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
5 Ways BIM Can Lower Costs, Speed Production and Delight Home Buyers Homebuilders are increasingly adopting building information modeling (BIM) for use in their design and planning processes. BIM has many benefits for both homebuilders and buyers. Construction Articles, News & Best Practices Guides | Construction Software Advice Blog Construction Articles, News & Best Practices Guides | Construction Software Advice Blog
Startup: Lucid Design Group, Network Effect on Energy Use Startup: Lucid Design Group, Network Effect on Energy Use Can the social network effect change energy consumption habits? That’s what Oakland, Calif.-based startup Lucid Design Group is looking to find out. The 5-person company, which was founded in 2004 out of research at Oberlin College, sells a software and sensor service that monitors the real-time use of electricity, natural gas and water. The sensors collect data on electricity and other resources consumed, then use a dashboard to display the amount of money both spent and saved.
Lucid Design Group - Building Dashboard® - Making energy and water use visible in real time on the web
CASE Design, Inc. | BIM Consulting | LEED Consulting | BIM Coordination | New York, NY
Ecotect Ecotect The sites and are now closed. For information on the latest version of Autodesk® Ecotect™ Analysis and related software, please now visit Ecotect v5.6 and Earlier License services for Ecotect v5.6 and earlier are still maintained. In fact, users of Ecotect v5.6 or earlier can now manage their own licenses manually.
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Understand and improve the environmental impact of your designs. Includes calculation of carbon footprint. Real-time feedback with Environmental Impact Dashboard, and handy find Similar Material tool. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) When determining the environmental impact of a product, LCA looks at everything that happens in the production, use, and final disposal of the product. Labs: SustainabilityXpress Labs: SustainabilityXpress
SimaPro LCA software SimaPro LCA software A key component to access business value is the integration of sustainability metrics across your business functions to measure, manage and improve your sustainability impacts. In a rapidly changing world, environmental and social sustainability are a core business capability and a key lever to manage and grow your business - Just like product quality, cost and safety. The Metrics Integration framework maps in three different stages the hotspots to define your specific sustainability business strategy.
is a private company set up to promote actions to mitigate accelerated climate change due to human factors. RenSMART will help visitors to its web site by finding, analysing and supporting these activities and supplying traceable information to help decision makers implement these actions. All information supplied by About RenSMART About RenSMART