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A global firm of consulting engineers, designers, planners and project managers. Building Performance Evaluation. The Technology Strategy Board has committed up to £8m to fund the costs of building performance evaluation studies on domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Building Performance Evaluation

We will be funding individual companies and other organisations responsible for buildings for the total cost of evaluating the performance of case study buildings they design, build, own and/or operate. This will help builders and developers to deliver more efficient, better performing buildings. Studies on domestic buildings will cover either the period immediately post construction and into early occupation (Phase 1 studies), or a period of two years in-use for buildings less than 2 years old (Phase 2 studies). EcoFlash Apps. Green Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. LEED GA Complete Study for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

LEED GA Exam Overview for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. LEED AP Operations + Maintenance for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. LEED Green Associate Practice Exam & Flash Cards for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Construction Articles, News & Best Practices Guides. 5 Ways BIM Can Lower Costs, Speed Production and Delight Home Buyers Homebuilders are increasingly adopting building information modeling (BIM) for use in their design and planning processes.

Construction Articles, News & Best Practices Guides

BIM has many benefits for both homebuilders and buyers. Here are 5 best practices for using BIM to improve the custom homebuilding experience. 7 Ways HVAC Companies Earn Five-Star Reviews on Yelp Ninety percent of Yelp users use online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Construction Estimating Software UserView | 2013 We surveyed the construction industry to better understand the use and effectiveness of construction estimating software. The 5 Best Designs in Construction Takeoff Software On-screen takeoff software can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to calculate materials and labor requirements. Why You Should Ask Your Contractor What Project Management Tool They Use Case Study: How HCSS HeavyBid Helped Nan, Inc. Construction Project Management Software UserView | 2013. OPOWER. Startup: Lucid Design Group, Network Effect on Energy Use. Lucid Design Group - Building Dashboard® - Making energy and water use visible in real time on the web.

BIM Coordination. Ecotect. Autodesk Ecotect. Sustainable Building Design Software Effective March 20, 2015, new licenses to Autodesk® Ecotect® Analysis software will no longer be available for purchase.

Autodesk Ecotect

Autodesk will integrate functionality similar to Ecotect Analysis into the Revit® product family. This change will allow Autodesk to shift resources, maximizing development efforts on BIM and cloud-based solutions for building performance analysis and visualization. Customers with active Subscription contracts for Ecotect Analysis software will continue to receive access to their benefits, including support and the use of eligible previous versions of the software until their contracts expire.

Customers who purchased Ecotect Analysis software with Maintenance Subscription, will continue to use their perpetual license even after expiry. Autodesk Homestyler - Free Online Home Design Software. AutodeskBuilding's Channel. Gehry Technologies. Labs: SustainabilityXpress. Understand and improve the environmental impact of your designs.

Labs: SustainabilityXpress

Includes calculation of carbon footprint. Real-time feedback with Environmental Impact Dashboard, and handy find Similar Material tool. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) When determining the environmental impact of a product, LCA looks at everything that happens in the production, use, and final disposal of the product. This even includes all the transportation that occurs between the stages. Environmental Dashboard When evaluating all of these stages, four environmental impacts are measured.

Carbon Footprint – production of greenhouse gasses Total Energy Consumed – self explanatory Effect on Air – specifically the contributor to acid rain Effect on Water – which results in algae blooms in coastal waters The values for these impacts update in real-time as you make changes to your design. Find Similar Material Material selection is an important contributor to determining the environmental impact of a design. Customizable Reports. SimaPro LCA software.

SunRun Affordable Home Solar Financing - SunRun. About RenSMART. Is a private company set up to promote actions to mitigate accelerated climate change due to human factors.

About RenSMART

RenSMART will help visitors to its web site by finding, analysing and supporting these activities and supplying traceable information to help decision makers implement these actions. All information supplied by will be provided with links or references allowing the information to be traced back to its original source. Wherever possible, this source will be as close to the primary source as possible. Often, where this information is on web sites that are prone to changes, the source documents will be stored by RenSMART in our document library. is funded by charging a small service fee for the use of some of its tools that make this information more convenient for those making a profit from installing, supplying or consulting while making use of our information. has developed a renewable energy estimation model. Limited was founded in 2008.

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